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  1. bloks1995

    Bloks1995's growlist

    Personal Collection: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia Californica Heliamphora minor Sarracenia jonesii Sarracenia x cateo Nepenthes truncata Nepenthes veitchii "Hose Mountains" Nepenthes truncata x maxima "mini" seedlings Nepenthes sanguinea Nepenthes x ventrata Nepenthes x miranda...
  2. bluemutiny

    D. arcturi in the City

    Hey all, There was some interest earlier this year in my experience growing D. Arcturi. I live in a warm city with 30*c summer days but successfully grow both mature plants and seedlings of alpine sundew, including Arcturi. For my mature plants, this is their third season. The seedlings are...
  3. Radagast

    The following D. capensis varieties - Red, Bainskloof, capensis x spatulata

    Lots of Drosera varieties Hi Folks, I'm looking to add the following plants to my Drosera collection - slackii, madagascariensis, capensis 'Red', capensis 'Bainskloof', capensis x spatulata, nidiformis. I would be happy to receive seeds, or a plant. I have the following seeds available to...
  4. K

    Kat's Grow + Trade List (as of now)

    Grow list: VFT's: ======= * VFT long red fingers (2 plants) * VFT Akai Ryu (2 pots - w/ offsets) * VFT cupped trap (3 small pots full) * VFT king henry (1 plant) * VFT all green 'goddess' (1 plant w/ offsets) * VFT Dark Red traps (1 plant w/ offset) * VFT Typical (1 pot many offsets) * VFT...
  5. J

    Jeremy's Grow List

    Cephalotus follicularus Drosera: capensis venusta madagascariensis adelae scorpioides regia multifida extrema spatulata collinsiae omissa x pulchella Heliamphora minor Nepenthes: ventricosa (red) spectabilis hamata jamban jacquelineae singalana veitchii truncata vogelli chaniana lingulata...
  6. WolframOmega

    WolframOmega's Growlist

    Hi all, Here is my puny growlist. Enjoy! Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula 'Ginormous' S. flava var. cuprea (Lois x botanique) Sarracenia rubra subsp. gulfensis Sarracenia leucophylla (Drummond's giant imposter) S. minor var. okefenokeensis Charlton Co, GA Sarracenia purpurea subsp. venosa...
  7. J

    Long time lurker from PA

    So I joined this forum over a year ago and never really participated much. However, I've learned alot from the great community here and am hoping to share the little knowledge I have and gain some more! I'm currently in college (Penn State) and spending the summer at my parents farm before...
  8. Cthulhu138

    Drosera venusta var. coccicaulis Seeds For Trade

    I currently have 2 packets of D.venusta var. coccicaulis seeds up for trade. Just looking for seeds from anything that I'm not currently growing for these. Thanks.
  9. jimscott

    Looking For A Trade

    I had a rough winter, for a variety of reasons and am trying to get some plants back into the collection: I lost all of my VFT's and cobra lily, D. adelae, D. prolifera, D. falconeri, D. ordensis,... spatulata, capillaris, rotundifolia, intermedia, burmannii. gypsicola, cyclosecta, gracilis...
  10. w03

    LF a few ZA Drosera

    I've been looking to trade for Drosera - D. admirabilis in particular, but I am also looking for D. venusta and D. nidiformis (or perhaps D. hamiltonii). I have U. calycifida 'Yog-Sothoth', U. longifolia, D. adelae, a plug of U. praelonga, and a small P. emarginata. For D. admirabilis I might...
  11. T

    Drosera flower stalks for SASE

    Many of my Drosera have bloomed and I have a lot of flowerstalks to give away. I have Drosera capensis, nidiformis, and venusta flowerstalks available. I will randomly pick two winners on Friday, who will need to send me a SASE. I will ship the stalks as soon as I receive the envelopes. If you...
  12. T

    Darlingtonia wilting

    Today I noticed that my Darlingtonia appears to be wilting. The mature pitchers as well as the developing ones appear to be drying up. The plant looked fine just a few days ago. It has been overcast the last few days and it rained a few days ago, so I haven't watered the plant in a few days...
  13. T

    Utricularia and Drosera giveaway

    This giveaway will be for two packages, each containing various Utricularia and Drosera. I will pick the winners on Friday. Entering both is allowed but if the same person wins both I will pick another winner for one of the packages. The winners will need to pay $3 (preferably using Paypal) for...
  14. kulamauiman

    A bunch of Drosera venusta. (CPJerrod $16)

    You are bidding on a bunch of Drosera venusta plants. What is a bunch? Say half a dozen. They are weedy for me and I need to clean out a pot of them before they overtake the greenhouse. Plants will be yanked out ... ummm bare rooted carefully, and packed carefully and mailed to the winner. D...
  15. DroseraLover

    DroseraLover's Growlist

    Cephalotus Cephalotus Follicularis Dionaea Dionaea Muscipula *It has ceased to be! (Dead)* Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu" *It has also ceased to be! (Dead)* Drosera Drosera Adelae Drosera Adelae "Red Giant" Drosera Admirabilis Drosera Aliciae Drosera Binata var. Multifida Drosera Burmannii...
  16. T

    Drosera and Utricularia for trade

    I have the following species available for trade. Drosera nidiformis Drosera venusta Utricularia bifida Utricularia blanchetii Utricularia chrysantha Utricularia calycifida Utricularia geminiscapa Utricularia lateriflora I'm interested in Utricularia and tropical Drosera (especially...
  17. Joseph Clemens

    The irresistible appeal of Sundews

    Now that I'm actively working to restore my CP collection, I'm giving serious thought, as to which Drosera to include first, in my newly regrowing collection. Of course, I've already started with Drosera regia 'Big Easy', Drosera schizandra, Drosera prolifera, and Drosera adelae. Through the...
  18. ps3isawesome

    Where are this new growth from?

    Drosera venusta, received it from a giveaway. I recently noticed two new growth point and I"m not sure if it's from the D. venusta, seeds from the D. venusta since it flowered, or from other flowered plants. Thanks!! Regardless, I'm super happy because I thought this plant was going to die.
  19. Brolloks

    Sundews dying after flowering

    Hi, Is it normal for some Sundews to die after they flower? Not taking into account the annual sundews such as Burmannii. I have had my Venusta and some of my Binata die after flowering. Now I am to afraid of letting any of my other sundews flower as I don't want them to die. Just a note...
  20. Randoja

    My CP Windowsill Exploits.

    Hello there, I'm Randoja. My plan is to keep this thread updated with the progress of my plants and photos of any new ones I get as well. Everything is setup in just one south window. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about my plants, as well as receive any advice or suggestions you...