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  1. uphwiz

    identify reptile ? lizzard?

    he was just baking like he had no care, i kept creeping in till he ran, this is the best picture i could get before he ran (turbo style), he left in a flash almost too fast for me to see , he stopped at about 15 feet in one second, looked at me, laughed at me, turned and zipped out of sight ...
  2. Peatmoss

    *CANADIANS ONLY* One Large Plant of Drosera adelae (No winner)

    Up for auction is a large plant of Drosera adelae from my collection. I will uproot and ship the plant to the winner after the auction is over. Shipping should be about $10 (give or take, this is an approximation). This is a clone of adelae I purchased at a reptile show two and a half years...
  3. S

    Genus - species - subspecies

    I just looked up "Subspecies" at Wiki' and found nothing to validate the removal of the subspecies designation so I either dreamed the gripe below or am having an LSD flashback. I do remember being told by many years ago that it had been deleted or changed. I find it annoying that the...
  4. East_to_west

    New Setup! And questions about an online order

    Hello everyone! I'm still pretty new here and new to growing CP's so I have a few questions about this setup I just threw together yesterday. I posted a similar thread on "flytrapcare" and figured I'd just copy most of it to here because you can never get enough advice. I've kept many a reptile...
  5. SMcKenzie

    Young N. miranda That Has NEVER Had Pitchers, plus ID request

    I've looked through previous threads, hoping to find the answer to this, but since I didn't really find anything that satisfied my question(s), I'm posting on here for a solution. I have a young-well, actually TWO-N. mirandax hybrids that I purchased last spring at a reptile show from a guy who...
  6. SMcKenzie

    Hi, Y'all, From South Carolina

    I'm a long-time plant hobbyist, mostly have kept various epiphytic cacti, especially Rhipsalis, but lately I've gotten "into" the primitive plants like Selaginellas and Liverworts and of course, the CP's. My intro to the CP obsession came with me seeing various carnivores occasionally offered...
  7. uphwiz

    identify for me , camelion lizzard ??

    ive been thinking quite a while on starting a tank for a reptile , this is the one i would like, or one very much like this, i want the wandering eyes that can move independant of each otherfor my new friend ,not sure the name or species, but am hoping someone here can get me started if i do...
  8. P

    Reptile supplies three Turtle Vitashell, Fluker's Crickets, Wardley Reptile P. Sticks

    Hola! At a yard sale awhile back I bought an aquarium lid and a box o' stuff to get some fish food for my gambusia. The lid turned out to be broken, so that went into the garbage, and the other items I have been using since then. Some of this I either cannot use, or I have to grind up in some...
  9. AshG2385

    Reptile/Amphibian easy care pets?

    My oldest boy is almost 9 and wants either a lizard or a frog. Originally a snake was in his plans but I am not ok with snakes or spiders; not afraid of them, but I don't want them living in my house and am not really happy with feeding baby mice to anything. No problem with crickets or bugs...
  10. DroseraBug

    Timber Rattlesnake

    Not related to reptile pets in terrariums. Wanted to share with you herp heads. Saw and took photo at top of a Appalachian Trail mountain NC. Beautiful snake.
  11. Peatmoss

    A few photos from the local reptile depository/zoo

    Good day, Just checking back in to see what is up on TF, broke my all time record for staying off this website, by staying off for three days... On my way to being able to survive on my own. :-O Won't be back on for a while again after this. Trying to go a whole week now! :-D Anyways, I...
  12. Brie

    Anyone here get Reptiles magazine?

    My buddy Terry Phillips at the Reptile Gardens finally got around to publishing an article on his breeding success with Morelia carinata, the Rough Scaled Python, and used some the photos I took of his animals in the article. Haven't seen it yet, guess it just came out. Need to go find me a...
  13. P

    reptile "rock" heater

    Hello, Recently I came across this and got it on the cheap. Some sort of heater made of resin and styled to look like a rock, I assume for a reptile habitat. I did a bit of reading and found mixed reviews/emotions about using such things, especially as the sole source of heat in a reptile...
  14. mato

    Should the location of newly discovered species remain hidden?

    A sad, but true, reality that pervades all hobbies involving organisms: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17386764 I decided not to post this in the reptile section so that more people would be willing to read it.
  15. P

    Reptile terrarium heater thingiemabob

    I forgot to mention that this weekend I also picked this up, with the intention of passing it onto someone who needs a heater. I briefly considered using it as part of a makeshift heated tray for sprouting seedlings, but nixed that idea. Anway, if you need it and you want it, the price is...
  16. James H

    New Terrarium

    I went to the NARBC reptile show here in texas today and I am really losing it. I manage to spend every dime that I had to spend and got nothing for reptiles. I ended up getting a new terrarium. I got a Exo Terra 36x18x24high terrarium for a new indoor greenhouse for my Cps and orchids. Now...
  17. lizasaur

    Insider's Insight: Please Critique/Correct/Add To!

    Beyond Beginner's Information: Insider's Insight This was originally written for my friend whose interest is piqued in Carnivorous Plants. I've worked very hard on this, but I don't doubt that perhaps I've forgotten anything meaningful or gotten something wrong. Please correct, or add other...
  18. Lil Stinkpot

    Blaptica dubia starte colony for trade

    My dubia roaches are reproducing MUCH faster than one adult bearded dragon can eat. Teddy is about to start brumating (reptile hibernation), so these roaches must be thinned. I am offering 100 adults, 40 males and 60 females, plus all the contents of one over-laden egg crate. This will probably...
  19. GregNY

    Raiden's New Enclosure

    So back in July I happened to go to the White Plains Reptile show to check out reptiles and black jungles' section and ended up coming home with a panther chameleon from screameleons.... 1st Day Did some searching around online and decided I was going to build a nice large 2x3x4 screen...
  20. chibae

    heat mat..seedling vs reptile

    Hi all. I'm planning on setting up an aquarium as a sarrcenia nursery this fall. I've been doing some research and was wondering if there was a difference between using a seedling heat mat such as hydrofarm's or a reptile heating mat. I've looked for a used waterbed heater but they are too...