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  1. Nepenthesis

    Drosera/Utrics Dying

    A few weeks ago, all of my drosera started to turn brown on the tips and die back, even the capes. There is one pot of typical capes that is doing fine, but the rest are turning brown... All except the pygmies. On top of this, there are these tiny little white bugs that resemble springtails but...
  2. pokie22

    Drosera Regia From Seed

    I received a few inquires about how I germinated D.Regia seeds on compost. This was my first attempt at growing what I affectionately call the "uglies". They are by no means a plant I like, I am just an equal opportunity germinator. I read a couple of threads on other's experiences germinating...
  3. JMN16150

    Plants you grew once, but will never grow again....

    Hey TF members! Have you ever grew something and never growing it again or taking a long break from growing it? Of course, I'll start:) Phalaenopsis Orchids-Yup, that's right those "easy, beginner ones". Tried 5 times with different kinds at different times, they "survived" for a while.... then...
  4. Wire Man

    ID needed for Pleurothallis

    Mason just got this tiny Pleurothallis species with no label. Any idea what it is? Pleurothallis sp. by Wire Man, on Flickr Pleurothallis sp. by Wire Man, on Flickr Pleurothallis Sp. by Wire Man, on Flickr
  5. Millipede

    i may have produced some unique hybrids

    after years of waiting for the two to flower simultaneously they finally did. I cross pollinated four flowers each of capensis "broad leaf" and madagascariensis. as a bonus my nidiformis was flowering too. so i have a total of 8 capensisXmadagascariensis seed pods and also 8 capensisXnidiformis...
  6. bullet08

    new to Drosera.

    just got these today in the mail. i was told this is Drosera venusta. rather tiny and in bad shape, but i hope they will perk up soon. i potted in peat moss and sand 1:1. watered it with distilled water. i washed the peat moss and sand with distilled water before potting them up.
  7. n bicalcarata

    What is this? (?utricularia?)

    Heres some links to photos i know its hard to tell without flowers but here it is it came in a pot of nepenthes chianna x veitchii it was tiny when the pots came but now its almost as big as the nep so im really curious if its a weed or utric.If this is a utric could someone tell me if its good...
  8. S

    Nepenthes ampullaria 'Red' Seedlings

    Seeds purchased from Malaysia on 09-01-2012, planted on 10-19-2012 and germinated on 12-27-2012. Patience is key with these plants as it has taken 5 months for the seedlings to reach this stage. This little cluster of three would easily be hidden under a nickel. It's fun watching each pitcher...
  9. Millipede

    Handmade tiny glass ping pot

    ive been practicing my hollow glass working skills lately. Sometimes when im making a bottle it doesnt go quite right so i flare the top out and it becomes a pot! perfect for pings :) this is my latest: Before any of you ask me if i make pipes, the answer is no. Never..
  10. flasker

    My Tiny Orchid Garden

    Every year, I bring my orchids into my house in winter and most of them bloom. Share pictures for fun and thank you for watching them.
  11. gabgabinou

    gabgabinou's GreenHouse in France !

    Hello, Here is a part of my little nepenthes collection : N.Truncata N.LowiixVeitchii N.Tentaculata N.AristolochioidesxVentricosa N.Boschiana N.Inermis N.Spectabilis A little pitcher of N.Jamban Vanda hybrid N.Clipeata x(ClipeataxEymae) N.Lady Pauline (lower) (upper)...
  12. P

    Getting ready to clean up the patio a bit, trimming back Bay laurel

    Hi, Getting ready to trim back my Bay Laurel (sweet bay substitute) which is growing under the eaves, thought some of you'all might want some leaves or a cutting if you wish to try to get one started. A bit tricky to root, but not impossible. Use it in spaghetti sauce or seafood boil mixes or...
  13. Maiden

    Free Heliamphora minor for canadians terraforums members

    Heliamphora minor Givaway for Canadians terraforums members Hello folks ! In mars/april 2013 i will have 15 heliamphora minor divisions to give. Many differents sizes, from the big adult plants, to tiny juvenile plants. But -You have to be in Canada. -You need over 100 posted messages on...
  14. JMN16150

    What do you guys think of the Mosser Lee brand lfs?

    I've been using this stuff, and I have to say that it is pretty sucky. However, it does do its job, but it gets irritating when you have to filter out sticks and leaves. This brand also isn't sterile, so you should microwave it or somehow sterilize it before using it. It is also very hard to...
  15. E

    VooDoo Lily Corms / Bulbs 4 Trade

    I have 9 "Small" VooDoo Lily Corms/Bulbs left ~ Available for trade 8 Sauromatum Venosum ~ 6 Small ~ 2 Tiny 1 Amorphophallus Konjac ~ Long one on the right Can do as one trade for all or two trades of 3 small & 1 tiny SV with the AK going to the best trade offer / LMK what you want to do if...
  16. land_pro

    awesome feeling of donating.....

    So I had extra sarracenia seed and thought to myself "I should donate these seeds to the ICPS since I order alot of seeds from them at blowout prices." So I emailed John at the seedbank wondering if he was intrested and asked him to tell me everything I could do to make it less work on his end...
  17. S

    Accidental Propagation

    Several months ago I noticed what appears to be a D. spatulata growing next to the pot wall in the D. nitidula x pulchella pot. Didn't give it much thought until I noticed how well it is producing goo. I transplanted it into a container of bright green sphagnum and it looks excellent. I added a...
  18. pokie22

    Dainichi Koi Premium Small Pellet Giveaway

    I bought a 1lb bag of Dainichi Koi Premium Small Pellets which is entirely too much for the 6 tiny plants that I have. I have enough to give away to 10 people or so who want to try this out. Number you names please. 1. 2. 3. etc..
  19. pokie22

    Arrgg....brown copper patches on new plant

    I received my first Wistuba order about 2 weeks ago and the plants are having problems. The hamata katopasa had stem rot and probably will not make it. I contacted AW and he issued a replacement for this one (next spring). However, now the tenuis and another hamata have these brown copper...