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  1. T

    Tanukimo's Growlist

    List: (photographs below) Drosera adelae Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera collinsiae x burkeana Drosera aff. lanata 'Flying Fox Creek' Drosera madagascariensis Drosera natalensis Drosera paradoxa white, 'Type form', Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT., Australia Drosera roraimae Drosera...
  2. T

    Hello from California

    Hi everyone, I'm Howard. I've been getting back into carnivorous plants after a 3 year gap. I have a Nepenthes (not sure about the species) that I've had for almost 10 years. Here's a list of plants I have acquired in the last few months: Aldrovanda vesiculosa Utricularia gibba Utricularia...
  3. Crissytal

    Looking For

    I'm looking for a few plants that I lost awhile back. Take a look at my growlist. It's fairly up to date. It's missing the Neps and a few items I just received. Looking for: D. graminifolia D. glabripes P. agnata 'El Lobo' P. filifolia P. "Guatemala" P. medusina U. uliginosa I'm also...
  4. erick

    erick gronwlist nov 2011

    - Aldrovanda vesiculosa - Dionaea muscipula (Venus Atrapamoscas) - Droseras: * Aliciae * Anglica * Binata * Capensis (red) * Capensis alba * Rotundifolia * Scorpioides * Filiformis * Neo-caledonica * Adelae * Prolifera * Dielsiana * Burmanni(red) * Burmanni(alba) * intermedia * Pygmea *...
  5. W

    Wing's Grow List

    Dionaea muscipula Akai Ryu=Red Dragon Dionaea-bristle-tooth Dionaea cup trap Cephalotus follicularis Heliamphora nutans Byblis liniflora Nepenthes (rafflesiana x ampullaria) Nepenthes campanulata Nepenthes ampullaria (Bau Spotted) Nepenthes ventricosa (black peristome) Drosera...
  6. P

    Piscesilim's growlist

    Nepenthes N. gracilis N. ampullaria N. rafflesiana N. rafflesiana var. alata N. mirabilis N. albomarginata N. benstonei N. northiana N. ventricosa N. sanguinea N. bicalcarata N. truncata N. reinwardtiana N. stenophylla N. macfarlanei N. veitchii N. maxima N. sibuyanensis N. beccariana N...
  7. L

    Utricularia for ID

    Utricularia IDed (U. fulva) i obtained 3 utrics recently, but somehow i managed to mix up their tags. :headwall: i've got U. bifida, U. chrysantha and U. uliginosa and i think i've got U. uliginosa IDed because the leaf shape is different, but i can't tell the other 2 apart. IDnow, either...
  8. P

    The species list of Utricularia in Malay Peninsula.

    In my several field trips in Peninsular Malaysia, I have found U. aurea, U. gibba, U. caerulea, U. bifida, U. minutissima, U. involvens and U. uliginosa. Anyone know still got what species in Peninsular Malaysia besides the species I have listed?
  9. M

    Urticularia ID pls

    Hey everybody I'm one of those guys into planted aquaria. Anyway a guy on our forums collected this the other day and had no idea what it was. I said it was a utric but wasn't sure what type. My guess is U. uliginosa. It was reportedly collected in less than 5 cm of water. Collection was...
  10. S

    Sam_cph grow lists

    Pygmy Sundews D. citrina D. closterostigma D. dichrosepala D. echinoblasta D. enneaba {white flower} D. enodes D. ericksonae {pink flower} D. helodes D. lasiantha D. leucoblasta D. mannii D. nitidula ssp. allantostigma D. nitidula ssp. leucostigma D. nitidula ssp. omissa D. oreopodion D...
  11. Jeremiah Harris

    Jeremiah's growlist

    GrowList 2020 Jeremiah Harris Carnivorous Plant Growlist Colorado Springs CO Jeremiahsplants@comcast.net Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Brocchinia B. reducta Bybilis B. filifolia “Flowers mauve with pale lemon back”-Boulk area South Peninsular Kimberley W.A. B. liniflora Jeremiah's Cephalotus...
  12. R

    Rob-rah - uk - growlist

    (Updated April 2005) Some (as marked) is seed awaiting germination... <span style='color:green'>Aldrovanda</span> Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Lake Dlugie, Eastern Poland - Bestcarnivorousplants) <span style='color:green'>Byblis</span> Byblis gigantea (Bibbulman Track, robust - Allen Lowrie) (seed)...
  13. voodoolizard

    List of plants i grow

    Byblis liniflora Darlingtonia californica Drosera  D. adelae  D. aliciae  D. binata var. Multifida  D. burmanni  beerwah, QLD  D. capensis  D. capensis 'albino'  D. dielsiana  D. indica  D. intermedia  D. madagascariensis "Botswana"  D. nidiformis  D. roraimae Araca  D...
  14. homer

    Homer's growlist

    Updated February 11, 2007 Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia californica Dionea muscipula 'Akai Ryu', and "typical" Drosera adelae admirabilis ceres alicia ascendens [Ron Lane, September 2005] anglica Borneo 8 burmanni burmanni "Beerwah" capensis "alba" capensis "typical" capensis "red"...
  15. S

    Seans growlist-

    Here is my latest growlist- South African Drosera Drosera admirabilis Drosera admirabilis 'Ceres, RSA' Drosera admirabilis 'Palmiet River, RSA' Drosera admirabilis 'seed from holotype' Drosera affinis 'Namibia' Drosera aliciae Drosera burkeana Drosera capensis 'Mini Red' Drosera capensis...
  16. Copper

    D. nidiformis red, venusta and peltata

    Trades will come first in importance and will be sent out ASAP.   After trades I will take SASE ($2 for bubblelope or $3 small box and shipping).  If SASE - first - PM me, second - send the money, making sure to have a return addresss and a note stating which plants and what your forum name...
  17. kayaker78

    Still looking for utrics

    Im running short of spare plants to trade, but Utrics do grow fast.  Plants with a * next to them are currently available for trade.  I also have 2 1/2" pots, I can sent them out of to 90 in a box. Also looking for pings Utricularia Grow list- U. alpina U. amythstina U...
  18. kayaker78

    2 1/2" plastic pots for trade

    I have tons of 2 1/2" pots to trade for any plants i dont have! Im primarily looking for Utrics I dont have, also mexican pings and drosera. I know everyone can use these!   My grow list (pm me for updates): Cephalotus follicularis Drosera 1. D. aliciae {seed} 2. D. anglica {seed} 3. D...
  19. Jeremiah Harris

    Trade list

    Hello Here is a list of plants I have for trade. just to let you know some of the Nepenthes I may want to hold on to for month or so just to make sure that are doing well. I'm looking for any CPs not I my grow list (I will add in a new post). D. californica D. muscipula D. admirabilis D...
  20. homer

    Utrics for trade

    I have a plug each of tricolor and livida for trade.  Plugs are approx. 2" in diameter. I'm looking for any utric not on my list.  USA only please. Here's what I am currently growing: alpina amethystina arenaria bisquamata calycifida 'Yog-sothoth' dichotoma flaccida graminifolia...