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  1. marcus_r

    Marcus's Growing Growlist

    Marcus's Growlist Cephalotus C. follicularis Dionea D. muscipula typical Drosera D. anglica Kanaele Bog, Kauai, HI D. anglica near Lake Constance, Germany D. "burkeana" (most likely not!) D. capensis albino D. capensis broad leaf [pictures] D. capensis typical D. capillaris D. filiformis D...
  2. U

    Utricularia's Growlist

    I have been asked for my growlist many times and I am really bad about keeping one so here goes (As of this posting this list is incomplete and only includes my Aldrovanda, Genliseas and Utricularias). My Interests in the Carnivorous plant world Primary Interests - Utricularias - Genliseas -...
  3. T

    Tanukimo's Growlist

    List: (photographs below) Drosera adelae Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera collinsiae x burkeana Drosera aff. lanata 'Flying Fox Creek' Drosera madagascariensis Drosera natalensis Drosera paradoxa white, 'Type form', Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT., Australia Drosera roraimae Drosera...
  4. V

    Variety of Utrics for Trade!

    I have numerous small pots of Utrics that need some thinning. If anyone is interested in any of the following, I can make a few 1 inch plugs of each. Feel free to post here or PM me! I'm not too picky, really will trade for anything interesting. Things I don't trade off will probably go to a...
  5. bananaman

    Bananaman's Growlist

    Here is my grow/want list: Drosera capensis X too many to count. peltata X1 burmannii X2 Sarracenia jonesii X1 flava X2 Utricularia bisquamata (limeslide) X2 tricolor (limeslide) X3 NOID X3 humboldtii X1 sandersonii "Blue" X1 Cephalotus follicularis X10 Nepenthes ventricosa X7...
  6. divaskid

    Utricularia ID

    I have a Utric that I need help identifying. A month ago I found a clump in a hidden pot that was barely surviving that I thought was long gone years ago(:-D). I took it and put it in this pot, gave it some TLC and its now growing rapidly and is happy, but I'm not sure which type it is. I don't...
  7. JDW

    JDW's Grow List

    Anything italicized is available for trade Nepenthes ampullaria, seed grown ventricosa Madja As x ventrata Seedlings - albomarginata Orchids Aerides flabellata Bulbophyllum Adoribil Collin Bulbophyllum Agathe Bulbophyllum ambrosia Bulbophyllum bicolor Bulbophyllum cocoinum Bulbophyllum...
  8. M

    Have SG Neps, LF utrics

    Hi all, I don't post a lot here but am active on other CP forums under the same moniker. I have some 2-yr. old SG eymae x (jacquelineae x' izumiae) that I would like to trade for utrics. In particular, I am looking for prehensilis calycifida nelumbifolia nephrophylla easy terrestrials For...
  9. hcarlton

    hcarlton's Growlist

    Nepenthes 'Miranda' (male) ventricosa "red" (male) x ventrata (female) Black Dragon-izumiae x truncata ampullaria "red speckled" Sajingan x hookeriana Sajingan ventricosa x gymnamphora 'Rokko' Exotica (female) x mixta (male) truncata Lowland SG rafflesiana var. alata Sajingan (spathulata x...
  10. nepenthes99

    nepenthes99's growlist

    Drosera- D. intermedia D. filiformis D. rotundifolia D. burmannii D. spatulata D. binata ssp. multifida D. Binata Giant Form D. madagascariensis D. capensis ( typical and alba ) D. dielsiana D. slackii D. admirabilis D. binata ssp. dichotoma D. aliciae D. roseana D. binata typical D...
  11. Werdna

    Genlisea aurea and margaretae for Research

    I am working with a researcher at the University of Arizona who is studying carnivorous plant genomes. He is particularly interested in plants with the smallest genomes and Genlisea aurea and margaretae are at the top of his list. It is difficult to obtain much test material because these plants...
  12. Mad Max

    Mad Max Growlist

    My growlist includes: Pinguicula 'sethos' Pinguicula agnata 'scented flower' Pinguicula 'Weser'* Pinguicula sp. Tonina 'ANPA' Pinguicula 'Tina' Pinguicula sp. 'Guatemala 3100m' Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' Heliamphora minor Heliamphora natans Drosera capensis Drosera microscapa Drosera filiformis...
  13. erick

    erick gronwlist nov 2011

    - Aldrovanda vesiculosa - Dionaea muscipula (Venus Atrapamoscas) - Droseras: * Aliciae * Anglica * Binata * Capensis (red) * Capensis alba * Rotundifolia * Scorpioides * Filiformis * Neo-caledonica * Adelae * Prolifera * Dielsiana * Burmanni(red) * Burmanni(alba) * intermedia * Pygmea *...
  14. GemStateC

    GemStateCarnivore's GrowList

    My Plant List: Nepenthes: ampularia "melvino" sanguinea sanguina Ulu Kali x gentle x ventrata ventricosa maxima x trusmadiensis ventricosa x ephipiata Lovelock NN5201181 merrilliana hybrid Caesar NN1250251 Aeonium truncata Lorraine NN4881048 singalana x boschiana Predator HCEP112 robcantleyi...
  15. E

    Cultivation tips for different Utricularia sp.

    Hi all and sorry for the long post! I just figured it would be better to ask 1 big question and introduce myself at the same time than flooding the forum with 23 identical questions :) I hope you can bare with me! See I've got a big problem. Until recently I was happily...
  16. xQuinnx

    Quinn's grow list =)

    Nepenthes: Khasiana Ventrata Spectabilis "Giant" x Aristolochioides Truncata "Pasian" No ID, possibly Alata Ramispina Ventricosa "Black Peristome" Miranda Truncata Queen of Hearts x King of Spades Drosera: Capensis Aliciae Nidiformis seedlings Capensis 'Red' seedlings Dichotoma Prolifera...
  17. L

    Leoš´s grow list

    Grow list * Brocchinia reducta * Catopsis berteroniana * Cephalotus follicularis Dionaea * Dionaea muscipula * Dionaea muscipula "Red form" Drosera * Drosera adelae * Drosera adelae ´Giant´ * Drosera admirabilis * Drosera aliciae * Drosera anglica * Drosera ascendens * Drosera auriculata...
  18. CN

    Neps for a number of Utric's

    Well i have put some thought in to this an was wanting to trade a few neps for a number of Utric's . I am Looking for Terrestrial ----------------------------- U. subulata U. graminifolia U. Tricolor U. praelonga U. prehensilis U. dichotoma U. alpina U. blanchetii U. Cornuta U...
  19. kamiljablo

    Kamil Jablonowski's Growlist (Kamiljablo)

    No carnivores currently. This is what my grow list used to be: My plants: DARLINGTONIA: Darlingtonia Californica DROSERA: D. Capensis 'Alba' D. Tokaiensis D. Binata D. Madagascariensis D. Prolifera D. Aliciae NEPENTHES: N. Sanguinea N. Ventrata N. Effulgent Koto N. 'Red Leopard'...
  20. C

    Utricularia prehensilis - pictures

    Hi, also from today. This is a form from eatern Transvaal. Christian