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  1. S

    SRMyers growlist

    Nepenthes glabrata maxima sanguinea ventricosa truncata (Pasian highland) x ventrata x Deroose Alata x Miranda And a handful of lowland hybrids I'll add later Sarracenia purpurea purpurea purpurea venosa psittacina rubra 'Judith Hindle' 'Cobra Nest' 'Scarlet Belle' x catesbaei flava flava...
  2. BrassLeaves

    I have to many plants. Trades first, then give aways

    Hey y'all, I divided some of my plants early this spring and have to many of a couple types. I have S. leucophylla 'titan' and/or 'tarnok', S. 'scarlet belle', S. rubra ssp. rubra. I really don't want to just throw them away, but I just don't need more than a few of each plant. Trades will...
  3. D_muscipula

    Sarracenia pictures

    Click on the images for a larger view. S. oreophila, this is my first spring and this will be my first sarracenia flower. Thanks wolf9stiker! ------------------------------------------------------------------ S. catesbei from Andy...
  4. ilbasso

    Few CP pics-nothing spectacular

    I recently had a nice combination of access to a decent digital camera plus somewhat healthier plants than I've had in a while so naturally I combined the two and here we go: this one was is descended from one of my first neps. It was a basal that snapped off during repotting and then the...
  5. D_muscipula

    New pictures taken 5/9/08

    Click the thumbnails for larger pics they are best viewed fullsize people have requested I resize my photos, hope this makes them happier. My first cobra lily-special thanks to sgardner :hug: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ S. oreophila- special...
  6. maneatingmoo

    Maneatingmoo's growlist

    maneatingmoo Growlist Dionaea muscipula typical Akai Ryu DC XL Drosera adelae capensis capensis 'alba narrow leaf' Pygmy Drosera x 'Carburup' Sarracenia leucophylla Nepenthes ventricosa x aristolochioides ( x ventrata ) x alata Lowe's® "nepenthes hybrid" Utricularia bisquamata...
  7. trek623

    Recently planted bog garden

    Spring has finally come and I am finally able to plant my bog garden that has been sitting empty since last October! Unforunately, there isn't much to show yet, as I just got these plants today. Here are the pictures: http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/3789/img0572ds2.jpg...
  8. Crissytal

    Looking for Woolly Dews

    Hey everyone. I'm currently looking for woolly sundews. They seem a bit difficult to get a hold of so I'm not expecting much :). The ones that I'm particularly interested in are D. paradoxa, D. petiolaris, D. lanata, D. ordensis, and D. dilatato-petiolaris. In the way of trade, I have pretty...
  9. laxgoal

    small grow list, working on expansion!

    ALWAYS lookin to expand! VFT Typical Aki Ryu 'big mouth' Sarracenia Alata Purpurea x purpurea x alata Leucophylla Leucophylla 'Tarnok' Minor Purpurea Venosa Oreophila 'Dana's Delight' Sp. Nepenthes Mikei Ventricosa 'red' Talagensis Sanguinea Mulenesis x Lowii Bongso Rafflenasiana Drosera...
  10. Crissytal

    Bog garden and others, lots of pictures

    I've been seeing a lot of bog gardens this year being posted on the forum. I finally decided to do one of my own. I took my pond liner, it was a water garden last year, and emptied it out. All my aquatic plants went into an 18 gallon Rubbermaid container. I cut holes in the liner about 3"...
  11. Crissytal

    Crissytal's Grow List, North Carolina

    Please feel free to correct me on spelling and any other kind of errors. I enjoy trading. My extras come and go so fast it's difficult for me to keep this list updated. If you see something that interests you, feel free to contact me. I can't guarantee the item(s) will be available for...
  12. Maxx

    Mostly Sarracenia Pics

    Hey Everybody, I just went out and took some pictures of some first spring growth. Enjoy! (This is in the pitcher plant section becuse majority of the pics are sarracenia) :) Also read the caption of the last pic! My Akai Ryu survived dormancy! That's my first VFT that made it! :D Here's...
  13. Ozzy

    Plant giveaway (Today Only) April 1st

    DO NOT PM ME. READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE RESPONDING. This offer is good for 24 hrs only to members in the USA. It's only valid from 12:01am to 11:59pm on April 1st. All replies must be made on or before 11:59pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! Out of the goodness of my heart, I have decided to give away...
  14. Capensis

    Capensis's Growlist

    *I DO NOT DO TRADES, SO DON'T ASK* VFT Wal-Mart typical - http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll293/Capensis/DSC03319.jpg Sarracenia S. lecuophylla 'Tarnok' - http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll293/Capensis/DSC03315.jpg S. alata sw LA S. purpurea ssp. venosa - S. flava var. rugelii S...
  15. Ozzy

    Upcoming Announcement

    I just want to let everybody know that sometime in the next few day's I'm going to have a nice cp giveaway in the Trading Post forum. It will only be available for a very limited time so you'll have to keep watching to take advantage of the offer. Please don't PM me with questions, just keep...
  16. trek623


    Drosera Drosera Aliciae Drosera Adelae Drosera Binata Drosera Burmannii Drosera Capensis Drosera Callistos Drosera Filiformis Drosera Lake Badgerup Drosera Madagascariensis Drosera Nitidula x pulchella Drosera Scorpioides Drosera Spatulata Drosera Venusta Dionaea Typical Sarracenia Sarracenia...