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  1. C

    New to nepenthes

    Hey everyone, Im an active member and long time reptile enthusiast but im finally getting into tropical pitcher plants. Ive been doing research for about a year on them and finally i decided to order a huge group at a black friday sale. (i got ventricosa's and sanguinea for like a buck a...
  2. Millipede

    some new lights for my terrarium (+pictures!)

    i got tired of my old 18in flourescents and made this thing instead. i just cut holes in some plexiglass and fitted some reptile light fixtures in it with 6500K CFLs. i still had room for a long tube fixture so i kept it there. im wondering if i should just get rid of it and add a third CFL in...
  3. swords

    Ampullarias & Geosesarma crab update

    Here's a few update pics Overhead shot One of the ponds made with a large reptile dish. Not sure why but I have to fill them from 1/2 to full everyday, could the emergent aquatics actually transpire that much water everyday? They're 1" thick faux stone dishes made of plastic resin so they...
  4. C

    New Plants

    cross between Psitticina and Minor Okee Giant cross between Minor and Rubra Rubra red Went to the Daytona Beach Reptile Expo yesterday. There was a guy there with a booth selling mature carnivores and airplants. Picked up these two specimens, but he had loads more. Mostly crosses, but he...
  5. larry

    Reptile super show

    I went to a LA Pet Fair - Reptile super show today at the Pomona Fairplex. Got to play with a crested gecko, must get one! http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigflytrap/sets/72157624676681204/detail/
  6. ElectrCarnvrs

    Ultrasonic fogger??

    Hey guys, I'm looking into buying an Ultrasonic fogger, that will be powerful enough to run two, 100 gallon tanks. I was using 2 reptile foggers, though they ran out of water very quickly which wasn't working. I'm looking for something that will hold water for a few days. I would really...
  7. P

    Feeder insects

    I have some extra reptile food if someone wants to start their own feeder colonies Blatta lateralis Turkish Nauphoeta cinerea Lobster Blaptica dubia Dubia Eublaberus posticus Orange heads Easier to raise than crickets, eat a varied diet and the big ones are crunchy. New alternative to...
  8. swords

    US only: Dubia Roach kit - live B. dubias, housing, food, & water winner Est $30

    Crickets suck! They stink, are noisy and die for no discernible reason. Grow your own roaches as feeders and sell the extras to other herpers or the reptile shops in your area. Dubias don't fly or climb plastic,don't stink, don't make noise and live up to 2 years making babies on a constant...
  9. swords

    Anyone here have Frilled Lizards?

    I'm going to the reptile show Sunday and have been doing some reading & you tubing on Frilled Lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii) for the last week or so and I think I'd like to get one or two if they have them available and feeding so I know they'll eat. They aren't as small mammal dependent as I...
  10. swords

    First Time Ever - A Reptile Show in MN!

    Well FINALLY Minnesota is having it's first ever reptile and exotic pets expo next week: Sunday April 25th at the Holiday Inn next to the Mall of America and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. Here's the Official website: http://mnreptileshow.vpweb.com/ If anyone reading this is...
  11. thez_yo

    bottom-heating germinating seeds

    I'm getting some nep seeds soonish. Seeing as how I have a 0% germination rate just letting them sit as-is, I should bottom heat. What do you guys use, reptile heating-pads? I don't have an aquarium and don't really feel like buying one (for the old aquarium, inch of heated water, and...
  12. swords

    large format printer (unopened) for a cool Nep?

    I'm getting rid of all my collected "stuff", books, rare/weird toys (unopened), statues, etc. and remodelling so I can have room for lots of terrariums again. Well I have this large format HP printer I bought in 2005 for $300 or so that prints full color on paper up to 13" x 20". I never had...
  13. Devon

    My newish pink toe tarantula

    Here are some pics of my newish pink toe tarantula. I got her from a reptile zoo, she is captive bred and her name is Socks! Thanks for looking!
  14. jimscott

    Thermometer / Hygrometer

    This is in the mini-greenhouse. The apartment is actually ~70 F and ~40% humidity. I'm going to invest in a reptile mat eventually.
  15. Chunkyhunks

    ARGH, crickets!

    As most reptile keepers know, having crickets around almost always means having escaped crickets around. Until just a few minutes ago, I was keeping my lowland tank on its side, on the floor in my reptile room. I use sphagnum moss as a substrate to keep up humidity. I haven't been paying much...
  16. M

    Hello!!!!!!!!! My name is miguel@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi there people!!!!! My name is Miguel and I am here to learn it all!!!!. I am a complete beginner to carnivorous plants but I am there for the long haul on learning this trade, in my opinion (which is actually not an opinion but an absolute truth lol) this is 1 of the most exiting and EXOTIC...
  17. Halt

    Which came first?

    I just had a brainspark, and thought how can darlingtonia change, evolve, their shape to look like a snake, when they have no eyes. Snakes have eyes. Who knows how they looked like before the Darlingtonia. So, which do you think came first? The snake plant, or the snake reptile?
  18. swords

    Have a look at this: Pseudolithos cubiformis

    Today I finally received one of my few "grail" species! Here's my first Somalian asclepiad Pseudolithos cubiformis My plant shown above is a whopping 7/8" in diameter! Eventually it gets to about 4". They often develop into a nice solitary cube of living brown reptile skin. Sometimes they...
  19. swords

    Anyone using the Zoomed Hygrotherm device?

    I was looking at Ebay for a pre-wired humdistat for my highland chamber and came across a device made by Zoomed reptile supplies which will control both temp and humidity devices called the Hygrotherm here's the ad for it...
  20. Pyro

    Any famous CPers?

    Random I know but was wondering if anyone famous grew CPs. Got to thinking it cause of my other hobby, snakes. Kerry King of Slayer is a rather prominent figure in carpet python circles. Slash (formerly of Guns 'N Roses) had a huge collection till last year. Chad some one or other was with...