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  1. D

    Deflategate/Inflate truncate

    With the NFL's 49th Super Bowl exactly one week from today, the buzz about footballs in the two weeks leading up to this year's game is quite unexpected. I don't think anyone could have predicted the uproar that would follow with regards to this humble football. Through this last week...
  2. ps3isawesome

    Is flushing the pot with water necessary?

    I have several plants in a Highland Terrarium. I will flush the pots with water every 2 weeks. Is that enough? Also, after this i have tons of water left. Can i reuse this water? Is this flushing of the pot necessarily? I mean I do this because I don't can't really tell if the soil in the pot...
  3. R

    Greetings from Minnesota

    Hello to everyone here! So I'm from Minnesota and I starting collecting CPs a two years ago, I'm still new to all of this. Just to prove to you how new I am, I'll tell you a story. A year ago around winter dormancy I thought that Carnivorous plants didn't need water during their winter dormancy...
  4. incspir

    New Saltwater Tank HELP!

    Hey guys! I noticed that nobody's posted here for a while but I'll give this a shot anyway. So it's been a while since I've been on Terraforums; a move down south to Georgia and a job change and all sort of whisked me away for a while from some of the pleasantries of life...But good news...
  5. ps3isawesome

    Where are this new growth from?

    Drosera venusta, received it from a giveaway. I recently noticed two new growth point and I"m not sure if it's from the D. venusta, seeds from the D. venusta since it flowered, or from other flowered plants. Thanks!! Regardless, I'm super happy because I thought this plant was going to die.
  6. ps3isawesome

    Well, I finally began my winter set up for my plants

    Well, I am finally done with second rounds of midterms in school and have some brain capacity to deal with winter care for my plants. It is indeed too cold for my nepenthes for winter as the outdoor temperature in my area hovers around 40's. Honestly, I can't find egg crates anywhere. except...
  7. BioZest

    Is this....Real?

    So I came across this image... Is it real? If so any possible ids? Its super weird looking :0o:. -Bio
  8. ps3isawesome

    My first pitcher from S. x Adrian Slack x Judith Hindle

    It came with no pitchers so I was a bit :( I really like the contrast between the red and white when mature but and super happy about what it looks like so far The first pitcher woot woot What it'll look like later
  9. ps3isawesome

    Hey, who's going to Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society?

    I just read about a game happening on the same day as this event. How there's gonna be more traffic after the event. Anyone have suggestions on this? I really want to go but hate traffic. ALSO I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!
  10. ps3isawesome

    Should I let my sibuyanensis continue to experience 95-100 degree days?

    Uhmmm, so for several hours the sibuyanensis sits in temperature between 95-100. It seems to be doing okay but I want to double check. I FINALLY bought a thermometer and hydrometer to put in the box. The humidity ranges between 60-90% all the time. I thought highlanders can only do up to 95...
  11. ps3isawesome

    Faster growth after 30 days acclimation and pitcher thief

    Well I've had this plants for 30 days now. At first it was growing super slowly but I guess they were acclimating to the new environment. In the last few days, the growth has been phenomenal. Just wanted to share my excitement. Cephalotus Follicularis ( I love how new growths starts out as...
  12. ps3isawesome

    Only wanted some pots but ended buying something else

    Super happy about those square pots but couldn't resist. I mean I was gonna get charged 10 bucks for shipping I might as well buy some plants. Been buying a lot of bare root plants and I realized today that there's something really awesome about having them pre-potted. I can just plop them...
  13. ps3isawesome

    my first set of flowers!!!

    Super excited because this my first set of flowers. Capensis - rescue from local nursery Spatulata - $$ Binata - giveaway Also, will this drosera continue to live after they produce flower stalks and seeds? thanks!
  14. Cindy

    B. guehoi vs B. filifolia

    1. Both are large and super gluey. At my miniature balcony, I turn around to water other plants only to be smeared with their digestive juices all over the arms. The watering can also gets coated with slime if it is used to water any other CPs near these fellows. :jester: 2. Both look VERY...
  15. tommyr

    WOW! Utricularia bisquamata flowers are SUPER TINY!

    I recently got my first Utricularia, a bisquamata. It has now produced one flower for me! Man I had NO IDEA just how small the flowers are! Top to bottom it's about 5 mm! You almost need a microscope to really see the thing! Trying to get a good photo of it. NOT EASY so far.
  16. Keith

    Liverwort Fan Club

    In some version of the words of lil hokie in another great thread: Post your Super Awsome liverwort pics here. These things are too cool and I'm hoping if you have these things growing on purpose or by accident anywhere you all would hit us with a pic. Lets get this going... Also I've not...
  17. BioZest


    I haven't posted here lately. My plants haven't done anything remarkable recently, but I thought this was pretty cool. The Nepenthes Spathulata x Ventricosa seeds I received from this auction germinated (I think)!: This is my first germination ever, so I'm super excited. I have a few...
  18. Est

    Interest in determining soil nitrogen concentrations?

    I've always been interested in taking the superstition and mystery out of the cultivation of CPs. In the past I've had the opportunity to do so from a cultivation angle, now I have more-quantitative tools available. I'll often see discussions of old media coming up. Many repot religiously to...
  19. Whimgrinder

    Nepenthes seed giveaway.

    Available is one packet of about 70 seeds of N. Helen X (spectabilis X mira). N. Helen is a single TC'd Borneo Exotics clone from spathulata X spectabilis, and the pollen parent is a seed-grown BE hybrid I acquired 2 years ago. I believe in both cases, the spectabilis used was BEs "giant" clone...
  20. Brolloks

    My modest Terrarium

    Hi all Built myself a medium sized terrarium about a month ago. So far it seems like the Dorsera I've got in there are loving it. With the exception of my little D. Adelae. For some reason it has turned super red almost black on the tips of it's new growth and produces no dew :-( The humidity...