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  1. H

    Spiranthes cernua turning yellow

    A few weeks ago I picked up a Spiranthes cernua from the botanical garden and placed it in a distilled water filled tray beside my bog garden. Today I noticed that most of the leaves are have turned yellow. <a data-flickr-embed="true"...
  2. Cthulhu138

    NECPS Bog Rebuild

    The NECPS finally decided to take some action on our very overgrown bog at the Roger Williams Botanical Center in Providence RI. Here is the bog before the demo. It was extremely overgrown with grasses, sedges, ferns, oxalis and many other various weeds. Plants had just been stuck in there...
  3. PitcherPlantr

    Mackinac and Emmet County, Michigan

    Last year I took a trip to the northern portion of Michigan and the southern portion of Upper Peninsula. On the trip I encountered various carnivorous plants and orchids. Emmet County (Day 1): The first site was quite unique compared to similar sites I have been to. All of these plants...
  4. SubRosa

    Spiranthes sinensis, Or How I Learned To Hate Caterpillars

    Three days ago the plant in the pic had an almost 2" spike full of fat little buds getting ready to do their thing. That evening I found a caterpillar on the plant, and a single uneaten bud. Here it is:
  5. PitcherPlantr

    PitcherPlantr's Grow List

    Dionaea Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula 'Dentate Traps' Drosera Drosera aliciae Drosera capensis Drosera capensis 'Albino' Drosera dielsiana Drosera venusta Drosera sp. “Lantau Island Hybrid” Pinguicula Pinguicula agnata 'True Blue' Pinguicula esseriana Pinguicula moctezumae Pinguicula...
  6. Dragoness

    Dragoness' Grow List

    Carnivorous: D. filiformis D. muscipula (normal) N. bicalcarata (Brunei orange) N. bicalcarata (Sarawak Giant) N. ampullaria (Brunei spotted) N. mirabilis (Red Globosa Viking) N. ventricosa N. rafflesiana (seedlings) N. truncata N. hookeriana S. flava S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' S...
  7. Cthulhu138

    Florida Trip 2014 - The Other Plants

    Some bromeliads from my uncles yard in Orlando: Some Vandas he had hanging from a palm: A Coreopsis or something similar growing on the side of the road in the Glades: Tillandsias in the Glades: More Glades pics: A Savannah habitat where I found the Pinguicula and...
  8. Cthulhu138

    Spiranthes cernua - Ladies Tress Orchid - 1 Small Semi Dormant Plant (chibae $15)

    Up for bid is 1 small Spranthes cernua. This is a temperate orchid species hardy to at least zone 4. Fall bloomer, spreads very well. Grow exactly like Sarracenia. Pic is of a plant in full bloom in autumn not necessarily the plant you will receive. Bidding starts at $1.00. Winner pays $6.00 for...
  9. B

    Boggrower12's Growlist

    Dionaea Typical Sarracenia alata Black Tube (Bednar) alata light vein (MK A54) alata Maroon Throat (Cooks) alata nigrapurpurea (Cooks) alata 'Red Hood' (Bednar) alata Typical (CPN) alata var. viridescens Washington Co. Alabama (Wang) alata white flower (MK A8) flava atropurpurea...
  10. SubRosa

    Spiranthes cernua "odorata" Fragrant Lady's Tresses Orchid

    Hi! I picked up a pot of these the other day and I didn't like the stones it was growing in so I repotted it into some peat mix. In the process a small division broke off. It has two leaves and a very nice tuber. Looking to trade it for a small Rose Pogonia, Grass Pink, or another temperate bog...
  11. astateen

    Astateen's photothread

    Last year I posted pictures of the wet area at my house where several carnivorous plants grow. I have since done much to clear invading shrubs and exotic grasses. Here is a photo from January. The plants have died back completely for the winter and I cleared much of the invading overgrowth...
  12. SubRosa

    48" Hagen Glo T5 Reflectors

    Hi! I have available a bunch of 48" Hagen Glo T5 reflectors. These will clip directly on to any T5 bulb, such as in a shoplight style fixture, and greatly increase the amount of light getting to your plants. I currently only grow outdoors, so I'm looking for any temperate CPs and associated bog...
  13. SubRosa

    Looking For Temperate Bog Orchids

    Hi! I'm a newcomer to bog gardens and CPs,and a new member here who's looking for Orchids I can grow outdoors year round in my half barrel bog gardens. I'm zone 6b/7a, but the barrels are in a really sweet microclimate, SSW exposure tucked into the inside corner of my blacktop driveway and my...
  14. astateen

    Astateen's Growlist

    I mainly grow native plants, from Florida and Georgia, and carnivores. If anyone is interested in native plants and their ecosystems of Florida, check out Priceless Florida, printed by the Pineapple Press. The book really gave me a new perspective on the really unique and dynamic ecosystems of...
  15. Heli

    HeliLovers grow List :D

    On the hunt for Nepenthes edwardsiana, if you have any for trade please let me know I am always interested in trades, hit me up with an offer I have currently: Fly trap D. "B52" Sarracenia: S. flava S. flava "Coppertop" S. alata x rubra S. leucophylla S. minor S. oreophila ~sg~ S. purpurea S...
  16. Brie

    Brie's Grow/Want List

    Sarracenia - Some photos not mine, but used with permission from the person whom the plants originated S. 'Adrian Slack' S. 'Leah Wilkerson' S. "Blood Moon" S. 'Judith Hindle' S. 'Scarlet Belle' S. 'Dana's Delight' S. 'June Bug' S. 'Dixie Lace' S. 'Tripe Rarity' S. 'Hank' S. "Appalachian...
  17. Cthulhu138

    Temperate orchids

    Does anyone here grow temperate orchids such as Cypripedium, Platanthera, Calypso etc... ? Here's what I currently grow: Aplectrum hymale - Adam & Eve Puttyroot Bletilla striata: Chinese Ground Orchid "Big Bob" Alba Calopogon tuberosus - Grass Pink Orchid: Pink Alba - White Form...