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  1. NotMyRealName

    Looking to trade neps. for neps.

    Hi. I'm looking to trade some nepenthes plants for some lowland or intermediate/lowland nepenthes plants. What I have to offer: N. Ampullaria x Ventricosa "Lady Luck" 17 inch leaf span N. Spathulata x Campanulata 7 inch leaf span with 2 pitchers N. Spathulata x Diatas 8 inch leaf span with...
  2. cwatson1414

    Frithia pulchra giveaway!

    Up for give away is one small offset of Frithia pulchra. This is one of the mesembs, the only member of the monotypic genus Frithia. It's a summer grower, purple flowers. Needs acidic conditions and extremely well draining media.This portion broke off when I was unpotting it. I just bought this...
  3. T

    Pitcher Die-off on Nepenthes pulchra

    Recently the pitchers on my Nepenthes pulchra have been dying off. I got the plant a few months ago and it has been growing in the same conditions with 80 degrees in the day and low 60s at night and close to 100% humidity the whole time. I have the plant under CFLs for 10 hours every day. The...
  4. T

    My new edwardsiana,pitopangii and pulchra have arrived!

    After 5 years in this great hobby I finally got a edwardsiana.I just wanted to share. Hopefully in 3 to 5 years from now I can look back at this post and update what they look like.
  5. Dexenthes

    Lot of Hyper-rare Nepenthes Seed. - mdai843@gmail.com $65

    Up for Auction are all of the Nepenthes seed that I currently own. There are four varieties of Nepenthes in this lot including: N. attenboroughii Unidentified Nepenthes species closely related to N. sibuyanensis and N. ventricosa A complex N. cecliae x pulchra hybrid N. rajah x...
  6. Dexenthes

    Seed available for trade.

    Hello everyone I still have some seed available for trade of the following Nepenthes: N. attenboroughii +++ Undescribed Nepenthes related to N. ventricosa and N. sibuyanensis ++ N. cecliae x pulchra + The + signs indicate generally how much of the seed I have to trade of. Please make your...
  7. Dexenthes

    N. cecilae x pulchra seed

    I have four portions of N. cecliae x pulchra seed for giveaway via SASE. Two will be given to those that are randomly selected off of a list of names of people who are interested. Two will be given to the first two who accurately post what my favorite species of Nepenthes is. (Closed!)
  8. Dexenthes

    N. pulchra seed

    Up for giveaway is one packet of roughly 100 or N. pulchra seeds for SASE. These seeds appear to be ancient and in no way would I call them fresh. It is my hope that whoever gets this packet can germinate some of them maybe. I will choose randomly from a list who the winner is. Just write...
  9. B

    Boggrower12's Growlist

    Dionaea Typical Sarracenia alata Black Tube (Bednar) alata light vein (MK A54) alata Maroon Throat (Cooks) alata nigrapurpurea (Cooks) alata 'Red Hood' (Bednar) alata Typical (CPN) alata var. viridescens Washington Co. Alabama (Wang) alata white flower (MK A8) flava atropurpurea...
  10. C

    carbonetc grow/want list

    Grow List N. albomarginata red N. ampullaria "Brunei Red" N. ampullaria "Lime Twist" N. ampullaria "Harlequin" N. ampullaria "Speckled" N. aristolochioides N. attenboroughii red N. burbidgeae N. campanulata N. chaniana N. copelandii N. densiflora N. dubia N. flava N. fusca N. glabrata N...
  11. Dodge

    G. Pulchra settling into a new home

    Here is my new G. Pulchra's new home, after I redid it 3 times :sorry: I made a promise to him that I am done messing up his home, now he can mess it up and rearrange as much as he wants and I promise to leave it alone app. 3 " eco-earth, remember he is still less than 1" and yes there is a...
  12. Dodge

    Loot from the Atlanta Repticon Show

    Well, we are back from the show as of last night. Yay so much fun :D Never seen so many Snakes, lizards and Tarantulas in my life!!!! There were at least 6 vendors with Tarantulas with everything from Rosie's to Pokeys. We Picked up a few "T"'s, a Bearded Dragon Lizard and a Nepenthes...
  13. Dodge

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    Yay, Picked up some real cuties :blush: from the Atl Repticon so I had to share. Brazilian Black Sling 1" (Grammostola pulchra) Avicularia metallica sling Had a blast can't wait till next year :D
  14. Dodge

    LF Suggestions on first tropical terrestrial "T"

    Well, lets see, I prefer a pretty and active one that is not going to hide the entire day. But must meet certain requirements: 1. high heat 70-75f nights and 82-90f days 2. high humidity 80% + nights and 65% + days. I think I have narrowed my choices down to: 1. Brazilian Black (Grammostola...
  15. thez_yo

    TheZ_Yo's growlist

    ****************************************************************** -------------------------on order/coming soon/wait-listed--------------------------------------------- ==there doesn't seem to be anything here== *********************WANTS:************************************** not interested...
  16. *Barracuda_45*

    A couple of gals in premolt.

    Well a couple of my gals that are in premolt were out and about after i re-aranged and cleaned there tanks befour there molt. First up my pokie "India" Indian Ornamental P. Regalis, shes a whoping 11inches from tip of front toe to tip of back toe untill she molts, she just gets bigger and bigger...
  17. herenorthere

    Window Orchids

    Although I began growing some of my orchids under lights last year, about half of my orchids hang in windows for the winter. Especially the larger plants and smaller mounts. The windows are a bit drafty and, although I have a humidifier boiling away two gallons of water per day, the humidity is...
  18. gardenofeden

    Frithia pulchra colour

    I just bought a Frithia pulchra. The normal colour of this seems to be grey green, but the one I bought has pink tinged leaves. Is this normal colour for the species, or have I got a different one? It is definitely a Frithia and not a Lithops.