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  1. Dexenthes

    Some Photography

    Sorry if this is sort of bloggish of me, but I was digging through my photos and I thought I'd share some of the ones that caught my eye. I'm beginning to realize that I really do like photography. :) But I'm also guilty of taking driving pictures. :p Not a good idea I know... Sunrise...
  2. TENroaches

    Use Snow to Water Darlingtonia?

    I see some talk about using ice cubes made of rain or distilled or RO water to keep the roots cool on Darlingtonia. I'd been watering with ~45 degree water when I looked outside and realize I have tons of snow. I melted some and it's 17-20 ppm TDS. I just got this Darlingtonia from Lowe's, so...
  3. J

    My CP's/set-ups/ greenhouse

    I'm glad i had time today to write this long thread, and also to explore more the buttons of terraforums LOL! so here it is: This photos are the things of everything i have available for my CP's, the photos are the daily things i use. First, i store my rain water in 3 places: 1) the box with...
  4. thez_yo

    Free Pygmy Drosera Gemmae

    To the first person who lives in the US and replies here and PM's me their address, I will send all the gemmae I currently have. I will probably label them into two bags: "scorpioides" and "other", but if I'm in a particularly good mood, I'll label and maybe split up the "other" bag into things...
  5. V

    Saved myself $2!

    Living in Missouri, I got about 4 inches of snow today. I also happened to conveniently run out of distilled water today. As I was about to walk down the block to our local grocery, I realized there was plenty of what I needed outside! So I grabbed a large plastic container, scooped off the...
  6. swords

    Terrarium Tour

    I got a request to post another little tour so I took some shots today since I won't be leaving the house with 12" + of snow and the roads all closed. This isn't everything just a peek at some of the bigger setups. Here's the main Geosesarma sp. Red Vampire Crab jungle it's a 40 gallon tank...
  7. ILoveMyPlants

    everyone got to see this

    lmao the great news today reports a women who phoned the police this is how the convo went. (Women phoning police) hi i just went outside for a ciggerett and hes gone (Police) who is gone (women phoning police) answers my snow man i dont know why you would phone the police about this its...
  8. ILoveMyPlants

    A Real shock for weather in november

    well the title saus it all really i am in the south but to the north of my country was a shock shocking -17c yesterday this is not good for november and the snow is starting to fall im sure this has brought a great worry on for peoples plants winter has only just began and im still dreading the...
  9. swords

    First snow 2010

    I woke up with the cats running all over the house howling, then I looked outside: I'm amazed we got this far before the first snow.
  10. sarracenia21

    Nep under a tree

    Can a nep live outside? I am planning to stick a ventricosa or sanguinea under a tree, in a pot of course, and letting it live there. I live in Stockton California, where the temps zoom up to 103 degrees in the summer, and winter is nice with not that much rain. no snow ever. Night temps in...
  11. Indiana Gardener

    Habenaria radiata - Egret Orchid

    This is my first success with any kind of orchid. I've been wanting this one for about 5 years. I just got a couple this past Christmas. Thanks to some expert advice from the grower, The Wild Orchid Company, I have blooms! :) H. radiata has too many common names to keep up with. It's called...
  12. pappydew

    Mini bog for zone 5

    I'm thinking of getting a mini bog setup with some temperate species since I have a S. purpurea currently residing in a terrarium already. So I plan on moving that in there as well as some North American dews. So far it seems as if rotundifolia and filiformis are good candidates and I've seen...
  13. trek623

    carnivorous plants in the arctic

    i recently arrived back in the states after studying abroad for one semester above the arctic circle in bodø, norway. in late may, once the snow started melting and the plants started coming up, i was pleasantly surprised to see carnivorous plants popping up along with the other plants. most of...
  14. BurntSnow

    Growlist of Snow That Has Been Burned (BurntSnow)

    Italics: plant's I'm getting or plan to get really soon; will get soon Growing Since January 7, 2010 :jester: Cephalotus C. Follicularis/Typical Dionaea Typical VFT Mature VFT Clump Drosera D. Adelae D. Burmannii D. Capensis x2 D. Intermedia D. Roseana D. Rotundifolia D. Venusta Unknown Species...
  15. CPsam

    capensis are unstoppable

    Just wanted to share a quick story regarding how vigorous and hardy capensis are. I live in Oregon and was growing some cape sundews in a bog garden last summer. I removed them when winter came and brought them inside. This spring I was looking at the bog they came from and was surprised to see...
  16. jimscott

    Dead Bugs & Hamburger

    I was asking a Home Depot co-worker from the garden department if there were any, besides a botanist, others that knew anything about plants, as opposed to lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc... I was told that there is a new hire that does. So I found the new hire and asked her if she knew anything...
  17. jack

    D. capensis "red"really wanted to live

    with all my carnivorouse plants taken from me after an ugly seperation I found allmost all my plants dead when I was given them back. My terrarium of tropical Drosera was left outside (my wifes new boyfriend didnt want then in "my" his bedroom) and so was trown outside and had to make it through...
  18. S

    My Trip To British Columbia

    I'm currently in Tofino, BC, on day 9 of an 11-day excursion to British Columbia. Managed to see a lot more CP's than I thought I would. Day 1 of the trip was in Seattle and I visited a certain place that grows and sells carnivorous plants. Saw a lot of cool plants there and bought a few. I...
  19. S

    dang weather

    left my plants outside while i'm in british columbia for 11 days. i see the forecast is calling for 1-2 inches of snow friday night, with a temp of 33, and down to 31 the next night. be interesting to see what the few dozen Sarracenia flower buds look like when i get back next Sat.
  20. Kinabalufan

    Two Drosera in habitat videos

    At the end of last month I visited some Fiordland mountains in the South Island, New Zealand and made 2 short videos of the sundews growing there and the environment in which they grow. Hope you enjoy. Its autumn here and as of two days ago the plants will probably have had there first snow. Im...