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  1. superimposedhope

    Nepenthes x 'warrior'

    This is what a N. Tiveyi X 'Predator' might look like. I got to thinking after I seen Jhirst's pic of digital hamata. I basically played Mr. Potato head with Nepenthes. I spent about 15 hrs on this. It could be better but it is a mash of 10 different pitchers with individual qualities that were...
  2. R

    N. tiveyi pic

    Nice pic of my N. Tiveyi, Robin
  3. fly-catchers

    Peristromes pics

    Hi Here are three recently opened highland Neps. I just love the difference these plants display in their peristromes. And the way as they fully develop how it changes again. A fully devloped N. fusca Flared form. A recently opened N. veitchii. Opened today my N. x tiveyi cheers bill
  4. M

    new Nep identification

    Hey PFT ppl I just found a cool Nep at the mall today and I bought it for 10 (a seedling not a big plant) but I need some help in identifying it. I don't have a picture, but I can tell you that it looks almost exactly like N x 'Tiveyi' only with black dots on the pitcher. It cost me &#3610 so I...