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  1. Hamata-Honzo

    Honzo's Texas Mini-Bog(s)

    Howdy, y'all! Starting a series of pots in the front yard. These will be fully exposed to the harsh Texas sun and relatively low humidity (generally around 30%-40%). My main purpose for this thread is to hopefully clear up any doubts that these plants can be grown in harsh conditions such as...
  2. tje25

    Seed pack for S.A.S.E

    Hello everyone! I figured it was about time I gave back to the community. So I am giving away a pack of D. intermedia, D. affinis, D. aliciae, S. rubra ssp jonesii, and approximately 20 vft seeds of my own cross, a b52 and a2 hennings giant. These will all go to one winner, if he or she...
  3. chibae

    Love's Label Lost, ID Help Please

    Okay, I try, I really do, to keep my plants labeled. But somehow in moving some plants to the new bog last year I must have lost one. This little guy, not many pitchers and only one flower is among the rubra collection. The sarrs I know are there are jonesii, jonesii f. heterophylla...
  4. chibae

    Downside to having a mixed planting of Sarrs

    I have a mixed planting of sarrs in my front bogs. They bloom sequentially which makes it easier when trying to hand pollinate and bag separate species. Right now my purps and flava are finished, the rubra are in full flower and the psittacina and minors are just swelling their flower buds...
  5. R

    S. rubra giveaway!

    I have to make space with my plants, and I have five rubras too many. I have no idea what variety/subspecies they are; I'll post a picture or two here tomorrow. They're three or four years old and been producing pitchers 6-7 inches long. Winners will pay 6 dollars shipping preferably by paypal...
  6. A

    Wanted List (non cp)

    I'm looking for the below plants (or cuttings/seeds): * Tricyrtis hirta (Toad Lily) * Tiarella cordifolia (Foamflower) * Bletilla striata ‘alba’ (Ground Orchid) * Leucothoe fontanesiana (Fetterbush) * Actaea pachypoda OR Actaea Rubra ‘alba’ Please PM me to work out the details. Thanks! :D
  7. jlechtm

    Sarracenia 'Gorey' (purpcrazyinNH $40)

    Opening bid: $10 Up for bid is a mature, multi-crown clump of this natural S. x rubra gulfensis x S. psittacina) hybrid, originally discovered in the same location as the green S. rubra gulfensis listed separately. You pay $12.65 for priority mail with tracking. U.S. only, please. Please PM...
  8. jlechtm

    Sarracenia rubra gulfensis f. luteoviridis - Sanguineous $30

    Opening bid: $10 Up for bid is a medium to large, multi-crown clump of this all-green form of the Gulf Coast or Schnell's Sweet Pitcher Plant. This is a very robust, fast growing and dividing hybrid. This is a division of the original plant discovered by Jim Bockowski. You pay $12.65 for...
  9. bloks1995

    Bloks1995 Growlist

    Sarracenia: S. flava S. flava var cuprea S. rubra S. rubra ssp. jonesii S. purpurea ssp. venosa Many assorted hybrids Dionaea: Typical Nepenthes: N. truncata N. bicalcarata N. ampullaria N. sanguinea N. x Ventrata N. x Miranda
  10. bloks1995

    S. rubra ssp jonesii seed SASE

    For those of you who missed out on the SASE a few weeks ago done by Sashoke, I am offering a second chance! I have 9 small seed packs (50-100+ seeds each) and two jumbo packs (several hundred) of S. jonesii seed; The seed is from the same batch as the other giveaway. you can enter for both...
  11. DJ57

    DJ57's Grow List

    Grow List as of 2017 – All growing outside year-round in the bog and in pots unless otherwise specified Sarracenia S. minor var okefenokeensis S. minor typical S. ‘Hummer’s Okee Classic’ - Thank you Warren S. "Red Minor" [S. minor x (purpurea x psittacina)] S. 'Saxapahaw' - Thank you Phil...
  12. R

    S. Rubra & S. purpurea up for trade!

    After splitting my rubras a couple months ago, I ended up with twelve plants! I've given some to friends but still have 6 extra I'm willing to give up. Last summer, they were making pitchers 5-7 inches tall. I also have 2 purpurea venosa's I'd like to trade. One purpurea is a baby with pitches...
  13. pappydew

    Jpappy's porch growing thread

    Jpappy's porch growing photo thread Got a bunch of new plants in today and ready to start my outdoor collection. All US natives and hybrids at the moment. Apologies if Sarracenia names are a bit incorrect, my taxonomic knowledge of the genus is a bit rough so this is how they were labeled from...
  14. sflynn

    Quick comparison between fertilized and non-fertilized Sarracenia rubra sbsp. rubra

    So about a year and a half ago I started Some S. rubra sbsp rubra from seed from the ICPS seed bank, and at about 6 months I fertilized 1 of the 2 pots with osmocote 14-14-14 four month Flower and Vegetable plant food. I placed 5 pellets evenly apart in the pot, about a centimeter deep in the...
  15. Joseph Clemens

    Reminiscenses of a Sarracenia grower

    In about 1968, when I was living in Westminster, California. I was an avid organic gardener, In the back yard, I had an organic vegetable garden, not very large (about 10' x 40'), but it contained a large variety of plants. I had two bee hives atop a grape arbor. I also kept a rooster in one...
  16. M

    Meadowview offerings, spring 2015

    Hi everyone, Meadowview's online catalogue is now updated for Spring 2015. Note the that the PDF version is still not up to date, and some pictures still aren't up, but these will be up in the next few days. We have several new offerings, including bulk venus flytraps, bulk mixed D. binata...
  17. sflynn

    Wild Sarracenia, Dews and other CP's in the Southeast

    Hello all, I have decided to post some pics of some wild CP's after being urged by some other member, hope you enjoy Also, most of these pics are taken with my cellphone, and it hates having it's pictures turned over to the internet, so a few of them aren't the highest quality, sorry about that...
  18. sss

    LED grow light testing (Lvjing High Power 120w Led Plant Grow Light Panel)

    Okay so everything finally arrived on Wednesday, after taking a day to set up everything I'm pretty much set up, just wanted to share the results with people here. Okay so anyway I bought the Lvjing High Power 120w Led Plant Grow Light Panel because of the lower price and the good reviews...
  19. M

    Meadowview December offerings

    Hi everyone, we are having a Winter Sale here at Meadowview with anywhere between 20% and 50% off select Sarracenia and all books (prices for members reduced as well! ) ! This sale will only last through the end of December, so take advantage. Also, S. oreophila is up for sale again, and part of...
  20. DJ57

    Last photo dump of my 2014 temperate season

    October pics taken before winter weather shut everything down. A week of overnight temps below freezing has sent all but the hardiest into hibernation. [/url]IMG_0887x1 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_0732x1 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_0794x1 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG]...