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  1. F

    Darlingtonia...Macgyver style

    Picked up a death cube at Lowes few weeks ago and let acclimate to my conditions. Found some new growth on the rhizome tonight and the old growth is beginning to brown so I decided it was time to repot. I dug up an old zen fountain and decided to make a make shift root cooling pot with a few...
  2. Jag


    Hello all, Well today I uncovered that I have rootworms on one of my S. Leucophylla rhizomes. The rhizome was given to me about 4 months ago. The plant was dormant and seemed fine but I have noticed that its been drying up. Today I uncovered the plant and saw that the rhizome was "mushy". I rip...
  3. swampdonkey

    Rhizome notching

    Looking for info on how to stimulate new shoot formation along the rhizome by notching. Interested in when to do it, how to do it, and why you'd do this compared to dividing the rhizome via cutting or breaking. Thanks...
  4. mcantrell

    Help me save my Gold Strike

    So my Gold Strike is still alive. This is honestly somewhat of a shock, as it was the smallest plant placed outside with my other VFTs, and not brought in anywhere near soon enough. It's spent the last 2 and a half Months in a small fridge in my bedroom closet, doing the dormancy thing. I...
  5. back2eight

    Sarracenia Size Chart?

    Is there a commonly used size chart for sarracenia? I'm thinking probably not, because everyone has such widely different views on the sizes of their plants. I've been buying a lot of them lately. One place I bought from that advertised large plants were really big, what I call large, with...
  6. thez_yo

    new purp, looks ok?

    I just got this s.purp heterophylla through the mail yesterday and potted it up last night. It had all its pitchers trimmed before shipping, and the rhizome and roots looked ok but I noticed today in the daylight that where the leaves come out was a little darker green/brownish - is this ok...
  7. Medialunita

    Looking for Sarracenias Rhizome

    Hi all I'm interested in 50 sarracenias rhizome in flowering size. Thanks Carlos
  8. dustin

    shampoo ginger for trade

    hey everyone. i recently cut back a 2-3 growth point shampoo ginger and dont have the room to grow it anymore. im looking for... cps aroids, colocasias, alocasias (elephant ears) smorphophallus bulbifer a. paeonifolius some begoniias possibly aloe vera plants euphorbias i grew this through...
  9. F

    How to: Fridge Dormancy

    There's been a lot of questions regarding fridge dormancy for those of us that do not have access to a garage or shed and live in zones not fit for outside dormancy. There are different methods, this is simply mine. I have had tremendous success using it and hope that those of you that chose to...
  10. Veronis

    Live sphagnum growin?

    Is that what this is? This VFT was originally potted in dead LFS so I'm thinking it came from there (especially considering only one piece is growing, and right beside the rhizome).
  11. Veronis

    VFT leaf pulling plan (yay/nay?)

    I did some research on the best times of year to do a leaf pulling and it seems there are two "better" times of year - early spring and in fall before dormancy. If done in fall, uprooting the plant is risky so you can try to do a leaf pulling by holding the rhizome in place with your thumb - I'm...
  12. Baylorguy

    First Sarracenias!!!

    I am really excited. I am not a noob at carnivorous plants, but so far I have only had tropical varieties. Well, since my wife and I are buying our first house I can now get temperate varieties! We close on 10/23, but I felt it was appropriate to buy some Sarracenias prior to buying furniture...
  13. Xeno

    VFT Leaf pullings, strike?

    I did some Leaf pullings 5 weeks ago I have lifted them up today and no rots are formed at all but still its white rhizome. But then I see this little bold thingy on them all at the bottom over the soil. Is that a new plant center forming ? even its no rots on the leaf pulling ? Or is it just...
  14. P

    Propagating Sarracenia....by Growth Point cutting!

    Every now and then, Sarracenia rhizomes may create a new growth point close to the main growth point. After a few weeks, this growth point will make a few pitchers; these pitchers may be the size equivalent to those of Sarracenia seedlings. If left alone, in a few years this growth point will...
  15. SpyCspider

    Sarracenia rhizome rot: remembering Bugweed's tips

    Ugh. I'm still losing some of my smaller Sarracenias due to rhizome rot/melt/fungus/something. This summer has been unbearably hot and dry. At the past advice of one of our veteran Sarracenia growers--Bugweed--I've started growing my plants in undrained plastic tubs. About 2 years ago, I...
  16. Halt

    Planted too deep?

    I think I planted my Nepenthes TOO deep. Its way down low, Its really tall too, but the reason I know it's deep is because of the basals. The basals had to come all the way up; about 3" of soil. Should I repot? Or just leave it. I seperated a basal and there was "rhizome"(white thing) for about...
  17. SirKristoff

    Some new ones.

    Well over the past couple of weeks ive been receiving some more plants...again LOL Here are a few photos of some of the stuff taken over the last couple of weeks....ive kinda slacked off on posts, gets kinda old, ya know lol. N. ampullaria 'green' N. bicalcarata 'red' hehe its got teeth :D...
  18. Rocketcaver

    Flower devolopment question

    One of the plants I got this spring from a "drought sale" has put up a flower bud. If it opens it will be my first ever Sarracenia flower. It has cleared the rhizome (growth point?) but now it's just sitting there. I have only had the thing 3 weeks or so, but I get worried easily. After you...
  19. F

    LD(location data) Plants #1 DroseraBug $35

    As some of you know, I assumed stewardship of Bugweed"s extensive collection several years ago. Now you all know.LOL The past couple of days, I have divided and repotted 1/4 of his collection. Now if I kept the labels straight,and I went to gr8 extremes to do this and figure out the faded...
  20. cp-connection

    Sarracenia rhizome cutting

    I thought I would share my experience taking "rhizome cuttings" with Sarracenia. Right before flowers emerge I unpot the clump of Sarracenia. Often I have to pull off smaller growth points to access the rhizome. With sharp snips I cut the main growth point off the free rhizome. Its OK if the...