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  1. thez_yo

    Some pics before winter hits.

    I can already tell some plants are hitting the slow decline to dormancy, and the rest will probably slow down soon too. Because everything is outside in natural light, or behind a window with the same, even the Neps stop pitchering for the season once the hours of daylight dips beneath their...
  2. D

    S. leucophylla Seeds

    I'm open to pretty much anything, I have a small collection so there is a lot im missing. I would prefer another Sarr, but am open to anything else.
  3. D

    S. leucophylla Seeds

    Alright everyone,give away time! I have a small pile of seeds, all collected within the last month. I know this is a more common plant but its all I have at the moment! Standard format, numbered list, winner chosen by RNG, SASE for winners. I'm not sure how many winners there will be, depends...
  4. SubRosa

    Self Fertility Question

    I recently acquired a small specimen of Anacampserous 'Sunrise' which had previously bloomed and had a ripe capsule from which I got several seeds. Obviously I'm going to plant them, but if anyone has any experience with this plant or genus I'd be grateful if you could share. Thanks!
  5. D

    Looking for Byblis liniflora seeds - No Longer Available

    Looking for Byblis liniflora seeds Hey y'all. I just rejoined terraforms after about 8 years doing school and whatnot. I managed to keep a good lot of my plants but I never managed to keep any viable B. liniflora seed. Would be much appreciated if I could purchase some off of anyone who has...
  6. plantsnfish

    Hello from Michigan!

    Hello, my name is Nick :) I live in Richmond, Michigan. I currently have a small indoor greenhouse rigged with lights and a homemade humidifier for Nepenthes and any other tropical cp's I find to like, along with a couple cacti. I have a few sarracenia/temperate sundews/VFT's that are going...
  7. Not a Number

    The Name Game - Part 1

    Drosera × beleziana or D. × belezeana or D. × eloisiana or ? In 1891 the 5th volume of Journal de botanique. contained the description and drawing by E.G. Camus of a plant he named Drosera x beleziana. He described the plant as a natural hybrid of D. intermedia and D. rotundifolia. The specimen...
  8. viking

    Ornamental bunny tail grass seeds (Lagurus ovatus)FREE

    I grew this plant for the first time this summer. Anyone that is interested in ornamental grass plants should try this one. It is very easy to grow from seeds. The tops are very soft and look like bunny tails. Hence the name. If you would like some free seeds just send me a PM and I will give...
  9. E

    In search of

    Well as the title suggests I'm kinda in the market to trade or buy some seeds and cuttings Cuttings of ; Nepenthes vetchii Nepenthes Attenboroughii Nepenthes lingulata Drosera schizandra ( in the spring figure I'll start my search now ) Seeds from ; Drosera regia Drosera derbyensis...
  10. DJ57

    Free sarracenia seed

    Hybrid sarracenia seed are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. I am clearing out my “seed vault” and up for grabs are sarracenia seed collected from my bog plants last year. These are either selfed or cross-pollinated with a different variety by nature (bumble...
  11. DJ57

    Sarracenia purpurea subsp purpurea seed SOLD

    Sarracenia purpurea subsp purpurea seed Sarracenia purpurea subsp purpurea seed collected from my plants Oct. 2015. Price is for one packet of 15 seeds and includes shipping in a padded envelope. If ordering more than one packet, each additional packet price is only $5 each. Please contact...
  12. DJ57

    Sarracenia rosea seed - No Longer Available

    Sarracenia rosea seed Sarracenia rosea seed collected from my plant Oct. 2015. Price is for one packet of 15 seeds and includes shipping in a padded envelope. If ordering more than one packet, each additional packet price is only $7 each. If you are interested in buying multiple packets...
  13. viking

    20 mimosa pudica seeds "The Sensitive Plant"

    I have 20 Mimosa Pudica seeds offered in a giveaway. This is a non-carniverous plant. It is however a very fun,easy, and interesting plant to grow. The leaves retract if they are touched. But then they recover to full in a short time. It has a beautiful pink flower that reminds me of a fiber...
  14. viking

    Good faith giveaway...$20

    I am a really new TF member still trying to learn how to navigate the forum and read the rules and regulations. Not a "thank you" member yet. I have entered a few giveaways. I don't want to be thought of as someone who just pops on to enter giveaways so I am starting one of my own today. I don't...