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  1. rattler

    Drosera and orchids just outside of Adelaide

    i started my exploration of Oz with Troy offering to take me out to see some tuberous Drosera he knew about.....unfortunately while i came at a bad time for reptiles(winter down here) was the perfect time for tuberous Drosera....according to Troys field guide of plants of the area, the climbing...
  2. L

    Growlist of Lutz

    Once I was in a store and there was a corner in which some really strange plants were standing. They shall eat meat or something like that and they are probably dangerous. No risc no fun. I took one of the glistening with the sticky leaves. About 10 years later ...... Cephalotus Cephalotus...
  3. Brie

    Tuberous drosera collection available, PNW people only

    So.. the time has come that I need to trim down my collection.. And the finicky indoor growing stuff needs to be cut back... I've decided to focus down to just some specific groups and tuberous just doesnt fit in with my plans. As these are still actively growing, i'm not shipping them.. And I...
  4. V

    tuco's grow list!

    canoinhas city, santa catarina state, brazil 26°10'38" south 50°23'24" west 765mts above sea level (köppen-geiger: Cfa) - adult plants: sarracenia - sarracenia alabamensis 'thornsby' CR - sarracenia alata 'red lid' desoto CR - sarracenia flava 'gold' CR - sarracenia flava 'red tube' JMP -...
  5. C

    Corners List

    not up to date 9/16/2013 Drosera -------- Affinis Spatulata x Capensis Capensis Alba CapensisTypical Capensis Red Madagascariensis Regia Nitudula x Pulchella Lasanthia Pings ----- Pinguicula Moranensis Nepenthes ---------- Alata Hamata clone #1 Spat x Hamata Kashiani Burbidgea x edwardsiana...
  6. dionae

    D. whittakeri

    Hi. Can anyone give me any tips on what this dew likes as far as light, temps and media. I know its a tuberous dew but thats about it:blush:. Thanks!
  7. Z

    Byblisera's Growlist

    Grow List November 2011 Trades always welcome! Tuberous Drosera andersoniana auriculata bulbosa ‘Walker, WA’ cistiflora erythrorhiza ssp erythrorhiza erythrorhiza ssp squamosa ‘laterite growing form’ erythrorhiza ssp squamosa ‘sand growing form’ gigantea lowriei ‘Ravensthorpe, WA’ macrantha ssp...
  8. aaddaam

    looking to trade for a few things

    hello I am looking to trade some my plants for medim to large D. regia, drosophyllum seeds and D. graomogolensis. i have plenty of things to trade so heres a list of all of it. pots full of Stylidium debile h. Nutans-Wei( 2 plants in the pot and they are divisions from a seedgrown plant)...
  9. blokeman

    Plain English CP Encyclopedia

    i would like to start by saying i found this on www.thegardenhelper.com . this is not my work, it is that of the person who posted this on the site mentionned above. I thought it is EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE and makes defining easy by using plain old english, and not technical terms! Please, ENJOY...
  10. aaddaam

    addaam's growlist

    this list is only somewhat updated nepenthes Highland aristolochioides-seedlings ephippiata-Gunung Rajah, Borneo x1 glabrata hamata-clone 1,2,3,4 wistuba x4 hamata- seedling x3 inermis-Gunung Gadut, Sumatra x1 inermis-talang solok-seedlings jamban x1 jaquelineae x1 lowii x2 macrophylla x2...
  11. M

    Drosera whittakeri question?

    I just recieved a tuber of D. whittakeri ssp. whittakeri and was wondering: 1) Should I go ahead and pot it up in its media or wait til fall for cooler temps? 2) I have heard these need a nightly temp drop but have also read of them being kept in constant 70-80F temps. Whats the scoop? 3)...
  12. A

    D. whittakeri in the wild...

    Thought I should start a new post rather than follow one from the last, due to the number of pics. These were taken yesterday on my parent’s 21 acre property just outside of Melbourne.  Its been raining a bit so the ground looks much wetter than it usually is.  All of these are growing on a Sth...
  13. A

    D. whittakeri time...

    Totally forgot I had a pot of this stuff hidden in the garden (overgrown by a large shrub!): This is about a 25cm shallow pot.  Mostly sand/peat mix (looks like some bird poop as well!).   To give you an idea of the tuber’s hardiness... I did not water it at ANY stage through the summer. And...
  14. J

    Various Drosera pictures

    In January I got a new camera: A Canon A610. The built in macro modus is great. Here some nearly unmodified (just resized) snapshots: Drosera auriculata: Drosera paradoxa: Drosera macrophylla: Drosera rosulata: Drosera rupicola (or: D. stolonifera ssp. rupicola) Drosera whittakeri...
  15. nepenthes gracilis

    D. whittakeri

    Lovely little winter jewel! D. whittakeri Triffids Orange Sunrise
  16. indymental

    Indymentals growlist u.k

    SARRACENIA alata typical alata-double flower alata black tube alata red lid areolata brooks hybrid catesbai chelsonii comptonensis ex Bank farm 218 courtii courtii x wrigleyana dianne whittaker dixie lace excellens x leucophylla excellens red flower excellens yellow flower...
  17. F

    flytraps2000's growlist

    Hello everyone, here is my grow list.  Little old with some additions missing but pretty accurate. Current 2/05 additions coming soon, couple losses to. Aldrovanda ald1 Japanese form ald2 Australian red form NSW near Mertens Creek above Big Mertens Falls near Mitchel Falls, Kimberley...
  18. P

    Paul's growlist

    Drosera adelae Drosera adelae giant form Drosera admirabilis ceres Drosera ascendens Drosera Borneo Drosera capensis 'Alba' Drosera capensis Red Drosera capensis typical Drosera capensis narrow leaf Drosera X henryana (aliciae x capensis) Drosera capillaris Drosra capillaris Pasco Co Fl X...
  19. fly-catchers

    D. whittakeri looking sick- again!

    Hi Last winter a number of my D. whittakeri started to look sickly. These plants eventually rotted and died.   I waited until my two remaining plants were completely dormant and repotted them in fresh compost. The 4 tubers I got out of the pots looked healthy. Now one of the 4 plants has just...
  20. J

    Drosera whittakeri in flower (pics)

    I took those pictures some time ago: Cheers, Jan