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  1. GemStateC

    GemStateCarnivore's GrowList

    My Plant List: Nepenthes: ampularia "melvino" sanguinea sanguina Ulu Kali x gentle x ventrata ventricosa maxima x trusmadiensis ventricosa x ephipiata Lovelock NN5201181 merrilliana hybrid Caesar NN1250251 Aeonium truncata Lorraine NN4881048 singalana x boschiana Predator HCEP112 robcantleyi...
  2. S

    Late August Sarr pics

    oreophila x purpurea 'Imhotep' (leucophylla x (leucophylla x flava)) x open-pollinated flower is from a different plant unknown hybrid, minor x probably alata from a Lois Ochs Ebay Grab-bag last year from same grab-bag, probably the same plant 'Ladies in Waiting' x open-pollinated...
  3. S

    2011 Crosses

    Had a lot of flowers this year and spent the last few weeks going through a lot of paintbrushes. Here's what was accomplished (mom first): -Snowflake x unknown (moorei?) -(leucophylla x moorei) x Snowflake -(leucophylla x moorei) x Fireworks -(flava x ???) x Snowflake -Fireworks x oreophila...
  4. S

    Shots From This Evening

    Finally got around to taking some pics, although it was a little late and lighting was not ideal. Most pitchers just recently opened, or are in the process. 'Snowflake' (oreophila x 'willisii') x open-pollinated 3-yrs from seed [(oreophila x flava) x leucophylla] x open-pollinated 3-yrs...
  5. S

    Sarracenia Flowers 2011

    About 1/2-way through the blooming season here in NW Wisconsin. Thanks to our cold spring, I'm about 2-3 weeks behind the usual time. An unknown hybrid, S. minor x ??? 'Lady Bug' 'Medusa' (alata x flava) x open-pollinated, 3 yrs from seed I might add 'Red Sumatra' alabamensis...
  6. F

    Complex hybrid DroseraBug $10

    Up for bid is another Triffid Park creation, S.alata X 'Willisii' Thanx for looking and bidding on my plant USA only Plant will be shipped bare root Cost of shipping will be between $6.00 -$10.00 depending on winner's choice of packaging Let the begining bid begin @ 5.00
  7. dionae

    Dionaes' Grow List

    Hello everyone. Heres my grow list. Nothing special really:). Cephalotus Follicularis 1 typical Hummers Giant Czech Giant Dionaea Muscipula-will trade any as they divide Typicals Crimson Sawtooth Dente Low Giant Fused Teeth Mega Traps Bristletooth Maroon Monster Several seedlings Drosera D...
  8. back2eight

    some sars I would like to replace

    I lost a few plants to root rot last year and this year that I haven't tried to replace yet. Here are ones I lost that I would like to replace. I'm also interested in collecting Alatas with location data. S. Alata, TX S. Amber Flies S. Areolata, Tibbie Bog, Washington Co. AL S. Areolata...
  9. S

    a few pics

    Snapped a few pics in the greenhouse this morning as I was checking on things. Had a nasty aphid infestation a few weeks back. They're mostly eradicated now, but they sure left their mark on some of the pitchers. Sarracenia 'Odyssey' x leucophylla by aarongunnar, on Flickr 'Odyssey' x...
  10. carnikeeper

    carnikeeper's grow list

    sarracenia purpurea purpurea sarracenia purpurea venosa sarracenia alata sarracenia alata 'maroon throat' sarracenia flava sarracenia rubra sarracenia leucophylla sarracenia leucophylla 'tarnok' sarracenia psittacina sarracenia minor sarracenia x Red sumatra sarracenia flava x alata red/black...
  11. M

    my growlist

    CEPHALOTUS FOLLICULARIS: Cephalotus follicularis (great australian endemic species) DARLINGTONIA CALIFORNICA: Darlingtonia californica "dark type".Very rare dark type.Cultivated from korean tissue.(CZ-plant) DIONEA MUSCIPULA: Dionea yellow red stripe.(enry69) (mellyz) Dionea F04 BCP red...
  12. S

    first flowers of the year

    'Doreen's Colossus' (oreophila x willisii) x open-pollinated
  13. S

    Some Greenhouse Shots

    Paid a visit to the greenhouse this afternoon, to check on the young Sarracenia I get to keep in there over winter, after experiencing a little taste of winter to put them to sleep. Here are some pics: Some seeds I got off Ebay just starting to germinate: S. oreophila x "Toadmaster" some...
  14. S

    End of Year Photos

    Probably the last photos I'll take this year. I don't anticipate much more growth, even though we have record highs in the mid-80's the past couple of days. We did have a couple of frosts last weekend, but nothing looks worse for the wear. Most are seedlings and some are probably repeats...
  15. back2eight

    Looking for Sarracenia, can trade sars, neps, sundew, ping

    I am looking for any sarracenia not on my list below. Those in red are ones I had but they died so I am looking to replace them, or anything else not listed. If you have something to trade me, PM and we will work something out. Thanks! S. Alata, Greene Co. Mississippi S. Alata BT 9501 S...
  16. S

    8-month-old sibings

    Here are 3 sets of seedling siblings, from seeds I got from Wes Buckner. They all germinated right around christmas '09. They're still pretty small, but starting to differentiate. A few are definitely looking promising. First up, mitchelliana x 'wilkerson's red' ----------...
  17. S

    mini bog pics

    Rather than focusing on individual pitchers, I took some group shots of the mini-bogs, or tubs actually, that I keep most of my Sarracenia in. These first two are from the same tub, I'll ID via the 2nd pic. The one in the middle is leucophylla x moorei - open-pollinated. The tall one to...
  18. S

    End of June Sarracenia

    Snapped some photos this evening. Still can't figure out how to get higher quality pics, this DSLR camera is too fancy for me. It would probably help if I took photos during the day and not 8 pm, but that's my only free time. This is one of Bob Ziemer's unknown hybrids. Not sure which one...
  19. Josh Gertz

    Josh Gertz Grow List

    S. Purpurea (Lowe's Death Cube) S. Leucophylla (California Carnivores) S. Minor (California Carnivores) S. Alata var. Rubioperculata (California Carnivores) S. Flava var Cuprea (California Carnivores) S. x 'Catesbaei' - Dominic Diaz Clone (From Rob Co) S. ‘Love Bug’ x flava v. rubricorpora (From...
  20. S

    few pics of Sarra's

    while grillin' dinner tonight, i snapped a few photos of the first open pitchers of the season. oreophila x 'willisii' 'Boob Tube' x open-pollinated 'Boob Tube' x open-pollinated, sibling to previous one got this unknown off Ebay last fall, sure looks like an x excellens, but who...