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  1. T

    Toms growlist

    CEPHALOTUS Typical x7 Typical (Charles Brewer) x2 Typical BE clone Typical 'dark' clone Hummers Giant x3 Hummers Giant JHG x2 Hummers Giant self poll SG Hummers Giant CZ clone Eden Black (Stephen Morley) Eden Black (Jeremiah Harris) Eden Black (Jörn) Triffid Albany Black Brewer's Red x2 Coal...
  2. C

    Cory' grow list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  3. thez_yo

    *PAID* Nepenthes and Cinnamon bookmarks! (Acro $6)

    I decided to press some pitchers a while back... but what to do with them? Make bookmarks of course! Up for bid is this pressed pitcher and cinnamon leaf, laminated :-D The one on the left is a Trusmadiensis hybrid. Tape measure in inches for scale. I'll pay shipping. Bidding starts at $1.
  4. charlie

    LTTF Good Sized Nepenthes Hamata (I DO HAVE RARE PLANTS FOR TRADE)

    If anybody has something good sized let me know. I can trade these rare plants: -VFT 'FTS purple ambush' -Nepenthes dubia AW (almost climbing) -Nepenthes inermis AW (1") -Nepenthes x trusmadiensis (G. Trusmadi, Borneo) AW (1") -Nepenthes (lowii x spectabilis) x talengensis -Heliamphora minor...
  5. Satanas

    Mmmhmm (EBay)

    Not to call any one person out in particular..as I don't know his/her real username but l***o ( blue star) on ebay is going absolutely berserk. I have a few problems with this: 1. You're bidding on EVERYTHING in Nepenthes! I just randomly viewed 10 nepenthes and surprise surprise, l***o is at...
  6. C

    Proper taxonomy for hybrids?

    I'm concerned about nepenthes in particular, but I guess this question applies to all of horticulture. When I write about hybrids I'm never confident that I'm obeying the rules. Here are some of the variations I've seen. N. x ventrata The "x" indicates that this is a hybrid. I assume that this...
  7. Satanas

    Looking for BE N. macrophylla

    Hello all, I'm currently looking for a BE Nepenthes macrophylla clone 3106. I would like a 10-14cm. plant (maybe smaller or larger depending on the situation.) If I can remember correctly two out of their four clones turned out to be N. x trusmadiensis, and the third clone died? I may be...
  8. S

    My small collection

    It was sunny today so I figured I should take some of the plants out for photos. N. maxima 'Wavy Leaf': The horizontal pitcher at 6:00 was one of the originals that came with the plant when I got it 5 months ago, as was the now-dead one at 3:00. Quite long-lived pitchers. N. glabrata: This...
  9. thez_yo

    N. izumiae x (Trusmadiensis) - rooted cutting (NatchGreyes $55)

    You are bidding on this exact plant: I prefer to ship unpotted, but if you want me to ship potted I can do that too. Here is a shot of mature pitchers that this plant makes: lower light conditions-- higher light conditions-- (the one in my hand, and the one to the right of my hand too)...
  10. thez_yo

    N. ventricosa x (Trusmadiensis) 'B' - Rooted Cutting (Favian $100)

    Up for auction is N. ventricosa x (Trusmadiensis). This is clone B - I think there are clones A-C in circulation. It's the very red one :-D You will receive this rooted cutting: I root them in just plain RO water, in a South facing window indoors. Sometimes I mix some superthrive in. Here...
  11. Joseph Clemens

    Nepenthes Nomenclature

    I don't get it. Several of the entries don't even have photos. There is no such thing as N. x platychila, this is not a nothospecies with an "x" preceding its name, it is a full on species, Nepenthes platychila. And, the name is N. thorelii x (x trusmadiensis), not N. thorelii x xTrusmadiensis...
  12. Favian

    n. x trusmadiensis x burbidgeae

    Anyone growing this cross?
  13. Zachf92

    Zachf92's Grow List

    Sarracenia flava var. maxima flava var. ornata flava var. rubricorpora alata 'Heavy Veins' alabamensis wherryi minor minor var. okefenokeensis 'Ware Co. Clone C' rubra rubra gulfensis 'Anthocyanin-Free' purpurea venosa purpurea venosa var. montana leucophylla 'AJ01' leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek...
  14. C

    nepenthes dubia x spath for trade

    It's a neat little plant but I do not have the space for it. It should be a nice addition to someone's collection Far as trades go I do not very have much I am looking for but here goes: n. sumatrana n. campanulata n. kamptonia n. bical orange n. bical red x orange N. Viking #19 x (maxima x...
  15. C

    Bical Red Flush available for trade

    The reason I am parting with this is I am expected a new bical very soon....a marudi so they are practically the same and I will need the space. This is one of my first nepenthes which fit and grew inside a small *** fish tank at one time. lol. Far as trades go I do not very have much I am...
  16. James_G

    Photos + mystery hybrid ID

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, so hopefully I don't stuff up the picture uploads/attaching. I grow highland and intermediate Nepenthes in Melbourne, Aus, in a variety of conditions including outdoor, indoor, terrarium and unheated greenhouse. I'm about to share some pictures of my favorites, so...
  17. Minch108

    Minch108' Growlist

    Minch108' Growlist AW= Wistuba BE= Borneo Exotics EP= Exotica Plant CK= Christian Klein PG= Private Grower N. Attenboroughii Mt. Victoria ~SG~ x3 (3 different mother plants) N. Deaniana AW N. Ephippiata x2 AW N. Hamata (Gunung Katopasa) AW ~SG~ N. Jacquelineae ~SG~ CK N. Lowii AW ( Gunung...
  18. Favian

    What a Surprise!

    One of my friends surprised me with a box full of! as part of an early birthday present! yay! contents: Ventricosa x jacquelinae Lowii x spectabilis Eymae x veitchii Ephippiata Spectabilis x aristo Thorelii x Trusmadiensis Sibuyanensis x Trusmadiensis Ventricosa x aristo Boschiana...
  19. Radagast

    Radagast's Grow List

    Brocchinia (Carnivorous Bromeliad) reducta Cephalotus (Australian Pitcher Plant) follicularis "Emu Point" follicularis 'Hummer's Giant' Dionaea (Venus Fly Trap) muscipula "typical" Drosera (Sundew) adelae aliciae burmannii (anthocyanin free) burmannii (blush color) capensis 'Albino'...
  20. Rball

    Ventricosa x Trusmadiensis

    I have a plant with two basals. Looking for Hamata, Ephippiata, Nepenthes aristolochioides....idk open for offers, not sure if i want to keep both basals or trade one off. Pm me and let me know