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  1. Mercfh

    Any harm in going 100% LFS (Maybe some live) for These Sundews:

    Im moving to a terrarium setup here in the next week because quite frankly my humidity inside my house is absolutely terrible. Probably something akin to a 20 gallon (Since I only have a 2 foot long light). (BTW Any tips on how high the light should be in a terrarium? right now they are about 8...
  2. curtisconners

    Boiling spagnum?

    Good morning, terraforums. I am planning to re-pot one of my vft's soon and was planning to use some lfs that I've had sitting around. I heard that it's best to boil spagnum before using it with CP's to remove any minerals. Is there any truth to this?
  3. curtisconners

    Spraying Nepenthes

    Hello, I have nepenthes alata that I have been spraying every day with distilled water. Is this beneficial? Would it be better to just add live spagnum to the pot? What about a combination of the two? Would this also benefit a maxima? Which I plan on getting soon.
  4. curtisconners

    Venus fly trap soil.

    I have some venus fly traps that I would like to re-pot this spring. Is spring the best time or summer to re-pot? What is the best mix? They are currently living in pure spagnum. They seem to be thriving in it. Is this optimal? I have one that is in a carnivorous soil mix that it came in. It is...
  5. T

    bug invading new nepenthes talangensis x burbidgeae

    newbie here.guys will live spagnum moss avoid pests from my nepenthes and how long does it take for a pitcher to inflate pictures will be given if needed.
  6. orlenz

    VFT Trades

    I have some VFT's that I would like to trade for other plants, my plants are healthy and grown in Styrofoam cups in a 50/50 mix of spagnum peat/ sand, in full sun in Southern California, these are all divisions. I have B 52, Cross Teeth, Big Mouth, Crested Petioles, Dentate, Typical...
  7. P

    Carnivorous Paludarium HELP!

    Hello everyone, I feel it would be appropriate to firstly introduce myself before I explain my reasons behind joining this forum. My name is Alex from Yorkshire in the UK and although not new to keeping carnivorous plants, I am new to actually keeping them alive! I recently rekindled my love...
  8. W

    My first ever terrarium build!

    Hi all. I'm brand new here, and yesterday I started the build on my first ever terrarium. Since I only had one pair of hands, it was a little difficult to put the whole thing together last night, so I just finished with the last panel a couple of minutes ago. I'm only planning on growing some...
  9. D

    Mold question ~ Cause solved, Elimination of mold itself sought!

    Hello! Fairly new to the forums, asking all sorts of questions all over the place for my new 3 plants, but I really want to get everything right and not have a graveyard on my hands! I just finished setting up a new terrarium, got brand new lights, and figured out how to keep the darn thing at...
  10. K

    Nepenthes living but not making much progress

    I have 4 Nepenthes that I started outside in the shade over the summer. I have slowly moved them to a bit more sun. They are about 3 months old now. Only one is slowly adding new growth. Someone on another forum advised me to repot them in pure long-stem spagnum moss. Right now they are in...
  11. L

    A few questions about different setups...

    Alright, so the project I'm looking to tackle is that of three small tanks to turn into plant-only terrariums of different kinds. They're all slightly different sizes, but they're all around the 2 gallon mark and all still more or less watertight. I'd quite like to do one of each type to start...
  12. Goodkoalie

    Is it legal to collect plants from your property?

    I was just wondering becuase my grandparents own probuially 20-30 acers in virgina and they told me they had a few spagnum bogs there. I was thinking there might be cps their and was wondering if i could legally take a few?
  13. E

    Cultivation tips for different Utricularia sp.

    Hi all and sorry for the long post! I just figured it would be better to ask 1 big question and introduce myself at the same time than flooding the forum with 23 identical questions :) I hope you can bare with me! See I've got a big problem. Until recently I was happily...
  14. P

    red dragon vft

    Hi, A question about my red dragon vft. I have had it about a year and a half. It sits on a windowsill, and has done pretty well so far. It has dark red color. Lately, the traps have been staying closed, and some leaves are dying off. New leaves are forming, slowly. The windowsill is not...
  15. Ozzy

    One zip lock bag full of Green Spagnum Moss The Griffin $13

    One gallon zip lock bag full of Green Spagnum Moss. US only Starting bid $2 Shipping is $6. I'll pay shipping if winner makes a $6 donation to Nasc paid with your auction.
  16. Timmy

    Dwarf Sphagnum Moss

    I have alot of it, it looks pretty close to spagnum, and for sure, wont choke out your plants. each one wont come bare root, but will have some soil around it. they all survive chicago dormancy, too. The pieces are 2 - 4 inches across by 2 inches wide, and a half inch thick So 4 inch piece 3...
  17. N

    where to purchase

    does anyone know where i can buy high quality spagnum. anything besides that lowes crap.
  18. N

    new nep help

    so i have a few species indoors at the moments(still pretty cold outside)they arent neps....though thats what im asking about. Nj's summer get around 95 tops and low 80's ussally. Can i keep neps outside. I really only has access to (partial sun) I have several trees blocking the first 4 good...
  19. CPlantaholic

    My first Mature Cephalotus Pitchers!

    Hey everyone, My Cephalotus finally sent out its first mature pitchers last month and I finally have time to upload them now. Details: It has taken a little less than 2 years now from a leaf cutting I received (that had a small bud on it). This poor thing has suffered so much abuse- I...
  20. Xeno

    VFT place good?

    Hi since many have talked about the sun is the best light source for the vfts im testing a little minibog on my balcony.. The mosses is all spagnum, would this be a good place to plant my vfts in ? its alot off sun there and always little moisty.. plz give some feedback before i start plant them...