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  1. A

    Aren't temperate Drosera frost resistant?

    Hi, I'm posting again about my Drosera rotundifolia plants. They recovered nicely after a heatwave, been growing until a few months ago, then somehow stopped probably due to winter temperatures. They formed what I thought could be winter rosettes, however after a few colder days (coldest night...
  2. K

    Care for Mexican butterwort

    I currently have two Mexican butterworts gigantea and red leaf or flower I was wondering what condition they thrive in my gigantea seems to be lacking. Growth and declining and my red leaf seems to be in succulent phase leaves are all clump together life a rosette ...
  3. A

    Drosera rotundifolia help - root rot?

    Hello, I managed to grow a few Drosera rotundifolia plants from seed. They've been doing nicely outside under sheltered sunlight since their sowing (I'm in temperate zone so climate fits their needs), never kept them inside a dome (so that I wouldn't have to worry about mold) but always used...
  4. DragonsEye

    Encouraging the formation of basals

    So while bebopping around on the web, I happened upon the ICPS site which I had not visited in years. I came across the following advice for encouraging Nepenthes to form new basals: "If it is a long stem it may be better to encourage the plant to grow a new basal rosette. You do this by...
  5. cwatson1414

    Pinguicula esseriana disease /damage

    Hey TF. I think this Pinguicula esseriana is suffering from crown rot or BHD. I am leaning towards crown rot, because some of the leaves are showing necrosis at the leaf tips rather than it coming from the base. The plant is growing in an uncovered tank under 4 4' shoplights. Watered by tray...
  6. cwatson1414

    Pinguicula 'Titan' summer dormant?

    I've heard from some care guides (One specifically in mind) that the cultivar 'Titan' enters succulent growth in the summer, rather than in the winter. This seems really strange to me given the parentage (agnata x macrophylla), but I have increased the photoperiod in my growspace, and my 'Titan'...
  7. Not a Number

    The Name Game - Part 1

    Drosera × beleziana or D. × belezeana or D. × eloisiana or ? In 1891 the 5th volume of Journal de botanique. contained the description and drawing by E.G. Camus of a plant he named Drosera x beleziana. He described the plant as a natural hybrid of D. intermedia and D. rotundifolia. The specimen...
  8. R

    LF: Southern D. rotundifolia seeds or plants

    I am looking to obtain some seeds (or plants if seeds are unavailable) of Drosera rotundifolia from the Southern states to grow outdoors here in zone 7. Below are seeds that I can offer in return: Drosera: intermedia "Carolina Giant" (Harvested 9-1-2015) tokaiensis indica Green filiformis...
  9. R

    rjhaway's growlist

    VFT / Dionea Muscipula: Typical 2 small Drosera: Nepenthes: Non-Carnivorous: Bog companions: Cacti: Epiphyllum oxypetalum “orchid cactus" 2 Orchids: Looking for: I know some of these are unlikely, but hey, .. it doesn't hurt to try, right? Byblis – anything Cephalotus – Seeds...
  10. K

    Nepenthes Seeds for Trade

    Hi everyone as anyone can assume i'm pretty new here but im pretty old in the plant world hahaha! The seeds i am offering are N. Lingulata and N. Reinwardtiana (a bunch if mixed color clones) they havent been sitting long and i would like to try to trade them with a few people before their...
  11. R

    Tacitus bellus (Graptopetalum bellus)

    I saw this for sale today at a local nursery and couldn't resist. It's the only species in its genus (if in fact Tacitus is considered valid). Notably, it does best (or needs?) considerable shade. For me, that's a big one, as I can't grow most succulents (for long) due to lack of sun. The...
  12. PolishJeff

    Localized Burning - Aloe

    Hi Everyone, My mature Aloe Vera plant seems to have some very localized burning on two of the newer leaves. It's only in the middle of these two leaves that show the damaged tissue. Does anyone know what could cause such localized burning? None of the other leaves on the plant seem to be...
  13. David F

    Capensis varieties and locality list.

    These are all the varieties that I have seen or researched, this is a fully up to date list, and I hope many of you find it helpful. Nearly all varieties are unofficial, some not well described, and others hardly described at all. So far 'Albino' is the only variety with an official status...
  14. Sidgrowspings

    Ping Troubleshooting

    Hi Everyone, I need advice from the experts. I just started growing Pinguicula. About a month ago, I ordered a P. cyclosecta and a P. kohres from cascade carnivores, pictured below: Left, P. cyclosecta Right, P. kohres. They came bare root. I planted them immediately in a 1:1:1 mixture of fine...
  15. R

    3 Furcraea parmentieri bulbils (aerogrower $2)

    Hopefully it isn't too late to post these guys. I just got an ID recently. Furcraeas are close relatives of Agaves. These plants are apparently hardy to about 25 F, although I don't know anything about this particular clone. Tropicos lists this species as from 2000-3000 m. So I'm betting...
  16. Bio

    Are these gemmae?

    Late last spring, I ordered some Utricularia sandersonii. Needless to say, there were other species received in addition to the U. sandersonii, primarily U. bisquamata. However, there was also a tiny little Drosera growing as a hitchhiker as well. Until today, I had considered it to just be...
  17. Ras

    looking for pings and sundews

    Pinguicula moranensis red rosette (santa catarina juquila oaxaca, mexico) seen here P crenatiloba P planifolia P involuta P calyptrata P titan p gigantea I am also looking for sesilifolia with pink flowers (pink, not whiteish pink ) I dont care if its seed or plants and petiolaris sundew...
  18. Brolloks

    D. burmannii (herb)

    Is this true? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drosera_burmannii PS. Have a look at this: http://nopr.niscair.res.in/bitstream/123456789/5078/1/IJTK%208(3)%20326-333.pdf
  19. Cthulhu138

    Tuberous Drosera

    After speaking with several members here among other growers, I have realized that there are more misconceptions about successfully growing these plants than I had thought. I wrote the care sheet below last year for the NECPS members to use as a guide for their cultivation and I hope that it can...
  20. David F

    LTB Drosera capensis varities

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for verified varieties of capensis seeds (or live plant, seeds preferred). I'd be willing to pay reasonably for the following varieties/locality/genre. Drosera capensis-- Paul Debbert Munich Germany "Giant". Drosera capensis-- Bain's Kloof Drosera capensis-- Vogelgat...