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  1. K

    Care for Mexican butterwort

    I currently have two Mexican butterworts gigantea and red leaf or flower I was wondering what condition they thrive in my gigantea seems to be lacking. Growth and declining and my red leaf seems to be in succulent phase leaves are all clump together life a rosette ...
  2. R

    Unknown pinguicula, suspect esseriana?

    Link here: Pinguicula identification opportunity - Album on Imgur I have pictures of both it's carnivorous and succulent state with a flower that just opened.
  3. Mercfh

    Forcing Dormancy/Photoperiod? (Plus some general Dormancy questions)

    So i have to say, there is a lot of conflicting information on Ping dormancy. I've been doing a lot of reading and i've seen everything from "They can survive not going through dormancy" to "Let the PLANTS choose when to do dormancy" to "Change your light/temp/etc... to induce it" For reference...
  4. S

    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    So I thought I'd start a thread of my recently started and still growing Pinguicula collection. It's modest for now but I could see it getting out of hand since I like them so much. There are pictures I took previously of these butterworts over on my introduction to Terraforums thread if you'd...
  5. robbevanrie

    Pinguicula laueana dormancy?

    Hey guys, 3 months ago I bought this P. Laueana and since then it has been producing smaller and smaller leaves. I have kept it in the window where it got plenty of sun most of the time and the soil has been kept moist with the tray method. Also I live in the netherlands, so spring is just...
  6. carolatcj

    Euphorbia Trigona Rubra Rooted plant 4 stalks 18" (no bids)

    Euphorbia Trigona Rubra 4 stalks 18" (please note, sap from most euphorbias is caustic to the skin, so if you ever decide to take cuttings, do it with caution) Euphorbias are succulent plants, but require more water than most succulents. Well rooted plant started from my mother plant Plant will...
  7. cwatson1414

    LF: Hoya plants and cuttings

    Hey tf. I've recently gotten interested in hoya, and I'm looking to trade for a few to get a feel for them. I have pinguicula to trade, leaf pulls or small struck pulls mostly. A few other thing though. LF: Hoya rooted starts or cuttings (not h. carnosa.) What I have to trade: P. 'Titan' small...
  8. M

    What's this cute buddy's name ?

    Hi everyone, Lately I received this little succulent from a friend. I love it ! But the thing is, I don't know what it is, and I would like to. Could you please help me to identify it ? Thanks a lot : )
  9. h.the.cvt

    Phalenopsis question.

    I've had my phalenopsis for around 2 years. It was blooming when I purchased it, and hasn't bloomed since. For the first 1.5 years, I had it in succulent soil. Then someone at a plant store told me it needed to be in a pot with side holes and bark medium. So I did that. But I feel like it's...
  10. cwatson1414

    Pinguicula esseriana disease /damage

    Hey TF. I think this Pinguicula esseriana is suffering from crown rot or BHD. I am leaning towards crown rot, because some of the leaves are showing necrosis at the leaf tips rather than it coming from the base. The plant is growing in an uncovered tank under 4 4' shoplights. Watered by tray...
  11. jeff 2

    viola atropurpurea

    Bonjour grow you these succulent viola genus ? jeff
  12. cwatson1414

    Pinguicula 'Titan' summer dormant?

    I've heard from some care guides (One specifically in mind) that the cultivar 'Titan' enters succulent growth in the summer, rather than in the winter. This seems really strange to me given the parentage (agnata x macrophylla), but I have increased the photoperiod in my growspace, and my 'Titan'...
  13. Benurmanii

    Stapeliae winter photoperiod

    I'm interested in getting some stapeliae, but I'm not familiar of their care (or even succulent care for that matter!). It mostly seems that during the winter, they are "dormant", although I don't know if it is a true dormancy or if they just slow down their growth. Because of this, I should...
  14. thez_yo

    Some pics before winter hits.

    I can already tell some plants are hitting the slow decline to dormancy, and the rest will probably slow down soon too. Because everything is outside in natural light, or behind a window with the same, even the Neps stop pitchering for the season once the hours of daylight dips beneath their...
  15. Not a Number

    DUW - San Diego Cacti & Succulent Garden July 2015

  16. R

    What Is This Succulent?

    I bought this plant today half way ripped out of soil. Roots are brown and somewhat shriveled. What is this plant and how do I properly take care of it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. V

    LF: Common Pings!

    Short story, but about a month ago I acquired my first ping, and aphrodite, a month or so ago. While having noticed a gnat around my grow rack here and there in the past, I never thought of them as much of a problem. However, the little hunter aphrodite has covered it's leaves in 50+ gnats...
  18. Brolloks


    Hi All, I received this specimen from a friend in the Western Cape. Stuck it into the ground and it started growing. Does any have information regarding this plant? First time I have seen this exact plant. :-O It's an awesome looking plant, wish I had photos of the Mother plant though. Regards
  19. cwatson1414

    Moving give-away

    Pinguicula gigantea leaf pulls. The green ones on the left. Few months old now. The one up front is the largest, and the one the winner will receive. This clone has been vigorous in my conditions. Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' mature division. Flowers for me in late fall and early spring. Does...
  20. DragonsEye

    Succulent package - No Longer Available

    Succulent package This package contains: 1 Echeveria Black Prince cutting Good-sized/mature cutting. Would not be unreasonable to expect them to bloom this winter/spring. Full sun is necessary for best coloration. 10 Echeveria runyonii Topsy Turvy cuttings Smallish cuttings which I would...