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  1. T

    various plants

    I have the following species available for trade (fairly recent pictures can be found in my growlist). I'm mostly looking for Utricularia and highland Drosera but feel free to offer other plants too. Utricularia alpina Utricularia amethystina (purple and white flower forms) Utricularia...
  2. S

    ScatterPants Grow List

    Work in progress... Indoors Pinguicula Tropical/Mexican Pinguicula Species and Specific Localities P. agnata red leaf November 2016, Feb. 2017, March 2017 P. cyclosecta November 2016, March 2017 P. ehlersiae - Victoria November 2016, March 2017 P. 'El Mirador' November 2016, March 2017 P...
  3. T

    various Utricularia and Drosera

    I have the following plants available for trade: Drosera communis Drosera flexicaulis Drosera riparia Drosera roraimae Drosera spiralis Utricularia alpina Utricularia amethystina Utricularia appendiculata Utricularia bifida Utricularia biloba Utricularia chrysantha Utricularia cornuta...
  4. R

    Mona's Grow List

    Mona's Grow List Cephalotus: Clone #1 Common Typical Ron Gagliardo Clone Coal Mine Beach Hummer’s Giant Czech Giant ‘Vigorus’ ‘Black Eden’ Hasting’s Clone #2 Dionea: Typical x2 Cup Trap Red Pirahna Red Dragon Akai Ryu Drosera: Delisiana Hamiltonii Intermedia Burmanii Brevifolia Spatulata...
  5. E

    My own little shop of horrors

    After a long pause growing plants I recently started againin January 2016. Hopefully the spring will allow me to ramp up slowly and see what species I can grow outside without much trouble. Darlingtonia - D. californica Dionaea - D. muscipula typical form Seeds - D. muscipula (sprouted)...
  6. nimbulan

    Nimbulan's grow list

    Last update: 3/7/18 If you have any suggestions for ways to improve the organization of my growlist, please let me know! Byblis: Byblis gigantea Byblis guehoi, West Kimberley Byblis lamellata, Eneabba, WA, BCP S064 Cephalotus: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia: Darlingtonia californica...
  7. T

    various Utricularia

    I have various Utricularia species for trade. I am looking for subtropical Drosera and Utricularia species I don't have. These are the species available: Utricularia appendiculata Utricularia alpina Utricularia warburgii Utricularia tridentata Utricularia rostrata Utricularia biloba...
  8. chevyguy8893

    Chevyguy's Photo Thread

    This will be a thread mostly consisting of my carnivorous plants, but also some other random plant photos from time to time. To start, these are some pictures of the plants that I grow indoors in my basement. I don't have any current photos of plants that I have outside on the deck. Since I...
  9. U

    Utricularia's Growlist

    I have been asked for my growlist many times and I am really bad about keeping one so here goes (As of this posting this list is incomplete and only includes my Aldrovanda, Genliseas and Utricularias). My Interests in the Carnivorous plant world Primary Interests - Utricularias - Genliseas -...
  10. NatchGreyes

    Some common-ish plants and Utrics for trade/give-away (D. capensis, N. alata)

    Hey Everyone: Repotted about half my collection yesterday and weeded out a few things. Gonna do this WYSIWYG style: Drosera The pot of 5 or so immature D. capensis 'typical' in the center of the photo. (It was a bit hard to get the photo). I'd like to trade off all of them. Nepenthes First...
  11. T

    Tanukimo's Growlist

    List: (photographs below) Drosera adelae Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera collinsiae x burkeana Drosera aff. lanata 'Flying Fox Creek' Drosera madagascariensis Drosera natalensis Drosera paradoxa white, 'Type form', Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT., Australia Drosera roraimae Drosera...
  12. anramitaco

    Anramitaco's Grow List

    Nepenthes N. albomarginata N. burbidgeae x veitchii N. chaniana x veitchii N. glandulifera x burbidgeae N. vogelii Pinguicula P. gigantea Non-carnivorous plants Orchids Brassavola cucullata Eulophia petersii Eulophia spectabilis Maxillaria tenuifolia Maxillaria variabilis Oeceoclades...
  13. byuboy29

    U. warburgii (mattsikra $20)

    You are bidding on a 1X1in plug of what I believe to be U. warburgii (I would love if somebody could confirm this ID for me). The plug will be taken from the pot pictured which is currently flowering. Opening bid $2. Winner pays $6 for shipping. USA only (my apologies to international growers)...
  14. FloridaCP

    FloridaCP's growlist

    Hey everyone. I finally got around to typing up a list for you all. I'm pretty sure I got everything but not 100% sure. Also keep in mind I work in a greenhouse where we've got over 300 species of plants ranging from orchids, ferns, tropical fruits, cactus, ethnobotanicals and more. So if you're...
  15. mattb

    Update on my NASC auction plants/and monster pinguicula.

    Hi, I wanted to post pictures of the plants I won in the latest NASC auction. They are all growing fabulously. I won a Drosera esmeraldae which has gotten much bigger.http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk231/mattbyers/recent/esmereldae.jpg I got a group of bladderworts, includeing warburgii and...
  16. PaulJ69

    Genlisea and U. paulineae help

    I need some help/tips to grow these. First off, the G. margaretae. I'm growing it in milled sphagnum with the water level pretty much topped off. Moss keeps growing around it and I trim it back as needed. It really hasn't grown for me since I received it back in November. U. paulineae: I'm...
  17. RL7836

    Utric variety pack II (added U. longifolia) (catrus $30)

    Up for auction are plugs of four utrics. Although they are in the utric group often called 'weedy', these specific clones do not self-seed but grow very strongly/easily. Included in the pack are: - U. livida - very nice clone that flowers constantly for me - U. sandersonii "white" - this is...
  18. RL7836

    Utric variety pack - little guys (mattb $25)

    Up for auction are plugs of four of the small utrics. Although they are in the utric group often called 'weedy', these specific clones do not self-seed but grow very strongly/easily. Included in the pack are: - U. livida - very nice clone that flowers constantly for me - U. sandersonii "white"...
  19. hcarlton

    hcarlton's Growlist

    Nepenthes 'Miranda' (male) ventricosa "red" (male) x ventrata (female) Black Dragon-izumiae x truncata ampullaria "red speckled" Sajingan x hookeriana Sajingan ventricosa x gymnamphora 'Rokko' Exotica (female) x mixta (male) truncata Lowland SG rafflesiana var. alata Sajingan (spathulata x...
  20. Kyle

    U. warburgii

    Since this is blooming for me now, it's easily my favorite of the weeds that have bloomed for me. What a gorgeous plant.