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  1. Jcal

    Jcal's growlist

    Want list Cephalotus Clones I don't have! Cephalotus Dudley Watts Eden Black (eb x eb) Big boy Brewer giant green Brewer red Czech giant Double Ribbed Emu point German giant Hummers giant Phill Mann Squat Triffid Albany black Vigorous Drosera D. adelae D. prolifera D. schizandra D...
  2. Bonnie

    Bonnie's Grow List

    Carnivorous Heliamphora chimantensis (Chimanta) Heliamphora ciliata Heliamphora elongata (Ilu Tepui) Heliamphora ionasii Heliamphora minor "Burgundy Black" Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa Heliamphora nutans (Yuruani Tepui) Heliamphora pulchella (Chimanta Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora tatei var...
  3. JMN16150

    Sterilizing pots?

    Hello tf members! I've been in a war with an unknown mycelia lately(I'm guessing it came from via stupid mosser lee brand) and I recently took my Nepenthes sanguinea and Utricularia reniformis 'Small Leaf' an took out most of the soil affected by the nasty mycelium. The mycelium in both of the...
  4. Pk93

    Pk93's growlist

    Carnivorous Drosera - D. intermedia "Mt. Roraima" (seedlings) - D. spatulata 'Tamlin' (seedlings) Heliamphora - H. minor - H. pulchella (Churi tepui) Sarracenia - S. flava var. rugelii Utricularia - U. alpina x endressii - U. blanchetii - U. livida - U. pubescens - U. tridentata...
  5. RL7836

    Utric collection - section Iperua (JDW $47)

    I believe technically the taxonomic 'lumpers' won a short-term battle and succeeded in having section Iperua absorbed by section Orchidioides. However, I think that many (most?) people who grow plants from both groups agree that there are significant differences. Here is an opportunity to...
  6. M

    Utricularia reniformis (mattsikra $10)

    Hello, you are bidding on this well established lil pot of Utricularia reniformis. I've always grown this with Heliamphora, but you may be able to push the temperature higher. It will be unpotted but I will do my best to protect the subterranean growth. First bid is 5$. Shipping to USA only...
  7. East_to_west

    East_to_west Grow list

    I don't update this super often so ask me if you have any questions: Nepenthes: N. Muluensis x Lowii N. Ramispina three pure forms: ( 2 B.E. clones and another wild collected from the 70's) N. "Hopeful Monsters" = merilliana x ? N. Albomarginata "Camaroon Highlands" N. "Gentle" = Maxima x...
  8. Jcal

    Healthy root system?

    Can anyone tell me if the pictures below shows a healthy root system? Also if not any suggestions to correct the problem would be great. The reniformis seems to be growing great. Nelumbifolia....not so much. Both are growing in orchid pots with a equal mix of peat,sand,bark,lfs using the tray...
  9. Av8tor1

    Utricularia reniformis flowering

    Taken today...
  10. bananaman

    U. reniformis Setup Good?

    Hello everyone! I have recently gotten a reniformis. I have it potted in a 14" net pot with a mix of LFS, orchid bark, and perlite. I'm keeping it drier as it gets established, as per a recommendation in a really old CPN article. Can it be kept like this successfully long term? Do you have any...
  11. jack

    U.reniformis "small leaf"question

    Does this plant have the same tubers as the large leaved reniformis. Thank you, Jack
  12. JMN16150

    My mini utricularia trio:)

    My collection includes a U. Longifolia, a U. Reniformis 'Small Form', and a U. Alpina. The U. Alpina is new and I got it today:) Does it look good? http://s1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh545/JMN16150/Utricularia/
  13. JMN16150

    New to Terra Forums:)

    I live in Lathrop, California and I have recently been attracted to carnivorous plants. I got into the the hobby due to being attracted by different ways the carnivorous plants catch insects and small animals, also by their different array of colors :D I still grow different plants, but if I had...
  14. cp777

    cp777's grow/trade list

    My grow list Nepenthes N. ventricosa N. sanguinea ( a red form) N. thorelii x densiflora N. maxima x veitchii (x allardii) N. alata x khasiana N. ventricosa x fusca N. ventricosa x maxima N. spathulata x alata Heliamphora H. heterodoxa Drosera D. adelae D. binata “marston's dragon” D...
  15. Peatmoss

    Pics of my not so secret garden...

    Luca wanted to see pics of my overcrowded setup, so I figured I would post them for all to see... Top shelf, has some airplants which are not doing super well... Also some nice big bromeliads in the back... Most of the stuff is in bags, because I don't have a humidifier yet. I should get one...
  16. Dexenthes

    Moving, downsizing, giving away plants.

    Please read the entire post before posting. Hello folks, I am moving to Anchorage to continue my schooling and so my collection of Nepenthes must be downsized considerably. It was hard for me to choose which plants I would keep and which I would get rid of, but it's been done. Important...
  17. Smitty

    Dilato-petiolaris for trade

    Up for trade are some very nice sized divisions of dilato-petiolaris. (note in pic..The falconeri leaf pulling is not for trade :) ) Looking for: Other petiolaris plants Other than paradoxa,lanata,falconeri. Sarracenia large size specimens. Drosera (will list a few in a little bit)...
  18. pebes

    Pebes' Growlist

    Nepenthes N argentii N aristolochiodes (sg,♂) N attenboroughii (sg) N diatas (AW) N edwardsiana (AW) N edwardsiana (sg) N ephippiata (AW) N glabrata (BE) N gymnamphora- singgalang (AW) N hamata ♂ (AW) N klossii (BE, clone 2) N Khasiana N lowii -(seed) N nigra (sg) N pervillei (sg) N rajah...
  19. 31drew31

    A few photos

    Took a few photos today. N. muluensis x lowii U. reniformis (excuse the crappy photos my camera battery died). Ceph
  20. mattb

    Mattb Growlist

    Please excuse my spelling: Matt's Growlist Byblis liniflora - ebay seed; Quantity: Cephalotus follicularis - ebay; Quantity: Cephalotus follicularis - Lois; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica - ebay 2012; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica - ICPS 2013; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica (seed...