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  1. charlie

    charlie's grow list

    here's my grow list. Plants with a t available for trade my grow list Aldrovanda A. vesiculosa Byblis B. linflora (t seeds) Dionaea D. miscipula t not very healthy but should purk up :) D. miscipula 'b52' D. miscipula 'ginormous' D. miscipula 'green dragon' t D. miscipula 'low giant'...
  2. U

    Nepenthes terrarium for the beginner

    Hey, some questions for those seasoned Nepenthes growers out there. I recently purchased my first two plants (N. "miranda" and N. ventrata, as best as I can tell). Both fairly small plants and about 3-4 inches height. Both are a little bit yellow, but I suspect that might have come from a...
  3. fdfederation

    When one does not brace one's plants for winter...

    Outdoor nighttime temperatures have been around 29 deg F these past few days and I forgot to bring N. x ventrata indoors. The growth tips have shriveled P.S. The other Nepenthes have been kept indoors year round.
  4. NatchGreyes

    NatchGreyes Growlist / Wantlist

    Notice: Growlist now available on my blog - http://ngcarnivorousplants.blogspot.com/p/grow-list.html. The blog list will be updated. This one will not. Growlist: (* = Extras for sale/trade) (Updated 2/4/2014) Aldrovanda vesiculosa – 1 Byblis liniflora – 1 Cephalotus Typical – 1...
  5. D

    N. (Ventrata X Alata) X Ventricosa red seeds for postage

    They are now taken!!! Thanks for your interest!!
  6. dionae

    Free nepenthes seeds for shipping

    Hello everyone. I harvested some seed from my N. ventrata x alata plant today. It was pollinated with ventricosa red. I have 7 pods available to the first 7 people that sign up and are able to paypal me $2.25 for shipping first class in a bubble envelope. I will PM everyone that gets them once...
  7. theplantman

    N. alata or N. x ventrata?

    Got an NOID Nepenthes from a grad student friend of mine about 3 months ago and I would love to hear if anyone can give me a definitive ID either way. He lost the tag and couldn't remember what it was and I just want to be sure before I slap a label on it. Is it an alata or x ventrata?
  8. Axelrod12

    How am I doing so far?

    I want to get some help from the more experienced people here to see if I'm doing anything wrong or if there's anything I can do better. I was at a local garden center a week ago and kinda impulsively purchased two CPs they had there. I've had them IDed as N. x ventrata and D. Capensis...
  9. A

    Hello from Brisbane, Australia

    Hey all, I've been lurking here for a while without posting and since I have decided to get further into the hobby I thought I had better introduce myself. I first became interested in carnivorous plants when I red an article on Sarracenia in a magazine, I couldn't find any at any if the local...
  10. Mr Acurite

    First real Terrarium. Advice?

    Hello Everyone! Today I built a terrarium, using 2 100W fluorescent bulbs, the 18" x 18" x 24" exo-terra terrarium, some aquarium gravel, aluminium foil, cardboard, and a health amount of duct tape. Here's a picture of it; http://postimg.org/image/3ol5rfuxd/ From left to right; N. (x ventrata) x...
  11. P

    Lf nepenthes lowland or highland

    New to cps only have ventrata /a bunch of seeds started..no germination yet. But have named orchids for trade...and one interested?
  12. D_muscipula

    Seeking neps for local victorian estate/greenhouse. Pictures! ^_^

    Hello everyone. I live in Salem Oregon. Here in town is a lovely Victorian estate complete with gardens. The gardens and house consist of 5 acres and are open to the public 365 days a year unless booked for a private event, which usually means a wedding. The place is owned by the city of Salem...
  13. T

    4 year old Nepenthes Ventrata is all vined out. Need trimming advice.

    I've had my plant for 4 years now, and it kind of got a little neglected and was allowed to vine out when it reached that stage. It now has 4 vines: an 18 inch one, a 16 inch one, a 7 inch one, and a 9 inch one. All of them have lost the lower leaves and the stem has gone woody in that lower...
  14. bellsprout

    Bellsprouts grow list

    All grown as windowsill plants, outside in the summer. -Dionaea: two different plants, both no ID. One huge green, one small with red in the traps, but the color is gone now. ‘wacky traps’, ‘bohemian garnet’, ‘red dragon’, ‘louchapates’ ‘shark teeth’ -Drosera: anglica rotundifolia (I...
  15. bellsprout

    Hi from Belgium

    Hi all, this is my first post ever on a forum :) So i'm a student from Belgium and I keep some plants in our house for several years. In spring 2013 i bought my first cp (i was always interested in them but i thought they were impossible to keep) It was a nepenthes (ventrata i think) from a...
  16. A

    Aussie growlist

    Nepenthes Alata (unknown variety) Bicalcarata sri aman Mirabilis Thai Mirabilis Au Cape York Mirabilis Viking Gracilis red Gracilis nigropurpurea (male) Albomarginata green Truncata Vieilardii Sanguinea red Benstonei Veitchii pink Veitchii Bau Veitchii Mt Murudu sarawak Ampullaria Green...
  17. Johanovich

    Looking for trades

    Hi everyone I currently have some surplus plants and I'm looking to diversify my collection. I live in Belgium and do not have permits to export overseas so preferably only trades within Europe. I have the following plants for trade: Nepenthes: -2 cuttings of Nepenthes truncata (pasian) that...
  18. W

    Wrazik's grow list

    HELIAMPHORA 1. H. arenicola (Tramen Tepui) SG 2. H. ceracea (Cerro Neblina) 3. H. chimantensis (Chimanta) 4. H. ciliata 5. H. collina (Foothills Testigos) 6. H. exappendiculata (Amuri Tepui) SG 7. H. exappendiculata (Apacapa Tepui) 8. H. exappendiculata (Aprada...
  19. East_to_west


    Hey all (for the second time in 24 hours..), The first CP I've ever bought was a VFT from a supermarket, but besides one thats growing on the other side of the country at my Mom's pad, I don't have a single fly trap. I'd love to try my hand at growing one and pay homage to the plant that got me...
  20. Oregoncp

    Oregoncp's Growlist

    Nepenthes ventrata ventricosa 'Lady Pauline' Drosera rotundifolia filiformis "red" tokaiensis spatulata binata multifida 'extrema' adelae nidiformis admirabilis dielsiana / natalensis (not sure yet, still seedlings) vensuta...