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venus flytrap

  1. I

    Plz help my vft!!

    Hello everyone The tips of the newly emerging leaves on 2 of my vft seedlings are turning black! Why is this happening? Should I trim the black parts? It has been living in 30~50% humidity, basic watering (filtered) and 12cm away from three T5 led lights. Media is 1:1 peat/silica sand...
  2. L

    What are Death Cubes?

    Hello. I'm doing an essay on Venus Flytraps and I want to include a part on Death Cubes. I know they are those V.T. kits sold in stores, but I cant find the reason why they are called Death Cubes. If you know, please explain it to me!
  3. philiptdotcom

    PAID (Fred P $12) 'King Henry' (Venus flytrap [cultivar]) #2 : 3 small plants

    Dionaea 'King Henry' (Venus flytrap [cultivar]) #2 : 3 small plants (bare root). Minimum bid $8. U.S. sales only; flat-rate priority-mail shipping ($8.30) paid by buyer, same flat rate includes ALL items buyer wins from this donor. Inquiries: PT@PhilipT.com
  4. D

    Ebay (Mine) Drosera, utrics, nepenthes, vfts and orchids for sale/trade

    https://www.ebay.com/usr/artifexslivinski Items currently for sale *I'm also open to trades. Nepenthes Bicalcarata Seedling Phragmipedium warscewiczianum x Phragmipedium wallissi Drosera Medley Laelia speciosa Utricularia Subulata Utricularia Sandersonii Fetid Passionflower, 50 seeds...
  5. Rachel8T4

    EEEK HELP!!! My Tissue Culture got too Hot!!!

    I planted out My Giant Clam and Triton tissue cultures a couple of weeks ago, and have been slowly acclimatising them by gradually opening up their zip lock bags. They have been sitting in the same location on my kitchen bench since I first received them in their little vials, months back...
  6. K

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Hello! I'm so happy to have found this forum. My CP addiction started when I bought my first Venus Flytrap a few months ago. They grow naturally near our coast. I bought mine from Lowe's Home Improvement. Shortly after purchasing mine my little niece had to have one. This time we went to the...