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  1. M

    Air Plant/Tillandsia Issues

    For awhile my air plants have been going brown at the tips, so I tried soaking them for longer. However, now one is getting brown spots on the leaves and it looks like the side of some of the leaves are deteriorating. Another one is becoming discolored (a black/purple color) on the side of some...
  2. I

    Tillandsia Aeranthos help...

    Hello all. I'm new here. About 10 months ago I received as a gift a tillandsia aeranthos attached to a ceramic skull. I watered it every week or so, with hard water, overnight anywhere from 1-3 days depending on if I would remember to pull it out. It has also been in my kitchen the entire...
  3. T

    Toms growlist

    CEPHALOTUS Typical x7 Typical (Charles Brewer) x2 Typical BE clone Typical 'dark' clone Hummers Giant x3 Hummers Giant JHG x2 Hummers Giant self poll SG Hummers Giant CZ clone Eden Black (Stephen Morley) Eden Black (Jeremiah Harris) Eden Black (Jörn) Triffid Albany Black Brewer's Red x2 Coal...
  4. curtisconners

    Tillandsia seed germination.

    I took a trip to a nearby nursery today and found several tillandsia forming flower stalks :-O I took one home of course. Hopefully the flower will produce seed. What is the best way to pollinate tillandsia flowers and germinate their seeds?
  5. Acro

    *PAID* Cemetery Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) Full Box (Tacks $10)

    1) Opening bid amount $10.00. 2) You will get a 7 x 5 x 14 box full of Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) from a cemetery of my choice. These air-plants will be fresh picked from trees growing over the graves of Savannah, GA (31401). Because it is being picked from the trees (instead of the...
  6. Acro

    Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) Full Box (no bids)

    1) Opening bid amount $2.00. 2) You will get a 7 x 5 x 14 box full of Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides). These air-plants will come fresh picked from the trees of Savannah, GA 31401. Because it is being picked from the trees (instead of the ground), chiggers will be of no concern. After the...
  7. DragonsEye

    *PAID* Tillandsia setacea seeds (aerogrower $2)

    Up for auction are two pods worth of recently harvested Tillandsia setacea seeds. I have never tried germinating them myself so some research or experimentation on the buyer's part will be necessary. (Hopefully with a follow up as to what worked for them. :) ) Seeds will be mailed in a...
  8. Acro

    Where do Tillandsia come from?

    I often see bunches of Tillandsia for sale in stores and online. They are often mixed varieties and it got me thinking . . . where do all these tillandsia plants come from? Are these plants plucked from the wild, or there "air plant" farms that grow a variety of species?
  9. F

    LF: Dewy Pine (seeds) and Drosera adelae

    Hi all, Looking for some dewy pine seeds to start, and also for a drosera adelae plant. Can pay, but more interested in trading. No CPs for trade at the moment, but I have various tropicals and tillandsia if interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. curtisconners

    Mounting a bromeliad?

    Hey, terraforums. I want to mount a small bromeliad to some cork bark and add it to my gecko terrarium. Are they safe for crested geckos? Can bromeliads handle distilled water? I know that tillandsia can't take distilled water. Would a mounted bromeliad be ok being sprayed with distilled water...
  11. M

    Hello from Belgium : )

    My name is Morgane, I'm 23 and I started growing carnivorous (and other) plants since last August. I already liked plants before, but the fact that I lived in a north oriented student room with a tiny window kept me from growing anything else than a bonsai. Now I live in a south-west oriented...
  12. Alexkrein82

    Tillandsia Xerographica

    I have a good size tillandsia Xerographica available to trade. I know it's not carnivorous but I have a few and don't have need/room for more. Of the two I have available one is 10"-11" the other slightly larger. Looking for anything carnivorous. Pm me for pics. These can get 2'-2.5' when in...
  13. Radagast

    Radagast's Indoor Grow Room

    Hi folks. For the past several weeks I've been planning an indoor basement grow room. I created this thread to post pictures & document my progress with this build. Room Specs: The area is roughly 12 feet long x 7.5 feet wide. Ceiling height is about 78 inches, 72 inches underneath a couple...
  14. nimbulan

    Nimbulan's grow list

    Last update: 3/7/18 If you have any suggestions for ways to improve the organization of my growlist, please let me know! Byblis: Byblis gigantea Byblis guehoi, West Kimberley Byblis lamellata, Eneabba, WA, BCP S064 Cephalotus: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia: Darlingtonia californica...
  15. SubRosa


    I have a couple Tillandsia I'd like to rehome. They do well enough for me, but other than the cyanea they haven't bloomed. Here's what I have: 1. T. cyanea - large pup, should bloom in the spring 2. T. ionantha - cluster of 3 crowns 3. T. velutina 4. Noid, medium plant with very narrow leaves...
  16. M

    FT: Hybrid Nepenthes seedlings for Sarracenia, Tillandsia

    Sadly, I must dispose of about a dozen Nepenthes hybrid seedlings that I do not have the room to grow out. Before doing so, I wanted to see if anyone would like to trade for Sarracenia or Tillandsia. The seedlings are N. splendiana crossed with this Song of Melancholy and this other SoM clone...
  17. nimbulan

    Tillandsia watering

    I just bought some air plants for the first time and have been having a lot of trouble determining how often I should water them. It seems like every air plant store has completely different guidelines for how often to submerge them, from once a week to once a month, how often to mist them, and...
  18. Terrascape

    Can you help please wanting to contact Airtiller

    I am trying to locate Airtiller he was a Mod in a Tillandsia forum. He is an expert with Tillandsia. As far as I know he lives in the USA Keith :wave:
  19. Monkey

    Giant tillandsia

    Thought you guys might find this interesting. Went to a nursery in Albuquerque today and after I struck up a conversation about CPs he took me in the back to show me this: It's by far the biggest one I've ever seen, and the guy told me it was over 50 years old, and other than occasionally...
  20. cwatson1414

    Armored scale in Tillandsia

    Hey folks! I just got some really gorgeous Tillandsia butzii and caput-medusae with an armored scale thrown in at no extra charge! I'm no entomologist, but from a quick look on the internet and in Garden Insects of North America they seem to be Diapsis echinocactus, or Cactus scale. I have...