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  1. thez_yo

    green sarr pics + 3 others

    And sorry about how horrible they look...1. it's not sunny out and 2. I assume they had a rough time in VA last winter...maybe I'll need to repot the whole minibog because the material was bad or something. Sarracenia leucophylla: Sarracenia psittacina: Sarracenia rubra gulfensis...
  2. lizasaur

    The Grand RePotting Is Done!

    PICTURES (After My Grand RePotting!) So, some of you may know that I've had a season from hell- First pests, and then evidently bad peat! So, today, I finally had everything aligned. Fresh, brand new 1-gallon sized pots. A fresh bale of peat, 20 gallons of distilled water (the fish guy at the...
  3. spongebob

    looking for any aquatic carnivorous plants

    hi im looking for any aquatic carnivorous plants, aldrovanda,Utricularia etc even small cuttings will do, i am also looking for Genlisea. i have Drosera Capensis Red Form Seeds, Sarracenia Purpurea ssp Venosa seeds,Darlingtonia Calafornica Seeds, Sarracenia Psittacina seeds, Sarracenia minor...
  4. Jeremiah Harris

    Trade list 2010

    Hello, I have spent the last few hours going through my greenhouses to see what I have for trade this summer. The plants I have for trade very widely in size from very small seedlings to large plants. Please do not PM me send emails to jeremiahsplants@comcast.net My grow-list is very...
  5. Taliesin-DS

    Taliesins Growlist

    Nepenthes pure Ampullaria, brunei green, red speckled, CZ plants pic2 Ampullaria {West Kalimantan} 60~x (seedgrown) pic2 pic3 Bongso {Mt.Marapi West Sumatra} 20x (seedgrown) pic2 Clipeata {Gunung Kelam, Kalimantan}[clone 2] glabrata {Central Sulawesi, Indonesia} [BE-3257] BCP 2x Gracilis, 1x...
  6. pappydew

    jpappy789's grow list

    Drosera: Sub/tropical D. adelae D. adelae 'Giant' D. admirabilis D. affinis D. aliciae D. 'Andromeda' (D. schizandra x prolifera) D. anglica "Alakai Swamp, HI" D. binata D. binata 'T-form' D. burmannii D. capensis "Alba" D. capensis 'Bainskloof' D. capensis 'Big Pink' D. capensis "Red form"...
  7. pygo

    pygo's growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia californica Dionaea > 'fondue' 'fused tooth' 'shark teeth' 'akaï ryu' 'dentata' 'dentate traps' 'fine tooth" red clone 2 'GC 4" 'giant big mouth' 'pink venus' 'red piranha' 'sawtooth" 'UK sawtooth'clone 1 'UK sawtooth'clone 2 f.rouge sombre f.verte type...
  8. cp-connection

    What CP's have you seen in the wild?

    This was a fun thread a while back, thought I would revive it. I've seen: D. intermedia D. brevifolia D. filiformis var. tracyii D. rotundifolia U. striata U. subulata U. cornuta P. ? S. psittacina S. flava S. purpurea ssp. venosa S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana S. minor S. rubra...
  9. Brokken

    Unofficial Cultivar: Fairy Wings

    I'm tentatively calling this one "Fairy Wings". It appears to be some kind of moorei - though how introgressed, I'm not too sure. It's provenance is Peter's nursery where I got it as a sibling plant. For the last two years, the plant has put out this kind of pitcher, so I believe the traits are...
  10. SirKristoff

    Sarracenia psittacina winner dashman $7

    Up for auction is a very nice form of Sarracenia psittacina, this form is rather small, but is a very nice orange and red color with very strong veination in its pitchers. Extremely cold resilient for me up here in Washington, plant originated from Brokken in a large clump of them a couple...
  11. jbradt


    Hey all! I just found this forum and thought I'd say hi! I got into CPs in December from a thread at Aquariacentral (fishkeeping forum) about the little critters. I'm already hooked! So far I'm keeping Droseras (Scorpiodes, roseanna, capensis, intermedia "cuba", and adelae); Neps...
  12. petmantis

    Pet's bog start 2010

    A rubbermaid container, with peat moss. Let's see how it goes! BTW, I'm in zone 5B, near Montreal, Qc, Canada... Thanks Blokeman for pretty much making the entire thing. :P PICS from April 23, 2010 Front view Side view Flava var. cuprea that did very poorly last year, showing some...
  13. M

    Highlanders Available

    I have the following available for trade. I'd be looking mainly for Sarrs or heat-tolerant Neps. Most are small, but a decent size. The spectabilis is large. gymnamphora ovata rajah spectabilis densiflora x truncata ventricosa x spectabilis These are available again along with: 'Hong Kong...
  14. billylh

    looking to swap

    well i got some Nepenthes that I want to get rid of and would like to swap them for some various Sarracenias not on my list. PM me if interested, they are decent size, nothing spectacular, ill get pictures if needed. US only please, it would be nice to do it all in one go to keep down on costs...
  15. Zhilin

    N. rafflesiana 'Brunei Giant Red' for trade

    I have an extra N. rafflesiana 'Brunei Giant Red', middle size (leaf span: 4+inch). I want to trade it for any nepenthese or any Sarracenia (except to N.ventricosa, S. Judith Hindle, S. Psittacina, S.xScarlet Belle). PM me if you are interested in it. PS: I am more interested in N.ampullaria...
  16. Brokken

    For trade: S x "Dixie Lace"

    I have two flowering-sized divisions of this rubra x psittacina clone. It grows rapidly and it puts out nice, yellow pitchers veined with red in full sun. I'm looking for any CPs not on my growlist.
  17. joossa

    S. ‘Judith Hindle’ divisions for trade.

    I have 1 small division and 3 medium divisions of Sarracenia ‘Judith Hindle’. Some of the medium divisions have additional small to medium growth points on them too. I divided the mother plants and ended up with too many! I want to trade all of these at once. I will take one medium (near...
  18. aicusi

    Aicusi's Grow List

    Grow-list as of Feb. 2010: Sarracenia S. purpurea ssp. venosa S. psittacina S. leucophylla S. minor S. flava S. rubra S. x 'Judith Hindle' S. x 'Daina's Delight' S. x 'Scarlet Belle' S. x milata -- (alata x minor) S. x catesbaei -- (flava x purpurea) S. flava x redman S. (purpurea x formosa)...
  19. CN

    things for trade

    CLOSED Here are some things i plan to Trade in the next few warming weeks ======================= N. Belli X Trusmadiensis (cutting) Small N. Mirabilis x Tobacia (rooted cutting) small N. Splendiana x (Tiveyi x Veitchii) ( A.K.A N. (kampotiana x maxima) x ((veitchii x maxima) x veitchii)...