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  1. Cthulhu138

    Drosera squamosa "Laterite Growing Form" Seeds

    I have a packet of 10 D.squamosa "Laterite Growing Form" seeds freshly harvested from my own plants up for trade. I'm looking for other rare Drosera seeds for these but will consider other trades as well. These seeds should be stored until summer or early fall when they should be sown...
  2. Morke

    N. aristo and other highlanders from seed?

    Hi guys! I recieved a couple of N. aristo and other highlands seeds like 4 months ago and now they are starting to germinate. So long some few aristo, dubia and jacquelineae have sprouted but i'm quite excited. I'm from Argentina. Winters are almost perfect for highlanders (lol) but the middle...
  3. Morke

    N. truncata questions

    Hi there guys! I'm gonna buy a small N. truncata in two weeks and I want to have everything ready for it. I live in Argentina. Winter is 10c - 18c (sometimes it can get to 0c but thats rare) and summer is 15c-35c. My idea is to have it outdoors, under indirect sunlight. But I'm having second...
  4. charlie

    LTTF Good Sized Nepenthes Hamata (I DO HAVE RARE PLANTS FOR TRADE)

    If anybody has something good sized let me know. I can trade these rare plants: -VFT 'FTS purple ambush' -Nepenthes dubia AW (almost climbing) -Nepenthes inermis AW (1") -Nepenthes x trusmadiensis (G. Trusmadi, Borneo) AW (1") -Nepenthes (lowii x spectabilis) x talengensis -Heliamphora minor...
  5. Satanas

    Mmmhmm (EBay)

    Not to call any one person out in particular..as I don't know his/her real username but l***o ( blue star) on ebay is going absolutely berserk. I have a few problems with this: 1. You're bidding on EVERYTHING in Nepenthes! I just randomly viewed 10 nepenthes and surprise surprise, l***o is at...
  6. Satanas

    When I had the time to breed Dynastes satanas...

    Dynastes satanas by Steven Bloom, on Flickr In my opinion the most beautiful dynastinae…too bad Dynastes satanas is now extremely rare in the wild :(
  7. K

    Sam's Grow-list and Want-list (Mostly Dionaea)

    So I mostly Grow VFT's with a few Sarracenia, I would love to try my hand at Sundews and Heliamphora but I don't have $500 to drop on growlights right now. There are a few things I have to trade and a few things I want which will be listed at the bottom. If I have any to trade I will put it in...
  8. R

    Giveaway Part I - Nepenthes ampullaria lime twist - LARGE PLANT

    Must be a semi active poster, no new people please. Keep in mind this is a large plant already and will just keep getting larger given proper care. Currently measuring approx. 22" X 18". Currently being grown in a flood/drain setup with it roots allowed to grow down into fertilized water...
  9. D

    R&D Specialist

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is DrNo7 and I am a Research and Developer (R&D) specialist in the field of Biochemistry. I am currently running experiments to use carnivorous plants to create an artificial environment (AE) to grow other rare, and specialized plants. I am an expert...
  10. Wolfn

    Is there a carnivorous plant that you obsess over finding in habitat?

    Some of us (myself included) love to go out into the wetlands and see carnivorous plants in their natural habitat. Some are found everywhere (Drosera capillaris) but others are quite rare. Is there a rare one that you look for? Personally, I've been going nature hiking for 15 years and I'm...
  11. C

    Need some Drosera help

    Hi folks. I am looking for somebody who is sort of an expert in Drosera. I have a project I am working on that I am not really allowed to discuss in public until the production is complete. I can say my part of the project involves some sundews (a rather rare species to cultivate), and I am...
  12. Satanas

    Looking for BE N. macrophylla

    Hello all, I'm currently looking for a BE Nepenthes macrophylla clone 3106. I would like a 10-14cm. plant (maybe smaller or larger depending on the situation.) If I can remember correctly two out of their four clones turned out to be N. x trusmadiensis, and the third clone died? I may be...
  13. T

    Trading small D. Falconeri and D. Caledonia

    I am mainly looking For D. regia but IM open to any other rare plants.
  14. E

    New here :)

    Hey guys I'm new here, just saying hi looking around. Looks Like a great place you guys got here. I collect all types of plants mostly rarish and exotic. This nepenthes is my newest baby, not so rare or exotic but I didn't have a nepenthes so I grabbed it. Not sure how old it is I've only had...
  15. Bonnie

    Rare Anthurium Giveaway!!!

    I received some seedlings from the curator at the Huntington with permission to give them away to friends. It's a new species of Anthurium from Ecuador, Anthurium lappoanum, last sold on ebay for $46. It gets about 18"-24" tall and does well in a cooler environment, would probably be ok as a...
  16. K

    Katastropes Seed Trade List (what i have available!)

    Seed trade list: Carnivorous plant seeds: D. Capensis 'alba' D. Paradoxa D. Sessilifolia D. Pygmaea D. Affnis D. Derbyensis D. Peltata D. Burmanii D. Nitidula N. Reinwardtiana N. ligulata (not alot) -------------------- Succulent seeds: Aloe Cameronii (red aloe) Aloe vanbalenii (cinnamon...
  17. K

    Castro seed trade list what i have available!

    Seed trade list: Carnivorous plant seeds: D. Capensis 'alba' D. Paradoxa D. Sessilifolia D. Pygmaea D. Affnis D. Derbyensis D. Peltata D. Burmanii D. Nitidula N. Reinwardtiana N. ligulata (not alot) -------------------- Succulent seeds: Aloe Cameronii (red aloe) Aloe vanbalenii (cinnamon...
  18. Z

    Assorted dormant drosera tubers and others for trade

    Hi all, I have the following species for trade. All of the tuberous species are dormant. D. auriculata D. hookeri D. abberans (used to be whiitakeri subsp. abberans) D. menziesii subsp. menziesii ( plants get very red, almost crimson late in the growing season) D. erythrorhiza subsp...
  19. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes aristolochioides x diatas - Seed Grown For Trade

    I've decided to trade off my Seed Grown N. aristolochioides x diatas. The plant is about 8" tall and 9" or 10" across. This is an extremely rare hybrid produced by Hortus Botanicus shortly before they closed shop. I don't think I've seen photos of another one in cultivation. The grows happily...
  20. Kayota

    Darlingtonia--where to get

    Hey guys. All my plants died in the awful summer I had in Illinois last year, but I moved to Oregon and now I'm in a great climate for sarrs and VFTs as well as... darlingtonias :) I REALLY want a darlingtonia, where on earth can I get one? Seems like they're pretty rare. Thanks.