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  1. Plant Heathen

    Walk through the local Greenhouse

    Me and the other half went to our local greenhouse on sunday and found thees. This guy was in a hanging pot and was huge. Then there was this guy wish I had the cash for it. Not sure why the pics arent working but if you right click and open in new tap you van see them.
  2. I

    New in the carnivorous world

    Hi all, You know how when you visit Ikea you always return with things that weren't on your shopping list? Well a few months ago I went to Ikea and came home with a Venus fly trap. My ignorance nearly killed it, but with some research I've managed to keep it alive and I was even rewarded with...
  3. curtisconners

    Nepenthes and tap water?

    Hey all, I have heard of people using tap water with nepenthes before. I was wondering if any of you have tried this and what your experience was. Thanks in advance.
  4. Grey Moss

    U. Bisquamata

    Hey, I've got a small pot of U. Bisquamata that has just been sitting around for the past month with no real progress. There hasn't been much apparent growth on the surface. It did well initially when i first got it and continued to grow for another month or two before coming to a standstill. It...
  5. C

    New plant, no dew, whyy???

    Hi, how are you guys? Well, see, I am totallly new in this hobby. And I just got this new drosera intermedia from a local breeder. He sent it to me bareroot, covered with wet paper towel. According to him, its a juvenile. I plant it, but there are no dews and some of the leaves are browning. My...
  6. yuusui

    Upper Midwest Carnivorous Plant Society Social Gathering

    The UMCPS will be holding our bimonthly social gathering this Sunday at the Indeed Brewing Tap Room. This is a great chance to get together and talk plants. No official business. Even though this is technically an "Adult" venue, they do offer non alcoholic beverages. All are welcome. More...
  7. Dalton

    Need help with N. Lady Luck, my first Nepenthes

    Hello everyone. I was hoping you guys can help out with a few questions I have about my Nepenthes 'Lady Luck'. This is my first nepenthes. I ordered from a guy online, because the pitchers looked a really cool shade of red and this plant is supposed to do well indoors. Amazon says I ordered it...
  8. N

    Heliamphora misting

    Im kinda noob with heliamphoras. I have only one and it isnt doing great at all. It has only 3 green juneville pitchers left so there is hope. I use tap water to mist everything with my fogger. Could That be the problem? And do you have Some tips to care for it. Thank you
  9. farmertom

    Seed set up

    Here's the modest set up I put together for a batch of highland seeds- never tried Nep seeds before, but a windfall literally put some in my lap at the SF conservatory of flowers a few months ago (I contacted the head of the bacps to alert the grower :) the light is a cheap LED on a 16 hour...
  10. apoplast

    Hi from Minne-snow-ta

    Well I finally did it. I've joined Terraforums. I was encouraged by a fellow CP grower, and have been reluctant. I normally hang out on OCPS which is a small friendly community of folks, who share many of my growing conditions. So, joining Terraforums feels a bit like a first trip to a big...
  11. R

    Some help needed for a few problems.

    Hi everyone, I am kinda new here and also about a month in keeping neps. I have 3 problems here. Country: Malaysia Day: 31 celcius Night: 24 celcius Water: Tap water (cant afford a tds reader, yet) Soil: coco peat with perlite. No mister/fogger but I mist whenever I am outside so maybe twice...
  12. Swagalotus

    Sphagnum moss max ppm/tds

    I have always bought distilled water from the groceries store to water all my plants up until last year when I got a tds meter and found my tap water was around 70 ppm. However I still use distilled water for pots that have live sphagnum in them since I've read that live sphag is very sensitive...
  13. E

    Hello! Total newbie from NE Texas with a terrarium

    And I'm not *entirely* sure what I'm doing, but I'm trying! I wanted plants in my room at work, but it has no windows. I ultimately decided on a terrarium with artificial lighting, and carnivorous plants because they always seemed really awesome. 10 gallon terrarium with some sort of tropical...
  14. anramitaco

    TDS meter question

    I use distilled water for my CPs and some orchids, but after reading many threads on here (and elsewhere) about the possibility of using low TDS tap water for Nepenthes, I was curious to find out how my own measured up. I went ahead about bought an inexpensive TDS meter and tested the tap water...
  15. B

    BPB's 90 gallon reef

    <p>I'm very happy to be part of this forum. I had mentioned in my welcome thread that I was an avid saltwater and freshwater aquarist. I thought I would share a bit about my 90 gallon reef tank as I'm getting my feet wet in the world of CP</p><p>*</p><p>I started in the hobby not long ago back...
  16. CorneliusSchrute

    "Tap, tap, tap the [root]..."

    Check out the root on this year-old Cephalotus. I received it as a leaf pulling from Jerry. My first plant of this variety this one. I am pretty psyched.
  17. Ras

    question about peat washing

    will someone explain the bold part 7.Now fill the pail with the ringed-out peat up to the 1/2 or 3/4 mark (depending on how much you recovered) with rainwater, distilled or RO water. . To speed things up, you will rinse twice more (or 3 times to be extra safe) with rainwater or purified water...
  18. adnedarn

    50gpd Watts Premier RO membrane for trade or free

    Hello all! This is a great opportunity to upgrade that 5 or even 25gpd system you may own. Or maybe yours isn't operating well anymore. I have upgraded one of my RO systems and so I have this membrane to get rid of rather than sit around and go bad. The membrane is in great working order (my...
  19. R

    Begonias from seed: Begonia dregei

    I thought it would be useful to start a thread about growing Begonias from seed, and Begonia dregei, in particular, for a couple reasons. Begonia seeds are tiny, and I think a lot of people assume they are near impossible to grow successfully. Begonia dregei is a really fun Begonia, and one of...
  20. Ras

    mexican ping experts come (water question)

    this is my water report, i don't think it has* changed much or my fish would show it (they are very sensitive and their colors usually change when there is a difference in the water quality ..or temperature) would this water be safe for mexican pings, or would it be better if it were diluted by...