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  1. F

    maroon monster VFT

    Hi all, Looking to trade for a VFT Maroon Monster division or something similar. I have all sorts of things for trade. PM if interested.
  2. S

    Shiftyfrank's Photos

    Here is my VFT two days after repot. The two lower traps are dying but with 7-8 new ones growing I'm not too worried http://rs1268.pbsrc.com/albums/jj572/drbonest/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20160526_170037134_HDR_zpsrcxzznn6.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip
  3. S

    Mystery Traveler

    We bought a typical VFT the other day and it had this white plastic ring covering the soil, and when we looked underneath we found this little guy: http://rs1268.pbsrc.com/albums/jj572/drbonest/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20160524_191340133_HDR_zpsmfev6dte.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip It looks to my...
  4. S


    Me and my fiancee are first time growers- just repotted our first VFT Here's after the repot: http://rs1268.pbsrc.com/albums/jj572/drbonest/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20160524_191254368_HDR_zpsnfjws6wr.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip
  5. A

    VFT Correctly Potted?

    After many years of not having any Venus Flytraps, I am attempting them again. I recently setup two plants, a B-52 and a DC XL. The DC XL came in bad shape and has been struggling (see the story and photos in this link...
  6. R

    What did you get from the 2016 NASC auction?

    I've seen these threads every few years and always enjoyed them, so I'll start one. Ignore the bad photos and the garden hose, it is connected to my A/C drain pipe and is supplying my water. Already alot of new growth on both the Sarrs. DSC_0377 by randallsimpson, on Flickr DSC_0376 by...
  7. curtisconners

    The photo thread of curtisconners

    I decided to finally start a photo thread, now that I know how to post photos. I don't know how many updates this will be getting, but as of right now, enjoy. Here's what I won at the NASC auction. S. [(purpurea x rubra) x self] x judith hindle S. leucophylla "tarnok" A typical VFT...
  8. Dalton

    Crossing Hobbies!?

    It's always nice when your hobbies can support each other. Pictured below are one of my new honey bees (just started got them on 4/9, my first ones), and some VFT 'Red Dragon' that I recently ordered and I'm acclimating them in and area that isn't full sun all day. It also happens to be under a...
  9. Ozzy

    Homemade VFT pot with giant VFT (3) (no bids)

    You're bidding on a homemade terracotta pot with a giant VFT. Bidding starts at $15 Winner pays $7 shipping (May be higher if shipped outside the US.
  10. Ozzy

    *PAID* Homemade VFT Pot with Giant VFT (2) (carolatcj $15)

    Bidding starts at $15 Winner pays $7 shipping (May be higher if shipped outside the US)
  11. Ozzy

    VFT flower pot (1) (no bids)

    A home made painted terracotta (Don't judge me, you can use a plastic pot insert) with a painted vft on the side. Bidding starts at $10 Winner pays $7 shipping (may be higher if shipped out side the US)
  12. curtisconners

    Vft "dente" natural division rate?

    Good afternoon, terraforums. I have a "dente" vft and when I repotted it this spring I found out that I had more than ten! I couldn't count them all, but all except one were seedling sized. In your experience, how often does dente divide? Thanks in advance.
  13. A

    Damaged Venus Flytrap

    Yesterday I received a Venus Flytrap in the mail. It arrived a bit beat up. Besides proper light, and sitting in a water filled tray, is there anything I can do to help this plant? Should I attempt to feed it's only open trap? I haven't had a VFT in many years (and when I did, I didn't know...
  14. adnedarn

    FREE Thank You memberships!

    First off, what the heck is Thank You membership you may ask? Find out HERE. I want to give a heart felt thanks to everyone donating their items to the NASC auctions! We all know the NASC does some wonderful work out there for these great plants, and I think we all love helping them raise...
  15. 3

    *PAID* One of a Kind, REAL Venus Fly Trap Pendant Necklace! (carolatcj $50)

    I have a handmade, by me, Venus Fly Trap Necklace up for auction. A REAL, dried VFT is locked inside a glass 1" diameter pendant for you to enjoy forever (unless, of course, your drop it on a hard surface and break it)! The VFT pendant is hung on an 18" silver plated chain and the glass...
  16. S

    Red growth around severed flower stem on VFT

    I trimmed a stem off of these recently replanted vfts and around the base of the severed stem weird pinkish growth has occurred. Can anyone tell me what this is? the severed stem has also become really fat. It is that big brown blob where the pinkish growth is surrounding
  17. Dalton

    Inch Worms in my Apple Trees

    I was fertilizing and mulching my young apple trees yesterday. I found inch worms trying to eat the leaves. My VFT had a few new traps that just opened. . . I think the other inch worms understand now. I totally felt like Neegan off TWD. :banana2:
  18. F

    *PAID* Small Red Dragon, and B52 Venus Fly Trap Cultivars (JBL $32)

    These are both very desirable VFT clones: Dionaea 'Akai Ryu' photos Dionaea 'B52' photos The Red Dragon is totally red if grown under bright lights, and the B52 is one of the largest VFT cultivars. Winner pays $3 for shipping. US only. I cannot supply phytosanitary or nursery certificates...
  19. Ozzy

    *PAID* 20 Flytrap Seeds (Larguello $15)

    Up for bid are 20 VFT seeds. Location data will be disclosed to winner. Bids start at $1 Shipping $1 paid by winner.
  20. jerrysmith

    Planted my VFT today

    I took my 15 VFT out of the refrigerator today and removed them from the moist peat moss they were stored in over the winter. Potted them in pure peat moss. They are in a sunny window in my unheated garage since we are expecting a cold snap late this week down to the mid 20's. Might bring in my...