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  2. M

    Leaf curling, normal?

    This is a BE - 3946 platychila x robcantlyii The leaves have curled and maybe seem less supple over the past month. It has been in this new setup for probably two months. I also have a millipede in the enclosure. I'm thinking the millipede might be eating the roots. Does this plant look...
  3. Leopard737

    Highland Nepenthes Cooling and Lighting Solution

    Highland Nepenthes Cooling and Lighting Solution Needed Hello all, my name is Caleb, and I am new here. This is my first post not under the welcome section. I have a highland tank. I am not at home now, but when I get home I'll post some pictures. I am right now getting 73 in the day and 66-67...
  4. L

    Putting together new tropical sundew tank--NEED ADVICE!

    Hey there! First of all, it's been ages since I've last posted! So hello again, everyone! Hope you've all been well! Apologies for a decade of absence, haha. So here's the jist: I'm attempting to put together a new display tank (all potted) to fill with mostly sundews, but probably a few Cephs...
  5. S

    Need help with an enclosure - do I even need one?

    Hello, I want to get a cephalotus follicularis but I am kinda not sure what setup to run with it. My house is 78F in the day and around 77F at night, I hear cephalotus need a temperature drop at night to stay healthy, some people have told me I don't really need to do it with my house temp while...
  6. MPX_78

    CP's for Everyone?

    Would you be interested if I was to make a system that can provide ideal conditions for any care intensive/condition sensitive species, or make it easy enough to save a poor Walmart VFT that someone with no prior experience could? Features could include humidity sensing, programmable photo...
  7. S

    Terrarium made out of a polystyrene cooler

    Hello, I want to make an enclosure out of a polystyrene cooler. my reasoning behind this is to insulate the enclosure, im planning to install a peltier cooling system - i had one working in the past that cooled my old enclosure down by about 10 degrees but this should be more efficient and...
  8. T

    D. schizandra 'Andromeda' not looking great

    Hi all, I'm pretty experienced with Drosera but this one has me puzzled. I receiving a young "Andromeda" from a friend so I quickly put it in some peat and in my terrarium. High intensity LEDs, 90%+ RH, and around 78-80 degrees. The color wasn't looking too good and the existing leaves weren't...
  9. mikefallen13

    Mike's Highland Terrarium

    My addiction has returned. After quitting CP's (and plants in general) a few years back to put more effort into my other hobby, fish tanks, I decided a few months back that I wanted to get back into CP's (nepenthes in particular) and I've slowly been rebuilding my collection since. The main...
  10. jimscott

    Where To Buy A 'Cat Proof Terrarium'.....

    I've been tasked to come up with procuring a 'Cat Proof Terrarium', as a Christmas present for my sister-in-law. any ideas?
  11. F

    Heliamphora for first time growers?

    Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading. I have a few questions about Heliamphora. I have been trying to read as much as I can find on them. I am wondering if you have suggestions on the best one to try for the first time? I also have read that some can be grown on a windowsill, what is your experience...
  12. S

    Refrigerator Dormancy Necessary for my Flytraps?

    This year I planted my first CP bog terrarium in many years, and I've been really pleased with the results. I wasn't terribly confident based on all the warnings you find online regarding the suitability of CPs for terrarium life, but after a little experimentation with lighting and the level of...
  13. WellLogger412

    Seedling Nursery Project

    Hey all, I'll be editing and updating this post this evening as time permits. Recently, I have come into possession of an old 55 gallon aquarium that once housed a massive tetra colony. As I'm not really into fish, I was drunkenly staring at it, and thought, nursery terrarium! So In short...
  14. Maiden

    Unknown bog plant ID

    I use premium peat moss for years, never had something else growing in my pots but this year i have a lil plant growing in my peat. Probably a seed the company failed to remove from the peatmoss. Now all the pot is colonized. The leaves are not delicate, they are like plastic, quite hard to...
  15. LV_

    Hi from California!

    Hi all, I've been into carnivorous plants for a long time and always wanted to grow nepenthes but didn't think it would be realistic since Davis is practically a desert. Last summer I got a 60 or so gallon terrarium at the thrift store and grow lights and started growing some nepenthes, a...
  16. J

    My Orchid Terrarium

    Hi. This is my orchid terrarium. Its been in the works now for about six months. I will make comments as I go, but fire away with questions. This is the cabinet, a snake case I was lucky to get for $80 on ebay. I started by painting the interior with 4 coats of pond liner paint to...
  17. I

    New Member From UK

    Hi all, Recently got into indoor plants; nothing special just a couple of orchids, cacti etc. I want to delve deeper into some more exotic plants and CP's are possible the most intresting to me. I have two main questions though (sorry if they have already been asked) the first being are there...
  18. S

    New Member, Starting terrarium fairy garden with daughter to interest her in plants

    Only CP is a flytrap that I bought her. I have never been a fan of plants until my grandma passed and I inherited her houseplants...now I've got them everywhere. I like the biological side of plants. I like learning native habitat so that I can match in vitro habitat to the plant. My...
  19. SerMuncherIV

    What 2 Weeks Without Nighttime Cooling Does to Highlanders

    Or, what I like to respond when people ask, "How was your vacation?" These plants were kept in my highland terrarium for 2 weeks while I was away. Everything is automated except for watering - which I took care of before leaving - and nighttime cooling, which I do using ice packs. The night...
  20. Swagalotus

    Petco 1 dollar 1 gallon

    I just wanted to let everyone know that petco has their 1 dollar 1 gallon tank sale going on right now, so if you need to get a new terrarium, now is the time!