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  1. D

    Newest Pitcher to Hatch

    It was snowing here pretty good earlier today and the ground was white with it. But then the sun came out this afternoon and melted most of the snow, so I decided to take a pic of the latest pitcher to open on my N. x 'Lady Pauline'. I placed a large calibre brown chicken egg(we were fresh...
  2. rattler

    i think i have created a monster....

    busted back and a darn cold winter have kept me from exercising my german shorthair real hard for some months.....have had him play fetch on the stairs every day and he likes that and i figured the stairs helped add some exertion while trying to exercise inside the house.....and he has stayed...
  3. ellisonk001

    How long should shade cloth last?

    I built a shade house about 16-18 months ago: About six months ago I started to notice white spots on my plants. I feared the worst and thought I had some type of pest, but closer inspection revealed that it was small pieces of the shade cloth. Unfortunately, it has begun to deteriorate...
  4. jimscott


    Where do they come from and how do you get rid of them? Every once in awhile, like when I repot a plant. I see a worm scurrying away to hide. They're indoor plants and I use mostly dried LFS, along with distilled or rain or snow water.
  5. Wesley

    Is spring REALLY coming??

    Ok so for you people way down south (ie the tropics :-P ) this probably doesn't apply cause youre already wearing shorts and a short sleeve. However, it seems the rest of this wonderful country called the US of A is suffering the side effects of what climatologists call global warming. We're...
  6. Ozzy

    Cp's in the Snow

    There was a rare snow storm that hit here last weekend. I took the opportunity to get some pics of cp's in the snow. I hope you enjoy. I love this pic for some reason. More to come. ---------- Post added at 08:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:37 PM ----------
  7. CN

    Light Bill For The last Month

    OK I asked Tami About our light bill for last Month from the 23rd of Dec to the 23rd of January . she paid our late bill which was $114.56 if you remember we here in Kansas got our snow storm Dec 24th an we had our lows an some highs in the Teens an below zero. So our bill from Dec 23rd to Jan...
  8. *Barracuda_45*

    MNACDT Has Moved To Harrietta MI. CUDA Is Still Kickin!!

    Ooops just now notice the heading wasnt spelled right. Hey all wow been along time since i been here, well we have sold our home and moved to Harrietta MI. and are completely surrounded by state land with no flippin neighbors to bother us anymore, we have a HUGE house and lots property, good...
  9. BuddhistAdam

    Coming home!!!

    FINALLY!! After 6 months of being in the Middle East i get to leave for home in a few days!! I'm actually kinda scared because to be honest I've become kinda institutionalized. I know I'm gonna be scared to go to the mall or any store without large open spaces. The road will make me nervous...
  10. Wolfn

    Looks like Florida might be receiving snow this weekend

    So, lots of people here in Florida keep saying that we will get snow this weekend for the first time in decades. Question: I have a small cold-frame greenhouse on my patio with some Nepenthes (Khanasi, Ventricosa, and Singalana), Mexican pinguicula, Brocchinia Reducta, and Drosera Adelae...
  11. back2eight

    Record Low Temps

    I'm in Mississippi, and occasionally we see temps below freezing, but this year it has been colder than I remember it in a long time. We've already had snow, which happens only once every few years, and we are supposed to have some more this week. We are having lows in the low teens with highs...
  12. N

    Now for the snow question...

    I'm in zone 8 Now I read that it's bad that a flyftrap sits under snow ... & yet I been told it's ok to keep my flytraps outside I have this season put 1 out to test and the rest out side but undercover Advise welcome. Noddy
  13. CN

    Looks Like It's Gonna Be a LONG NIGHT

    Well it looks l;ike I will be up all night tonight . I have already swept 6 inches of blowing snow off the top of the GH In the Placement of my GH i did not take in to consideration of the blowing snow off the roof of the house . Thanks for looking Daren
  14. MrFlyTrap2

    Truck Question

    Hey I need truck advice. I'm thinking of getting this truck. http://www.foxxmotorsports.com/vehicledetails.aspx?VID=107417492 For 3K do you guys think it's a deal? It's in my price range and its what I need... but I've never bought something from these little dealers before. (not that the...
  15. uphwiz

    snow va.

    anyone out there in va. man the snow is pouring it on at least an inch an hour now cleaned the greenhouse twice and going again,:crazy:
  16. uphwiz

    pounds of snow per inch

    how much snow do you think this green house can hold before i knock it off 2 inches right now . .
  17. N

    Advise on Sundews please...

    I bought a Sundew, it's history now... However I thought about keeping one again... I see they can take a drop to 5c and no hotter than 85F I am still unsure why my orginal one died... How does the dormancy work do they need one? Being in Zone 8 I am currently TEST the WATER with VFT in...
  18. Lil Stinkpot

    Gonna be C-O-L-D tonight.

    Hard freeze forecast, for sure. Heck, we have snow almost to the ground here in San Jose! :0o: I just spent the last hour bringing all the cacti into the GH (I lost some that way last year, so I wanted to be SURE), and bringing the lowlanders into the house, *just* in case my back-up heater...
  19. losfreddy

    Snow in Texas, Snowing. Texas winter wonderland

    Texas Winter wonderland. Snow inTexas!!! Houston! even at Brazoria (galveston bassically). It was awesome. lots of snow men everywhere http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC8gc8TA890
  20. back2eight

    SNOW in Mississippi

    well, thats my sars buried under the snow We don't get a lot of practice building snowmen here