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  1. kayaker78

    Bryant's Pinguicula Grow List

    Pinguicula Cultivars Pinguicula "ANPA A" Pinguicula "ANPA D" Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' Pinguicula "El Mirador" Pinguicula 'Florian' Pinguicula 'George Sargent' Pinguicula 'John Rizzi' Pinguicula 'Pirouette' Pinguicula 'Sethos' Pinguicula 'Tina' Pinguicula 'Titan' Pinguicula 'Weser' (available for...
  2. kayaker78

    Bryant's Pinguicula Grow List

    Cultivars Pinguicula Alfred Lau 13 Pinguicula "ANPA A" Pinguicula "ANPA C" Pinguicula "ANPA D" Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' Pinguicula "El Mirador" Pinguicula 'Florian' Pinguicula 'Fraser Beauty' Pinguicula 'George Sargent' Pinguicula 'Gina' Pinguicula 'John Rizzi' Pinguicula 'Pirouette' Pinguicula...
  3. R

    Mona's Grow List

    Mona's Grow List Cephalotus: Clone #1 Common Typical Ron Gagliardo Clone Coal Mine Beach Hummer’s Giant Czech Giant ‘Vigorus’ ‘Black Eden’ Hasting’s Clone #2 Dionea: Typical x2 Cup Trap Red Pirahna Red Dragon Akai Ryu Drosera: Delisiana Hamiltonii Intermedia Burmanii Brevifolia Spatulata...
  4. ignis

    ignis grow list

    DIONEES -Dionea muscipula type PINGUICULAS -P. Agnata -P. agnata {El Lobo} -P. conzattii -P. cyclosecta -P. debbertiana white flower clone} -P. ehlersiae {Santa Catarina} -P. elehrsiae 'ascencion' -P. Elehrsiae (sp.Tolantonga ) -P. emarginata (red leaves, MW clone) -P. emarginata (red...
  5. rcl27

    The Great Ping Leaf Race of 1928

    I really gotta stop coming up with weird titles lol. Anyway I just performed a mass leaf pulling on all of my pings this Friday (06/27/14) and thought I would start a development thread incase anyone was interested. I am too lazy to retype all the pings so I am just copying the description...
  6. S

    Pinguicula potosiensis carnivorous flower (my first ever!)

    just look at it! :0o: isnt it amazing?
  7. Acro

    Pinguicula for Trade

    I want to go in a different direction and I would like to trade my pings. I have: 1 agnata x gypsicola (3" leaves) 2 moranensis (quarter size) 2 potosiensis (nickel size) I will trade all 5 pings for a single plant or several leaf cuttings of: Nepenthes maxima 'mini' Saccenia rosea Drosera...
  8. Acro

    An Indoor Pitcher Plant?

    What is a good pitcher plant for indoor gorwing? Is there anything that: Can grow by a window or under a lamp. Handle the low humidity of indoor life. Remain small to medium in size. Go without a cold-dormant period. If the pitcher plant can be grown as an epiphyte or lithophyte, that would...
  9. D

    Post Pics of your Homemade Hybrids!

    I've always loved pings and have a decent little collection. I can't wait until Spring when I have multiple plants blooming at the same time so I can make some hybrids. Really want to cross my 2 laueana clones, cyclosecta x sumidero, colimensis x laueana, cyclosecta x colimensis, etc. I also...
  10. S

    Salgadoxx8's Grow List

    Utricularia alpina reniformis "big sister" nelumbifolia Drosera Drosera intermedia tropical Nepenthes ampullaria "brunei speckled" Pinguicula potosiensis Heliamphora Minor Brocchinia reducta other: Neoregelia kautskyi Rhizophora mangle
  11. GemStateC

    Lots of Sundews for Trade

    FOR TRADE: Plants I have for trade (most are full sized or almost flowering size): D. ascendens ( Approximately nickel size) D. adele typ D. adele giant D. affinis D. aliciae D. binata coromandel, NZ D. capensis (red/albino/typ) D. capensis albino x aliciea D. dichotoma giant D. roseana D...
  12. S

    sleepydog's CPs

    Dionea.. Dionea sp. 巨人捕 怒齒交種捕 Utricularia.. U.sandersonni blue Pinguicula.. P.primuliflora P.agnata x potosiensis Mexican Pinguicula.. P.gracilis x moctezumae P. x 'Aphrodite' Byblis.. B.liniflora Drosera.. D.adelae D.spathulata D.nidiformis D.burmanni D.natalensis D.sp.Chapada Diamantina...
  13. Crissytal

    Looking for some plants

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to expand my collection a bit. Here is a list of plants that I am looking for: D. villosa D. x corinthiaca D. regia 'Big Easy' D. hilaris D. schwackei D. longiscapa D. kaieteurensis I'm also interested in any other hybrids and species that I do not have. No D...
  14. D

    Back, with a vengeance!

    Hi all, My name is Robert and I've only fairly recently returned to the CP hobby ( or should I say ADDICTION?). As an adolescent I became pretty obsessed with CPs and had quite a decent collection considering that when I started, there was only one online nursery and they only sold one species...
  15. GemStateC

    Looking for Sarracenia seeds

    I'm feeling very patient and want to massively expand the sarracenia collection so i'm looking for all your seeds. I'm particularly interested in purpurea or leucophylla parentage/hybrids but anything is fine. For trade, i have various pings (small p. gigantea, moctezume x gracilis, potosiensis...
  16. Tuuagso

    Tuuagso's growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis (3) . Hummer Giant . Hummer Giant x Hummer Giant . Typical Darlingtonia californica (2) . Dark . typical Dionaea muscipula (4) . all red . B52 . Fang x Big mouth . Bohemian Garnet Drosera (26) . adelae . binata (multifida extrema) . botswana . burmanii . capensis...
  17. B

    Extra Mexican pings for trade

    Trades closed- Thanks ! OK, I've repotted and here's my extras in no particular order: USA only. I ship USPS with tracking confirmation number, you do the same. Jauvamensis, Moranensis alba- A true alba, Kondoi, John Rizzi, Huahuapan, Potosiensis, Hamlen, Gigantea, cyclosecta...
  18. B

    Couple extra pings

    I have an extra P. Potosiensis and an extra P. Gypsicola x sp. Kohres. These are flowering size plants, not baby clones that need a year to grow out. What have you got? Looking for mex. pings or maybe drosera. I ship USPS, you do the same- Birdman
  19. A

    Archer15 grow list

    Cephalotus Follicularis Nepenthes Species N. alata Lantern ....11/2011 N. albomarginata ~Triffid Park~ ......1/2015 N. boschiana - seed grown ....17/12/2012 N. boschiana (b) ~EP~ ....10/2014...
  20. Kyle

    Kyle's Grow/Want Lists

    ##Growing #Bladders Ultricularia bisquamata Utricularia dichotoma (Thanks for the SASE, kulamauiman!) Utricularia gramnifolia (Thanks for the SASE, flytraplady5!) Utricularia graminifolia (Thanks for donating to the NASC auction 2011, RL7836!) Utricularia livida (Thanks for the SASE...