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  1. RL7836

    Bloom encouragement

    In my little weedy section of Utrics (non-Orchidioides), I have several that have yet to share their flowers with me. I have read about some methods which include flooding, drying out, repotting and changing photoperiod. I would like to hear from some folks who have successfully flowered any of...
  2. kayaker78

    Utricularia praelonga

    I have a 2.5" pot of Utricularia praelonga I am willing to trade for nearly any Utric not currently on my grow list. I am also looking for Genlisea. I am willing to trade for other plants if I end up unable to trade for Utrics that I do not already have.
  3. kayaker78

    Utricularia praelonga

    This is somewhat interesting.... I have a plant that is clearly Utricularia praelonga but it is not producing the characteristic grass like leaves. I am unsure if it is a different clone or if this is due to the use of a different brand of peat. I also attached a pic of my other 2 pots of...
  4. pappydew

    jpappy789's grow list

    Drosera: Sub/tropical D. adelae D. adelae 'Giant' D. admirabilis D. affinis D. aliciae D. 'Andromeda' (D. schizandra x prolifera) D. anglica "Alakai Swamp, HI" D. binata D. binata 'T-form' D. burmannii D. capensis "Alba" D. capensis 'Bainskloof' D. capensis 'Big Pink' D. capensis "Red form"...
  5. RL7836

    Utric ID

    I received an unconfirmed Orchidioides cross from a friend last fall. During repotting, I took a small section to plant in another pot. As time went on, it became more & more apparent that the two pots contained very different plants. For a few months I figured the utric had died & there was now...
  6. kayaker78

    Utricularia praelonga x Utricularia livida

    Is anyone in the US growing this plant? I would be really interesting in seeing pictures.
  7. kayaker78

    Kayaker78's grow list

    About to rebuild my collection, gave my plants away during move from Seattle to Utah My Plants Drosera Drosera Aliciae Drosera brevifolia (seed sown) Drosera capensis 'Albino' Drosera capensis - red leaf Drosera finlaysoniana - pink flower Drosera spathulata Ivan's 3-way Drosera 'Tamlin'...
  8. w03

    William's Very Small grow list

    William (complete reboot) Hm, the original title isn't so fitting anymore... UPDATE Lots of changes, lost lots of plants moving back between college... but lots survived too! Also some cool new species, including one that's been on my want list for a while. New stuff from BCP is here...
  9. CN

    Neps for a number of Utric's

    Well i have put some thought in to this an was wanting to trade a few neps for a number of Utric's . I am Looking for Terrestrial ----------------------------- U. subulata U. graminifolia U. Tricolor U. praelonga U. prehensilis U. dichotoma U. alpina U. blanchetii U. Cornuta U...
  10. Lil Stinkpot

    Katie's List:

    Aldrovanda vesiculosa A. vesiculosa green tropical * Darlingtonia D. californica coastal* D. californica mountain Dionaea D. muscipula 'Dentate' D. muscipula SECC Green Swamp form Drosera D. admirabilis D. binata* D. burmanii green D. burmanii...
  11. swords

    New to "pond scum" could use some advice

    I got my first mud-loving utrics today that I call (lovingly) "pond scum": tricolor, praelonga, tridentata and sandersonii all growing in basically dixie cups with drainage holes. I've had alpina and longifolia in the past which I grew like orchids/neps but I'm wondering for these types do I...
  12. F

    Utrics for SASE

    Getting rid of a few Utrics, just need $4.95 for shipping. Cash or check only as I do not have a paypal account. You may sign up for more then one but please be CONSIDERATE and leave room for others. If I see the same names on every single one I will limit to 2 per person and delete surplus...
  13. R

    Looking for Utricularia's I don't Already have.

    Hi, I'm looking for Utricularia's not on my growlist, however I'm not interested in the suspeneded aquatics. I took a quick look around and these are the ones I have potted up and growing, some are smaller than others but they should all ship just fine. Feel free to ask about other stuff on...
  14. P

    Looking for Java Moss and Others

    Hi I am looking for Java Moss/Crystalwort, Hornwort, and Watersprite to fill the voids on my new aquarium for livebearers.I know that java moss is bad and controlling, but I need it to hide the fry and use as breeding post in my fish that I plan to keep. This tank is more about the fish and...
  15. Crissytal

    Utricularia ID

    I know Utricularia are difficult at best to identify without flowers. These leaves look a bit unique so maybe it's possible. I have this labeled as both U. graminifolia and U. praelonga. They are too wide and colorful to be U. graminifolia. It's not yet growing the long leaves that...
  16. CN

    My Grow List

    = updated updated bump = My Grow List =============== Nepenthes =================== Ultra Highlander's =================== N. Rajah =================== Highlander's =================== N. Burbidgeae N. Densiflora N. Diatas N. Izumae N. Lowii N. Macfarlanei N. Mikeii N. Mira (Medium) N...
  17. M

    My grow/trade list (2008)

    Hi! everybody:banana2: This is my grow list. Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula ´ RED DRAGON` Dionaea muscipula ´ RED SHARK `= ´Red Piranha` Dionaea muscipula ´ GREEN SHARK`=´Sawtooth `...
  18. I_Pereira

    Utricularia praelonga (bladders)

    It doesn't have flowers and there are bladders along with a plantlet coming out the pot holes, so here they are :cool: The plantlet can be seen on this older pic, lower right
  19. Crissytal

    Utrics for Trade

    Up for trade are various Utrics. I just recently repotted them and have some left over. Instead of throwing them out, I'd like to trade them off. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just nothing too common such as D. capensis and so on; other Utrics, Pings, and Drosera would be of...
  20. Jimmy

    Jimmy's Growlist

    Most of this growlist is outdated since I moved to the USAF Academy in summer 2011; most plants are in others' care or, unfortunately, perished. Nepenthes N. albomarginata 'Gunung Jerai' (Seedgrown, many seedlings) N. truncata 'Pasian Highland' (Seedgrown, dark) N. veitchii 'Bareo Highland'...