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    TRADE: Sarracenia

    Hi, I have a medium sized division of S. Excellens with Purple Hood and a medium-large sized division of S. Oreophila x Willisii that I would like to trade. I am looking for colorful, interesting sarracenia (species or hybrids) that I do not have. I am willing to trade for seedlings if they are...
  2. S

    Seige Grow List

    Venus Flytraps Alien(FTS) D. muscipula “G 35” A2 B52 Big Mouth Bohemian Garnet Bristletooth young. BZ Razorback (ironjaws) DCXL Dutch Delight (FTR) Fine Tooth x Red (9)Flaming lips(FTS) FTS Maroon Monster (FTR) possible dying FTS Purple Ambush(FTS) G16 Green Dragon Ginormous Jaws(FTR)...
  3. catrus

    catrus growlist

    This is a list I'm working on: Sarracenia From Oren Segrest S. moorei 1 S. moorei 2 S. leucophylla Perdido S. alata bulbous red lid Stone County S. Flamemouth S. Diamond Head S. Yellow River S. readii 2 S. flava var rugelii tall Apalachicola S. Wilkerson OP S. rubra gulfensis dar form S...
  4. Nanthawat

    Sarracenia Tarnok's pollen

    I know it's hard to pollinate S. Tarnok but does it produce any pollen?
  5. BrassLeaves

    Lots of types of Sarracenia divisions for temperate succulants...or CPs :)

    Hey everybody! I'm looking to start a succulent bed at my house and I'm in need of plants to fill it with. They need to be zone 8 hardy. I'm looking for Agave americana in particular, but all agave will be considered. Yuccas, Odd-ball hen and chicks, Delosperma, Moranense, Orostachy, Pallidum...
  6. charlie

    charlie's grow list

    here's my grow list. Plants with a t available for trade my grow list Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Byblis B. linflora (t seeds) Dionaea D. miscipula t not very healthy but should purk up :) D. miscipula 'b52' D. miscipula 'ginormous' D. miscipula 'green dragon' t D. miscipula 'low giant'...
  7. R

    Does anyone know the state of the Tarnok bog in MS?

    I posted this in another forum, but I thought I'd post it here too. My understanding is that both of the Tarnoks (of S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' fame) have passed. I was just wondering if anyone knew what has become of their bog. This is what I found in a New Orleans florist's newsletter...
  8. CorneliusSchrute

    cbennett4041's Growlist

    *THIS IS WOEFULLY OUTDATED* I'm working on it, alright?! Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea 'Giant' Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana Sarracenia rosea Sarracenia psittacina Sarracenia psittacina Sarracenia minor var...
  9. Mossy Girl

    Mossy Girl's Grow List

    Sarracenia S. purpurea S. flava S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' S. x catesbaei S. 'Mardi gras' S. 'Doodle bug' S. 'Frogman' S. minor var. okefenokeensis S. alata f. pubescens S. 'night sky' S. flava var. cuprea S. alata S. purpurea spp. venosa var. montana S. rubra spp. jonesii S. purpurea var purpurea...
  10. Mossy Girl

    Hey from southern Virginia!

    Hi! I just joined this weekend. I'm very new to carnivorous plants, but my journey with them started years ago. I have a koi pond, and while shopping for bog plants years ago I discovered this crazy looking thing labeled "pitcher plant." The only thing the label said was keep moist and give lots...
  11. GreenBeast

    GreenBeast's Growlist

    More to come soon... Stuff in BOLD are newly acquired specimens. Sarracenia: S. alata S. alata 'Maroon Throat' S. alata "Texas Form" S. x alata Black x flava v. rubricorpora S. x areolata x 'Leah Wilkerson' S. x catesbaei (S. flava v. cuprea x purpurea ssp. venosa 'Red Ruffles') S. x catesbaei...
  12. Plant Planter

    Plant Planter's Photo Thread

    Unfortunately I don't have many plants to take photos of. Oh well. I'll update this thread periodically whenever something neat happens. A lovely Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnok' pitcher that's grown to be over a foot tall. It hasn't quite finished opening yet. <a...
  13. L

    New Setup for my Nep's

    Well, I had hoped to be filling my "new to me" Klima-gro 4000 today but after driving 2 hours each way I arrived to find out the lady sold it out from under me. So, in an effort to ease my pain I stopped at my old town and grabbed my old 55 hex tank out of storage and cleaned it up, added the...
  14. PvtPinguicula

    PvtPing's Pingless Growlist....

    So far this is what my collection consists of, but I am focused on trying to increase the size of it over the next couple of months. Sarracenia 'Tarnok' flava Dionaea 'King Henry' 'Dentate' 'Crimson Sawtooth' Drosera filiformis 'Ca Sunset' aff. Petiolaris ‘Pin Cushion Form’ x ordensis
  15. PvtPinguicula

    Presenting PvtPing......

    Hello, as you can tell my name is PvtPinguicula, but you can call me PvtPing. Some of you may have seen my dad, SgtSarracenia, on here. I got my first CP's August of last year, a S. x 'Tarnok' and S. flava. I am slowly trying to build up my own collection. Although my name is PvtPing, I am most...
  16. guitarfreak23

    My Sarracenia story

    Well ive been a member on the forum for a while and have never really posted much. I thought id show my flavas and leucophylla (i have vfts and a lowes purp too) and how i got them. Last summer i went to the Francis Marion national forest in SC because i was already at the beach. I asked the...
  17. jlechtm

    Not your average S. leucphylla 'Tarnok' (Nep Lover $28)

    Opening bid $10. Up for bid is a flowering-sized specimen of S. leucophylla 'Tarnok'. "So, what?" you say. Thanks to the miracle of tissue culture, there are maybe 1 million clones of this thing floating around. No, thanks. This particular specimen, however, is from a division of the original...
  18. sarracenia_X

    sarr_X's grolist!

    CPs: sarrs: s. leucopyhla 'tarnok' DEAD s. psittacina s. rubra (i think) dews: d. capensis d. roseana d. tracyi d. intermedia neps: N. 'Miranda' Orchids: Maxillaria tenufolia NOID phalaenopsis NOID Oncidium/Brassidium Blc. Cherise Nishioka 'Waiakea'
  19. D

    Sarracenia rhizome trade/giveaway+Darlintonia seed Sa

    I have just recently split a part of my collection of sarracenia, and have bags of left over rhizome pieces. I don't really have the room for them and know there is a bunch of viable pieces with roots attached. I am willing to to trade them for most any other sarracenia or drosera. I also have...
  20. East_to_west

    East_to_west Grow list

    I don't update this super often so ask me if you have any questions: Nepenthes: N. Muluensis x Lowii N. Ramispina three pure forms: ( 2 B.E. clones and another wild collected from the 70's) N. "Hopeful Monsters" = merilliana x ? N. Albomarginata "Camaroon Highlands" N. "Gentle" = Maxima x...