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  1. mobile

    Cephalotus rhizome cutting in wood pulp

    A number of weeks ago I brought my Cephalotus in from outside, the largest of which had a flower stalk which had finished flowering. Being rather lazy, I decided to just pull the stalk out, rather than cut it, which resulted in me pulling out a length of rhizome, a pitcher and some leaves...
  2. BigBella

    Cephalotus in TC Media . . .

    Every other year or so, I divide up my Cephalotus plants and take a few leaf and rhizome cuttings; and here is a tiny piece suspended in 1/2 strength MS media, now exhibiting new growth. Apologies for the blurred second photo; or as my father once said, "It's a poor worker who blames his tools ...
  3. SirKristoff

    A few Cephalotus...

    I thought I would share some photos of those darn Cephalotus that either do well or do nothing... for me I seem to have finally gotten them to "Do well" over the last year.... What works for some, does not always work for others so if you ask for advice, dont be upset if it doesnt bring you good...
  4. limeslide

    Pitcher of the Month Sarracenia Edition - June 2011

    VOTING! Pitcher of the Month Sarracenia Edition - June 2011 I have permission from both adnerdarn and mass, yay! :) Post your best Sarracenia photos and have a friendly competition with other members to see who has the best photo/plant! The winner receives bragging rights and overall feeling...
  5. Rokosauros

    Dormancy in the tropics

    Perhaps one of the most annoying and frustrating thing for a grower like me staying riiiiight at the equator line of the earth's circumference is dormancy of CPs. It's FRUSTRATING to try growing sarras for a year or two and then they just shrink and....usually die. I've heard of fridge dormancy...
  6. Natalie

    S. purpurea hasn't put up new leaves yet! (plus ID)

    Hey everyone, My S. purpurea surprised me early this spring by sending up two gorgeous flowers (being new to carnivorous plants, this was pretty exciting for me), but I'm a bit concerned because it has not put up any new pitchers, nor do I see signs of new ones forming near the rhizome yet...
  7. F

    antho free awgaupp $11

    S. psittacina X rubra is antho free med to large rhizome USA only Plant will be shipped bare root Cost of shipping will be $6.00 Sarting bid $5.00
  8. F

    J H X oreo dashman $5

    Up for auction is this seed grown hybrid {('Judith Hindle') x oreophila} this is one of approx 20 plants from a single abtch of plants each one is a little different form the rest med rhizome will probably bloom next year. flower petals yellow with a faint tinge of pink USA only Plant will...
  9. F

    Red Dixie chibae $10

    For me this S." Red Dixie" grows fast and divides readily this med rhizome is suitable for a 4-5 in pot USA only Plant will be shipped bare root Cost of shipping will be $6.00 Sarting bid $5.00
  10. F

    oreo X purp callmemonkey $16

    This plant will look good in anyone's collection This seed grown S.oroephila x purpurea . hood is wavy and almost upright hood current pitcher is 6" + USA only Plant will be shipped bare root Cost of shipping will be $6.00 Sarting bid $5.00 ed rhizome
  11. F

    alata white flower bpullin $16

    Up for auction is A S. alta white flower( extremely pale yellow) suitable for a 4-5" pot med rhizome USA only Plant will be shipped bare root Cost of shipping will be $6.00 Sarting bid $5.00
  12. F

    Bug Bat DroseraBug $28

    Up for auction is a S."Bug Bat" Pitcher currently 6" + med rhizome USA only Plant will be shipped bare root Cost of shipping will be $6.00 Sarting bid $5.00
  13. F

    Savana jewel dashman $12

    Up for auction is a S. "Savana Jewel" rhizome is small to med suitable for 4" pot USA only Plant will be shipped bare root Cost of shipping will be $6.00 Sarting bid $5.00 __________________ ---------- Post added at 11:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:27 AM ---------- Up for...
  14. F

    S."Starry Night" Houstonherp $30

    Up for auction is a large rhizome of "Starry Night" Suitable for 4" pot USA only Plant will be shipped bare root Cost of shipping will be $6.00 Sarting bid $5.00
  15. seedjar

    Making space - Seed-Grown Darlingtonia (original growth points and stolon cuttings)

    Up for grabs here are Darlingtonia from my first batch of seed planted winter '05 (I think.) Many of the original-growth rosettes are from pots I planted in live sphagnum which were subsequently smothered for a few years and therefore may still be somewhat dwarfed, but all the plants I intend to...
  16. seedjar

    Making space - S. x. moorei "Leah Wilkerson"

    Mostly putting feelers out for this one. I have one division of Leah with two or more well-established growth points, and another with one mature growth point and a particularly large rhizome that may produce more points this season (fingers crossed.) Material from Brooks himself, won from the...
  17. C

    Spring update D:

    Hello everyone, figured I'd pop in and post a small update from the Mediterranean now that we're finally having some nice spring weather. I'm happy to say that nearly all my CPs made it through their first winter and are slowly waking up :banana2: I did lose one Sarracenia, but considering it...
  18. D_muscipula

    Massive plant dieoff

    I thought I was an experienced grower, and I am. But I learned I wasn't as experienced as I thought previously. I lost around 99% of my temperate carnivores this last winter due to root rot. :-( To prevent their soil from being waterlogged during dormancy, I punched a drainage hole in the side...
  19. Rob

    Sarracenia division

    Today I was dividing my Leah Wilkerson and the rhizome was really big and long. The problem was that most of the rhizome was old and there was no growth on the side of the rhizome. I cut off this part and repotted it. Will the new division with only roots grow into a new plant?
  20. Baylorguy

    Rot... not sure what to do

    Well, I just lost my favorite flava ornata clone from Prince George Co, VA. I dug it up because I noticed the phyllodia were turning brown along with the main growth point. Sure enough, the entire rhizome was mush. My excellens giant is not looking good either (see attached pictures). Is it...