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  1. Benurmanii

    Sad spiralis after repotting

    So I already asked about root shock on another forum, but since I'm new to repotting Drosera (except for a D. capensis, which I probably could have stomped on underfoot and still not have set-back), I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with repotting D. spiralis or other SA...
  2. Nauz

    Grow lights

    So I'm using 32w CFL's for a few cephalotus and sundews one lamp is 6500k daylight bulb and is 2700k good for my grow? That way I have both warm/cool lighting for coloration and growth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. S

    Feeding ants?

    This time of year in the Northwest we get a few ants that come into our house. What would you feed the ants to? I have VFT, Pings, Sundews a few pitchers? I tried a D.spatulata yesterday, came back 6-8 hours later and the ant was still alive and kicking it's legs.. Suggestions?
  4. F

    Coming out of refrigerator dormancy

    Hi all, I've got a few bags of sundews, sarricenia, and pings that are about ready to come out of the fridge. I put them in bare root, and seemed to have not had any fungal problems. Any advice on bring them out? Do I need to acclimate them gradually to outside temperature or full sun? They...
  5. Zath

    Jello Shots!....(for the plants, not you)

    I wanted to wait before I said anything concrete, but as I ended up trading away most of my test subjects, it looks like things are on hold for awhile until the next batch of seedlings are large enough, and anyone who knows me, knows that I can be impatient with certain things... This began...
  6. F

    Hello from South Florida

    Hello all, Just recently joined the forum, though I've been lurking for a while. Started growing cps about a year ago, and now have a set of Nepenthes and am putting in an in ground bog for VFT, sarricenia, and sundews. I'm located about fifteen miles north of Miami. Thanks!
  7. Nauz

    Need help identifying a few bits of moss

    I wanted to use some moss for my terrarium so I collected a sample from around my property in the woods. I think there is 3 species here but I don't know and are they any good for cp's like sundews and maybe cephs? Location: USA, North Carolina Thanks Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Swagalotus

    Seed disaster

    So last long weekend I decided to plant a whole bunch of seeds, mixed sundews including capes, tokaiensis, aliciae, omissa, burmannii, filiformis, dreamsicle, some vft seeds and utricularia as well. Today I was inspecting each pot individually and I noticed on the vft seeds at the very tip of...
  9. Doomsday

    Doomsday's Trading Station

    Hey, guys. Rather than post for each individual plant, or every time I have/want something new, I figured doing all of my trading in one the place would make things easier to keep track of, for everybody. Haves: Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Flytraps): "FTS Crimson Sawtooth" Drosera (Sundews): D...
  10. S

    Artificial dormancy- how long?

    I moved into an apartment that gets only 1 hour of filtered sunlight a day on the patio. Probably 3-4 when the time change happens. Due to this I started using a 300W LED grow light in my mini greenhouse as artificial lighting. The plants are outside and went dormant in October. I just started...
  11. Benurmanii

    Glandular tentacle on petiole

    I noticed that my D. prolifera has some tentacles on its petioles. Has anyone else experience this with D. prolifera or other sundews? Sorry the pic isn't the best, but if you look towards the center of the plant, where another flower stalk is coming up, you'll see some long glandular tentacles...
  12. F

    Flora's little list

    So I don't have a lot, but i'm super proud of my plants. I talk to them and tell them they are doing good. They seem to like it. Here it is: Outdoor: I have four S. purpureas, a couple i lost the tags for, so at this point i call them all purpureas. I have a S. Red throat, a couple Luecophylla...
  13. summit

    Mystery Pot of Dews

    Purchased this mystery pot of sundews from a nursery that was unfamiliar with them, keeping them in shaded corners and advising me to avoid direct sunlight. I know the majority of the pot is either D. Filiformis or D. Tracyi (How do you tell the difference? Or is it possible at their size?)...
  14. plantsnfish

    PlantnFish's Grow/Small trade list

    From memory- additions will be common! Sarracenia: Purpurea Purpurea Venosa Tarnok Rubra ssp. Gulfensis "Scarlet Belle" "Judith Hindle" Coppertop-Thanks cpbobby Hurricane creek white "Mike Wang AxB" Mixed seeds and seedlings VFT's: Lots of typical Fuzed tooth Flaming lips Guava...
  15. C

    Minimum dormancy length?

    New England has had a few hot days recently, but I didn't think much of it until today. I looked at the bog tray and saw a forked leaf sundew unfurling a pair of new leaves. One of my VFTs appears to be doing the same. I cracked open a window and the room rapidly dropped to a reasonable dormancy...
  16. Benurmanii

    Hello from Portland, Oregon!

    Hey! My name is Ben, and I live in Portland, OR. I am a big fan of sundews and Nepenthes, though I only have two neps (sanguinea and ventrata). I posted a question earlier about re-potting tuberous sundews, but my internet has been a little screwy, and looks like I posted it 3 times without...
  17. Francisco S.

    Complete CP Grow List!

    Hello everyone, this is what I currently have growing at Riverside Carnivores! I have included the links where I purchased from. CARNIVOROUS PLANT COLLECTION! SARRACENIA: 1. Minor (damonnorman999 on eBay) 2. Red Bug (carnivorousplantshop on eBay) 3. Love Bug (damonnorman999 on eBay) 4...
  18. M

    Drosera Help

    Ok...someone here was nice enough to trade me some non cp seeds for some cp seeds. im a noob if you don't know. I only have a couple neps and a purp. He sent me some sundew seeds and I really want this to work. He sent drosera intermedia, d spatulata (it looks like he wrote Beenak Victoria s...
  19. S

    Wintertime Shipping and Who?

    I just put up another EnviroGro T5, 6-Tube Fixture, so I am itching to add more plants. Although it's 20-30'f here in Spokane, WA. Can anyone recommend some reliable wintertime shippers? I'm looking at add more Sundews and Pings. How about seeds? Will freezing kill Sundew or Ping seeds? Thank...
  20. S

    Spread the love

    Back in spring I got a ton of D. capensis from @dozer1028 (well, winter for him) to help spread the love so to speak. I had a giveaway at my college campus and many people started growing these fun carnivorous weeds, in fact every time I walk around campus, I'm bound to see someone's capensis on...