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  1. ps3isawesome

    How do i transition a terrarium pitcher to being outside?

    Honestly, when I first got this pitcher, it sat outdoors for 3 months perfectly fine and was making pitchers. I prob should've just let it be without throwing it in a terrarium. This plant is growing super fast and I want to take it out without killing it. How do i do this? This is a...
  2. Cthulhu138

    Seed Grown Nepenthes spectabilis Giveaway/Contest

    I've got a nice little Seed Grown Nepenthes spectabilis - Dairi Regency plant to give away. To make it interesting, the winner will be the person who can find and post the strangest, most bizarre NON-PLANT RELATED ITEM to be found on ebay. Enter as many times as you'd like and good luck ! Can't...
  3. J

    nepenthes (spectabilis x ventricosa) x aristolochioides

    Hello everyone did anyone else get one of these I'm hoping to see. Soe pictures of its pictures
  4. Cindy

    Just some random Nep pics

    I was using the DSLR on the Byblis so took some pics of the Nep pitchers as well. Disclaimer: The cool-growing plants are quite new so some of the pitchers came with the shipment...not that I can grow intermediate/highland Neps so well here in HOT Singapore. :cool: N. spectabilis x hamata...
  5. Whimgrinder

    Fresh Nepenthes hybrid seeds.

    I am giving away two - possibly three pods of seeds collected yesterday of my cross of N. Helen X N. spectabilis. Nepenthes Helen is a Borneo Exotics single select clone from their cross of N. spathulata X N. spectabilis "giant". The N. spectabilis is a seed-grown plant that came from Leilani...
  6. Whimgrinder

    Unique Nepenthes tenuis hybrid! - NatchGreyes $44

    Available for the auction is one of only 14 seedlings that resulted from a 2012 cross of my N. (ventricosa X spectabilis) X Nepenthes tenuis. This plant is about 4.5" across now and starting to produce its first pitchers displaying more mature characteristics. Bidding starts at $5 This is the...
  7. Whimgrinder

    Nepenthes seed lot - Dave S. $25

    I am offering 2 seed pods of a home-made Nepenthes cross harvested today: Nepenthes Helen (single clone of N. spathulata X spectabilis "giant") X Nepenthes vogelii. Here are the two parents used to make the cross: Bidding starts at $3.00 please. I will cover the mailing cost.
  8. charlie

    LF Nepenthes jamban seedling

    I don't want to buy one, but if anyone has an extra seedling I would LOVE to trade. Here's what I have for trade: N. gracilima /alba - good size and outgrowing my three inch pot for it N. (lowii x spectabilis) x talengensis - rooted cuttings. when they make pitcher they look like this...
  9. tje25

    Travis' Nepenthes

    Hello everyone, welcome to my new thread! I have put together a new setup and have pretty much automated the temperature and humidity settings. The lights are on a 16 on 8 off schedule Temperature is set to 72F day, 52F night. However the top shelf stays 5F-8F warmer when the lights are on...
  10. Eric

    N. spectabilis "giant" x ventricosa

    This may be a longshot, but I have a large N spectabilis "giant" x ventricosa that is near flowering size and looks to be close to the vining stage, and I am interested in a N. hamata. I have had the plant for a little over a year starting off from a small cutting. It consistently produces...
  11. R

    Nepenthes at the Orchid Show (POE in San Francisco)

    Possibly this comes close to violating prohibitions on mentioning vendors, but I'll do it anyway. If it crosses a line it should be deleted. It seems sad that people in the SF Bay Area might be unaware of a local event which is a great opportunity to buy Nepenthes--simply because it is in...
  12. D_muscipula

    D_muscipula's Growlist INCOMPLETE

    Drosera species Drosera aliciae Drosera binata Drosera capensis Drosera filliformis ssp. tracyi Drosera graomogolensis Drosera scorpiodes Drosera hybrids Drosera "Andromeda" - (schizandra x prolifera) Nepenthes species Nepenthes graciliflora - Formerly Nepenthes alata 'Boschiana Mimic'...
  13. NemJones

    Nepenthes Hybrid Help

    So in the past few months, this plant has frozen all growth. All the pitchers stopped growing, and it didnt move. THen, three Leaves with developing pitchers shot out of the growth point at once. these 3 have continued growing and are producing massive pitchers. See below. The new developing...
  14. charlie

    LF U. biloba

    I am wondering if anybody even has this plant. If I could trade for a division that would be awesome. Here's a couple plants I have for trade (not all lol) Assorted vft cuttings (including D. muscipula 'green dragon', D. muscipula 'low giant', & D. muscipula 'ginormous') all of them are small...
  15. ps3isawesome

    Nepenthes maxima x spectabilis fed with ants

    So they were outside and ants invaded them. Needless to say the ants all died. After I moved it inside it produced 2 new pitchers and this one is SO MUCH BIGGER Feeding makes a huge difference
  16. Ngantnier

    The rack.

    Here's my grow rack. Temps stay around 75 during the day and 55 at night, with 40 and 70% humidity respectively. Lit by an 8 tube 4 foot t5 HO system with 4 roseate and 4 6500k bulbs, a 4 tube 2ft T5HO with a 50/50 mix of 2700k and 6500k bulbs and 3 10w 3500k LED floodlights. Plants get 15-65k...
  17. Zachf92

    Zachf92's Grow List

    Sarracenia flava var. maxima flava var. ornata flava var. rubricorpora alata 'Heavy Veins' alabamensis wherryi minor minor var. okefenokeensis 'Ware Co. Clone C' rubra rubra gulfensis 'Anthocyanin-Free' purpurea venosa purpurea venosa var. montana leucophylla 'AJ01' leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek...
  18. K

    Some of my plants

    I thought I'd share a couple of my plants.. Nepenthes Ventricosa x Spectabilis <a href="http://s740.photobucket.com/user/kendrickalejandre/media/my%20plants/D3F6B74A-0DD8-4703-947A-D2695D1BBFE6_zpsccvyxfzn.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img...
  19. Eric

    Nepenthes Giveaway

    I have a Nepenthes spectabilis "giant" x ventricosa that is producing a basal offshoot. Next Friday I will draw a random number and send out the unrooted cutting with a heat pack to the winner. I ask that anyone entering is an active member on this forum and posts a giveaway of their choice in...
  20. Eric

    Eric's photos

    Figure I should upload some of my photos. N. Gothica P. moranensis N. spectabilis giant x ventricosa What I think is D. indica N burkei x hamata B52 P. cyclosecta Woke up to this one morning S. purpurea montana x Leah Wilkerson