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  1. nip 'n these

    Where do you get your Nepenthes from?

    Hey guys, I recently fell in love with Nepenthes, and decided that I wanted to try growing some. Unfortunately, I've been having very little luck finding any. I saw people posting online that they bought theirs at Home Depot and Lowes. I wasn't able to find any at Home Depot, and didn't want to...
  2. fredg

    Not for the squeamish

    This/ these are something MrsG discovered in the wild bird water tray this morning. The water was changed yesterday so they've been carried in. :o and we've a pretty good idea what they were carried in in :0o: If you are squeamish just risk the one eye and see if you can identify.
  3. adnedarn

    *PAID* Seed grown D. 'Albino' RARE!! (FLTropical $8)

    Up for auction is 1 large seed grown D. 'Albino'! You don't see these very often, they are so very rare!! (yeah, right) This is likely you ONLY chance to get one! (well, and support the NASC at the same time at least) so bid generously to get your hands on it! I will send it either potted...
  4. P

    *PAID* 3 hybrid Pinguicula (allegedhuman $20)

    1) Bidding starts at $5.00 2) One plant of each following Pinguicula hybrids - P. 'Pirouette', P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba and P. esseriana x emarginata. The exact plants are red-circled in the 3'' pot in images below. Ship bare root. 3) Winner pays $6.00 for shipping via Paypal. 4) US only. I...
  5. bluemax

    *PAID* Drosera petiolaris (Houstonherp $25)

    For bid is one rooted division from the cluster in the photo. This division is healthy, rooted and growing independently as it was divided some time ago. This is said to be one of the easier species to grow of the Petiolaris sundew group but it still appreciates higher temperatures and humidity...
  6. R

    *PAID* Cephalotus leaf pulls - NOT ACTUAL PLANTS (gil_za $43)

    1) Opening Bid of $2. 2) Cephalotus leaf pulls - NOT ACTUAL PLANTS - Atleast 3 freshly pulled leaves, higher the bids the more leaves! We do not have ANY typical Cephs so they will all be from a clone of one type or another. If you have 1-2 clones we can try to work with you to ensure we don't...
  7. DragonsEye

    *PAID* Haworthia agavoides (carolatcj $3)

    Up for bid is one Haworthia agavoides approximately 3" across. Auction is open to members of the continental US. Note: due to California's policies regarding shipped plants, I cannot guarantee the plant's arrival to its citizens. Cal. residents bid at their own risk. If the plant should be...
  8. adnedarn

    *PAID* N. ventricosa x maxima rooted cutting, dual growth (curtisconners $13)

    Up for auction is a rooted cutting of N. ventricosa x maxima which I received from a friend over winter. The cuttings and the plants are all growing quickly and well, seems to be a good clone. The photos of pitchers are from one of my established plants and the cutting photo is what you'll...
  9. bluemax

    *PAID* Utricularia bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' (Nauz $15)

    For bid is a roughly one-half inch plug of Utricularia bisquamata 'Bettys' Bay'. This cultivar is the famous "tame" version of the species that does not invade other pots by producing unwanted seed and, in addition, it has larger flowers. Nice stuff. Sorry I don't have any photos but it is just...
  10. AnIsleAteHer

    *PAID* Dionaea muscipula 'B-52' small/med flowering size (Carnivore2 $20)

    This auction is for one small/medium VTF 'B-52' You can see the flower stalk in the picture, I cut it off just minutes after snapping this picture to promote trap growth. I will continue to snip stalks if more pop up. Very vigorous. My outdoor plants last year exploded quickly. Great deep red...
  11. adnedarn

    *PAID* Female N. maxima (Rareraven $25)

    Up for auction is 1 potted female N. maxima. The pot is 4"x4"x3.5" and is a well established cutting from about a year ago IIRC. Bidding starts at $2 Winner pays shipping of $8 USA only, I'll ship it to California since I've not had a problem yet, but if one arises no refund will be given...
  12. bluemax

    *PAID* Drosera murfetii (QuakingBog $80)

    The actual plants for bid. For me the adult plant looks like this. This species is closely-related to Drosera arcturi and is from New Zealand. It is said to be easier to grow than it's better-known cousin and to get larger when mature. For more, and better, photos of this species look...
  13. Swagalotus

    Good but Cheap Humidifier?

    Hey all. Recently my repti fogger humidifer broke down. Many times I had left it on on the low setting and it turned itself off when the water ran out. I left it on on the high setting, the water ran out, and the humidifier stayed on. When I came back some of the water from the reservoir had...
  14. A

    Drosophyllum with company in sandy pine forest soil

    Last winter I got quite a lot Drosophyllum seeds and put them in my special pots. In early spring the started to germinate. The first eleven I planted in a pot with soil from a very poor sandy pine forest. Lots of roots included from Vaccinium vitis-idaea for possible mycorrhiza partners. From...
  15. Not a Number

    Nepenthes barcelonae (Nepenthaceae), a new species from Luzon, Philippines

    http://biotaxa.org/Phytotaxa/article/view/phytotaxa.222.2.7 Nepenthes barcelonae (Nepenthaceae), a new species from Luzon, Philippines Martin Cheek, Danilo N. Tandang, Pieter B. Pelser Abstract Nepenthes barcelonae is described as a new species in sect. Insignes, where it is unique in the...
  16. C

    Darlingtonia Conservation

    Hello, While this is not a major emergency call to arms type of post, I hope that it will still generate a response out of this community. I am looking to start a non-profit centered around the conservation of Darlingtonia. While this genus is not particularly at a high risk of dissappearing...
  17. N

    New indoor grow tent set up

    All, I recently made the conversion from my basic baker's rack set up to a grow tent. I made the decision due to limited space in the rack and wanting to have more control over the environment as a means to grow more difficult species. Hopefully this post may help others who are interested in...
  18. R

    Telipogon williamsii Tiny Micro Twig Orchid - chibae $14

    1) Opening bid amount $2 2) Item description - This auction is for 2-3 of the plants currently in the flask below. I will be deflasking them on the day of shipping and they will ship in a zip lock bag. Make sure you read up on this species or understand the risk involved with growing...
  19. theplantman

    Great Article on US Conservation Priorities

    This is a great article, the gist of which (in my words only) is that the conservation priorities in the US are mismatched with the needs of our biodiversity. Essentially, we have this strange situation where most of our preserved lands/habitats are in the western US. And of course, most of our...
  20. Whimgrinder

    Nepenthes tiveyi "Red", rooted cutting.

    I have one rooted cutting of N. tiveyi 'Red' [Nepenthes tiveyi is not an accepted name - see CP Database, and N. 'Red' is not a valid, registered cultivar name, as the single quotes would indicate.] available to give away (recipient must pay shipping, within the US only). I believe this is an EP...