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  1. M

    What about me?

    About three months ago I bought a Nep at my local lowe's. It looked the same as the rest in their little terrariums. But I recently looked at it and the pitchers had all died off and the leaves were papery and shriveling up. I don't think this little nep is going to survive but before it dies I...
  2. C

    N. rafflesiana

    I have N. rafflesiana " squat red" and it grows really slow. The conditions are: 75-90 percent humidity and 75-80 degrees during the day, and 75-70 during the night. It produced one pitcher, but the pitcher never inflated, stayed extremely small, and the lid opened before the pitcher was even...
  3. G

    My christmas list

    Hopefuly, this Christmas I'll be getting plants from Exotica Plants in Australia. Posting there name isn't a bad thing, right. Imean, not many people would order from them because they're so far away, and ordering is so complicated. Anyway, I plan on getting; albomarginata red gracilis black...
  4. swords

    Sold as a Nx "Coccinea" but what is it really?

    Today I just felt like stopping by the general garden center and they had some large nepenthes marked as Nepenthes x "Coccinea" but I have my doubts cos the other coccinea I have has squat pitchers with wide bottoms and paper thin leaves (but is not deep lipstick red like the ones I've seen in...
  5. fatboy

    Read this and weep

    Hi all Just got back from a 2 week holiday to Australia, I hadn't been back for almost 2 years. I did a bit of CP'ing and saw plenty of climbing, tuberous and pygmy Drosera. In some places the tuberous and pygmies were so numerous it was impossible to avoid stepping on them, they were...
  6. F

    Low growing Nepenthes

    I have a rather small terraruim with a few plants in it. The problem I am having is that my Neps. are getting to tall for it. Is there anyway I can make them grow shorter? Also what Neps. are natural squat growers?