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  1. WellLogger412

    D. Capensis Giant form - Largest known

    Hey all, I'm on a mission to find this mythical 60cm D. Capensis strain. I have done some research, and saw that there are some strains that do get quite large, but I am still looking for the monster plants that I'm told are in existence. Information alone on where to find a verified strain is...
  2. WellLogger412

    WellLogger412's grow list (PetroleumJunkie412 on flytrapcare forums)

    Short list so far: Growing above ground - Nepenthes x Miranda Nepenthes x Suki Nepenthes Lowe's (BBP, labeled ventrata, 9/2017) Drosera: D. Binata x Marston Dragon D. Binata x Marston Dragon (red) D. Binata x Multifida Extrema D. Capensis alba D. Capensis D. Capensis giant (under testing)...
  3. kayaker78

    WTB: WTB: Pinguicula Seeds

    WTB: WTB: Pinguicula Seeds For those of you who have a lot of Pings and are good at crossing them, I'd love to be able to buy seeds. I'm looking to get some quick experience raising plants from seed and maybe even use plants for trading to build my collection later. Let me know your price and...
  4. N

    For Pokie22

    A huge thank you to Jennifer for your knowledge and expertise on how to coax ceph seeds to germinate. :hail: :hail: One has finally sprouted and 3 more are slowly behind it! Little bugger is so tiny I didn't even notice it when it first popped it's head up. Sorry for the lousy pic, the more I...
  5. A

    Amorphophallus konjac Bulbs

    I have 3 Amorphophallus konjac bulbs up for trade. One is a fatty, the other two are young, but growing. I got the big one a while ago from DragonsEye (so you know they are the real deal) and the small ones came off the fatty. They have not flowered for me yet, but the big one should flower...
  6. afrodisa

    Cupcake Carrier

    Last year I stumbled across these cupcake carriers at the $ store. I said to myself HMM!! those look like they would hold 9-3" round pots, so I bought 1 for a buck (big spender). Took it home, dug out my 3" pots and lo and behold the pots fit when I put the top on. Since I make my own labels...
  7. T

    Toms growlist

    CEPHALOTUS Typical x7 Typical (Charles Brewer) x2 Typical BE clone Typical 'dark' clone Hummers Giant x3 Hummers Giant JHG x2 Hummers Giant self poll SG Hummers Giant CZ clone Eden Black (Stephen Morley) Eden Black (Jeremiah Harris) Eden Black (Jörn) Triffid Albany Black Brewer's Red x2 Coal...
  8. NemJones

    Returned from Vacation with Rare/Unusual Seed (Martynia Annua)

    While being able to take a special vacation in the past week, I finally find a seed pod that I have been hunting for a good number of years. (Im aware that you can find them for sale online occasionally, but I was just shocked to finally see it in person.) I read about them many years back...
  9. ArcanaCapra

    Success with unusual media for drosera

    Hello everyone. After looking online for quite a while, I found some growers tried using coconut husk chips along with sphagnum moss as a media for Droseras, but never found any results. Well, here I am to say what are MY results using a soil composed of 4/10 coco chips, and 6/10 long fiber...
  10. Dexenthes

    Drosera anglica seeds for trade

    Hey folks. I just harvested this season's D. anglica seeds from my bog garden. I have a number of ripe looking seed pods that are starting to leak seeds. I'd love to trade them all in bulk or bit by bit depending on what you have to offer. These are temperate plants from the southeast...
  11. I

    Able to buy Drosera seeds from outside the US without any permits?

    I was offered some Drosera seeds from overseas and was wondering if I needed any permits? The seller is saying I don't need due to them not being on the CITES, but I just wanted to make sure I was following all the rules. Thanks!
  12. Shadowtski

    Drosera Hybridization, My First Attempt

    I attempted to hybridize Drosera capensis "Typical" and Drosera aliciae this morning. This is my first effort at creating a hybrid. I waited until flowers from both plants were wide open. Then I took some tiny cuticle scissors and cut off one of the anthers from the D. aliciae flower. The...
  13. jeff 2

    dorstenia hildebrandtii - dorstenia brownii

    Bonjour swap seeds from these 2 dorstenia jeff
  14. K

    WTB: Drosera Hilaris

    WTB: Drosera Hilaris Looking to aquire a Drosera hilaris, either a plant, seeds or even leaf cuttings. I'm willing to buy or trade, I don't have a grow list up but have a well rounded collection of sundews, Nepenthes, Pinguicula, Heliamphora, and cephalotus. List Date: 8/4/2016 For more...
  15. ArcanaCapra

    Drosera, Dionaea Seeds wanted

    I am looking for the following seeds: Dionaea muscipula typical Drosera Burmannii (any variation besides hong kong, humpty doo, green) Drosera Binata (any variation) Actually, most easy/moderately easy to grow from seed plants are very welcome. I dont have much to offer, but I expect you guys...
  16. ArcanaCapra

    ArcanaCapra 's Grow List

    Just registering my little collection Nepenthes: N. Graciliflora Dionaea: Typical Drosera: D. Spatulata * D. Intermedia * D. Madagascariensis * D. Capensis 'alba' * D. Burmannii D. Burmannii 'Hong Kong' Seeds wish list: Drosera: D. Burmannii (of any variation I dont have) D. Binata...
  17. ArcanaCapra

    A Brazilian guy who is new to the forum

    Well, hello everyone. I am a relatively new grower from Brazil, I have been growing sundews (and only sundews, but I'm looking forward to expand my collection!) for 8 months now. I actually found this forum when I was looking for places to trade seeds, as my collection has not expanded in a...
  18. K

    First Spatulata Flower! kinda

    WELL its been a few weeks since i've had my Spatulata, it came to me with a slow growing flower stalk which i cut. maybe a week later another grew, which i cut, trying to leave its energy for getting used to its new home😄 BUT, 2-3 weeks later, the beginning of a new stalk! should i allow it to...
  19. kjnorris918

    D. Burmannii

    I have more d. Burmannii seeds than I need. Looking to trade for types I don't have. :) Please check my grow list. Thank you. Sent from my LGLS770 using Tapatalk
  20. J


    Hello everyone, I planted drosera seeds the 23rd of last month and this is what it looks like, can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong. I live in Puerto Rico Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk