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  1. V

    Lonely adelae...

    Anyone out there have D. schizandra and D. prolifera with maybe a few extra leaves? My D. adelae looks a bit lonely, so I figured i'd build it it's own mini tank to hang out with it's friends in.
  2. S

    I am looking for the following plants.

    I am looking for the following plants. Darlingtonia californica Drosera intermedia Drosera x obvata Drosera nidiformis Drosera capensis red ANY erect tuberous drosera Drosera alicae Drosera spathulata Drosera filiformis red Drosera schizandra Pinguicula launea (sp?) Pinguicula moranensis...
  3. D

    Intro from wales

    Hi everyone, I registered with this forum some time ago, and browse here from time-to-time, and thought it was about time for me to "de-lurk" and join in the fun! My name is Adam, and I'm currently living in West Wales (Ceredigion is the county), in the UK. I've been interested in...
  4. larry

    Guess that Drosera

    Any guesses as to what this is? Its *supposed to be* a D. adelae.  But this guy doesn't have the pointy leaf like its siblings.  This is a baby plant, about an inch tall.  Do adelaes grow rounded leaves in the beginning?  Could this be a D. schizandra?
  5. I

    similarity in new zealand drosera?

    ive noticed that the babies of schizandra and adelae look very much alike(by baby i mean the little plants that popped out of the roots). wierd, cuz, in time..they all cjhange into the adult looking plants. any reason y?