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  1. klasac

    some plants easy propagating with leaf cuttings

    Hi, I did some leaf cuttings od some of my drosera species some time ago and here is the result for some easy plants: drosera hamiltonii drosera roraimae drosera venusta drosera tomentosa drosera ascendens drosera slackii drosera affinis drosera collinsiae Also, my drosera...
  2. uphwiz

    jimmy conners grow list

    Drosera manni x omissa. intermedia capensis regular broad leaf. ..... giant ..... .... tomentosa. felix. spathulata frasier island red. . . Pinguicula debbertiana. wesser . apasionata. gypsicola. . moranensis. . . Nepenthes albomarginata red. . talengensis...
  3. amphirion

    stuff that i really really like.

    amphirion's growlist (10.08.2010) no longer maintained. Family: Byblidaceae ==Genus: Byblis =======Species: Byblis liniflora (25.06.2011) CC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Family...
  4. w03

    William's Very Small grow list

    William (complete reboot) Hm, the original title isn't so fitting anymore... UPDATE Lots of changes, lost lots of plants moving back between college... but lots survived too! Also some cool new species, including one that's been on my want list for a while. New stuff from BCP is here...
  5. Crissytal

    Drosera - Dialup Warning

    Here are some of my Drosera that I thought are looking halfway decent. Enjoy. I received these as a mini D. spatulata from Borneo, they stay extremely small D. cuneifolia D. trinervia - shouldn't these be dormant? D. graomogolensis D. madagascariensis - about time to cut them off...
  6. jrod

    My Growlist

    Drosera D. adelae D. admirabilis Palmiet River D. aliciae D. ascendens D. biflora Amajari, Roraima D. binata T Form D. capensis D. capensis Baines Kloof D. felix Tuku Muruku, Gran Sabana D. graomogolensis D. graomogolensis Itacambira D. hamiltonii D. hilaris D. hirticalyx D. meristocaulis D...
  7. droseraguy

    Droseraguy's photo thread (bored in the winter) PIC Heavy

    First a couple of the racks and setup. Some baby vft's baby D. regia's Nep. seed sprouting D. montana var. tomentosa, wasn't doing anything till the sprout next to it shot up. My own version of the phoenix. An awesome dew just planted. The same after some (now deceased)...
  8. M

    My grow/trade list (2008)

    Hi! everybody:banana2: This is my grow list. Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula ´ RED DRAGON` Dionaea muscipula ´ RED SHARK `= ´Red Piranha` Dionaea muscipula ´ GREEN SHARK`=´Sawtooth `...
  9. klasac

    my growlist

    Drosera adelae Drosera aliciae Drosera anglica Drosera ascendens Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera burmannii Drosera callistos Drosera capensis "broad leaf" Drosera capillaris Drosera closterostigma Drosera dielsiana Drosera filiformis var. tracyi Drosera hamiltonii Drosera kenneallyi...
  10. C

    Drosera tomentosa - pictures

    Hi, from today. I hope you like them Christian
  11. Jeremiah Harris

    Photos from the Greenhouse, first in a while

    I had a little time to snap a few photos in one of the greenhouses today before it got dark. Some came out better than others. Sarracenia flava var Cuprea D. muscipula ‘Fused Tooth’ Dionaea muscipula 'Petite Dragon' D. montana var tomentosa Minas Gerais State Brazil D. muscipula...
  12. P

    Drosera montana tomentosa seed (Winner PlantAKiss) $11 Pd 6-27-07

    Up for auction is one pack of fresh seed. Opening bid is $2. USA only. I pay shipping.
  13. elgecko

    What do you grow as windowsill plants?

    I made this list up for another thread of what I grow as windowsill plants. I was curious what plants others grow this way. When I first started to grow CP's, I also thought you had to have high humidity. My first tank has water in the bottom of it all the time to keep the humidity up. The top...
  14. homer

    D. montana var. tomentosa

    The plant(s) you see here are about the size of a quarter. Bid if for 1 plant only. Starting bid = $5. USA only. Winner pays shipping (USPS Priority Mail $4.05) -Homer
  15. F

    FedeAbra growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis 02.05 Darlingtonia californica "Lois Gias" (MK 07.04) Dionea muscipula "Akai Ryu" (FE 05.04) "Shark teeth" 07.04 "red sawthoot" 09.05 "sawthoot" 09.05 "royal red" 04.05 "cup trap" 09.05 "long petiole" 03.06 "red piranha" Drosera adelae ascendens Bandeira Peak, very...
  16. G

    To Stratify or not to Stratify

    Do I need to stratify D. montana var. tomentosa seed? Thanks Glenn
  17. Capslock

    Lots of dews!

    Here are some pics from tonight. Someone mentioned how prolific D. capensis is. I tapped a flower stalk over this pot of peat/sand a while back, and this is what I got: Here's a mystery dew. I got it in a raffle at a BACPS meeting, and it was labeled D. ?: Here's D. graomogolensis. I can't...
  18. E

    elandolf's growlist

    <span style='color:darkgreen'>UPDATED: 7/07/06 11:47 PM PST</span> <span style='color:black'>pm me if you would like to trade cuttings or something, I'd be more than willing too! Please point out any synonymous species or spelling errors! pictures of everything on my website</span> HERE...
  19. *Barracuda_45*

    *CUDA's* Grow List

    UPDATED 12-26-05 This is my grow list, although im just starting out and dont have anything to trade or sell at this time i just wanted to share what i am now growing.. D. muscipula Typical green Dentate D. spatulata D. capensis Alba D. capensis Red D. burmannii D. capillaris D. binata D...
  20. Capslock

    Some new drosera pics

    OK, here are some pics of slightly rarer drosera I recently received that have started recover well. They are still new and far from mature plants: First, D. neocalidonica. The origianl rosette kinda went dormant on me, but this offshoot grew, and now the original one looks like it might perk...