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  1. kayaker78

    Looking for pings and utrics

    My Grow List (the short version - most genus left out) Pinguicula- cyclosecta 1714 ABG 97-1714 YuccaDo 60-45-031395A (cyclosecta ?) 1715 ABG97-1715 YuccaDo 60-45-031395B (grandiflora ?) 1718 ABG97-1718 YuccaDo ehlersiae esseriana moranensis moranensis var. mexicana moranensis x ehlersiae x...
  2. kayaker78


    I have to trade: U. livida, U. sandersonii, U. sandersonii 'blue', U. tricolor, U. praelonga, U. dichotoma, U. monanthos, U. subulata, and U. graminifolia to trade!! I might be willing to trade some of my others for Utrics I dont already have. Im mainly looking for Utrics I dont have, or maybe...
  3. swords

    Does U. praelonga flower in captivity?

    I've had a 4" diameter x 2" high clear water tray full of U. praelonga for about six months and it has not flowered. it's very densely overgrown with each leaf type (wide shorter blades and the very long grass like blades and some that are half and half). Is there a trick to getting it to...
  4. swords

    Utricularia trap shoot

    Here's some traps of different utrics that I have. If the names are reasonably certain I have them listed if I don't know it's called unknown and numbered. I'll try and get the rest tomorrow. U gibba U. praelonga the coolest traps they all seem to have the blue circles on the trap U...
  5. G

    U. praelonga or u. monanthos

    I traded with someone a while back and they sent me what they believed to be u. praelonga. Now I found out that they aren't sure what the plant is but they think it is u. monanthos. I've been looking and I can't find a good picture or description of either of these plants so I was wondering if...
  6. G

    U. praelonga

    Any cultivation tips for U. praelonga? A friend just gave me a piece and I noticed none of the books I have go into detail about this species...