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  1. S

    Flippin' ca carnivores

    my semi-annual rant: so it was my birthday a couple days ago. for my gift to myself, i decided to order 2 fancy sarra hybrid collections (12 plants altogether). i sent a little note with the order saying I have a ton of hybrids already, so if you could avoid common, primary hybrids, that would...
  2. S

    Sarracenia's growlist

    last update: Feb. 9, 2011 SARRACENIA SPECIES alata - TX flava leucophylla - 'Tarnok' leucophylla - yellow-flowerd leucophylla - Hurricane Creek White minor oreophila purpurea ssp. purpurea rubra gulfensis - antho-free HYBRIDS alata "alabama red" x (purpurea x flava red tube) alabamensis x...
  3. A

    Alexis vallance's growlist

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>Dionaea muscipula (venus flytrap)</span></span> Typical, upright Typical, rosetted Typical, upright, big traps Red Dragon Green Dragon Clayton's Volcanic Red Royal Red Blood Red Australian Red Rosette Fine Tooth x Red...
  4. L

    Sarracenia willisii

    I have a medium sized (not large) semi-dormant division of Sarracenia willisii I want to trade for something like flava 'red tube' or oreophilla 'Don Schnell' or something else nice. Anything but the commons like leucophylla and purpurea (have enough of those). Make me an offer. Ludwig
  5. naja02

    Looking for hardy sarrs......

    Just looking to find out what would be the hardiest Species/Hybrids of sarracenias for my outdoor-in ground bog garden--Zone 7.... I have the following: Sarracenia leucophylla S. Leuchphylla 'Tarnok' S. Leucophylla x willisii "Dana's Delight' S. x Judith Hindle S. rubra rubra S. Flava rugelii...
  6. naja02

    Bog garden, sarrs and red clay

    Ok, I started digging out a Bog Garden that's 14' x 3', and was intending to make it 15" deep. My yard is on top of red clay (which is a real pain to dig). I was intending to dig the 15" and lay down 2 layers of 6 mil plastic with slits cut for drainage, some rock on top of that and then fill...
  7. K

    Hybrid question

    Is S. Willisi the same as Leuc x Willisii (Dana's Delight) - if not what makes the S. Willisi? Thanks Dan
  8. S

    Jonesii-ing for some pics!

    Hey you sarr growers, I am jonesing to see some pics of fall pitchers on the late season varities: leuco, alatas, rubras. Here is a complex cross: looks like a Willisii to me with a KILLER Mitch in the back!
  9. S

    Sarracenia  x  'willisii' on ebay

    Found this auction on Ebay. Since I've never actually seen a willisii, anyone know if this is really a willisii? Ebay - Sarracenia x willisii
  10. S

    This year's crosses

    Here is a list of crosses I did this year. Seed I don't keep for myself will be made available to members of this forum come fall. Mardi Gras - selfed (something chewed into the ovary a little, so time will tell if I end up with any seed from this) rubra gulfensis x moorei - selfed moorei...
  11. BobZ

    S. leucophylla red

    You have probably answered this 1000 times, so I apologize in advance. A while back, I purchased a Sarracenia leucophylla RED from PFT, which the PFT Web page describes as (leucophylla x willisii). According to the CP Database, S. willisii is...
  12. S

    A few flowers

    S. oreophila x willisii S. purpurea x flava rugelli S. purpurea x flava ornata S. rubra gulfensis x (leucophylla x flava) S. rubra x oreophila
  13. L

    S. willisii ?

    Hello all, I was looking at the description of Sarracenia leucophylla 'Red', and it says it is crossed with S. x willisii... what is S. x willisii? Thanks
  14. S

    Spring has sprung

    Finally moved all my plants outside - no danger of frost in Missouri for at least a week (knock on wood). In the sunlight, I noticed probably close to 70 flowers poking up. Have some S. flava that decided dormancy was enough back in January. Those stalks are about a foot high now, but every...
  15. P

    This new growth on sarracenia

    I overdosed with suprthriev on my Sarr and the previous pitcher was 5inches and the new pitcher is 13inchs. Spec willpost a pic up later. The plant is a hybrid S.leucophylla x willisii.
  16. Andenes

    My future sarracenia

    Hey guys! How you doing? My name is Erick and I'm kind of new on all this so...I was just wondering which sarracenia is best suited for me? You see, it's my first sarracenia (I'm a nepenthes guy) so I'm kinda' new with these plants (I haven't ordered any yet). You see I live on a tropical island...
  17. G

    Sarracenia leucophylla x willisii

    A few months ago I purchased a plant called Sarracenia Leucophylla x Willisii.  Finally I had some time to start looking at the parentage of the plant.  Of course I know what Sarracenia Leucophylla is, but in all of the books I looked, and on the internet I couldn't find out what kind of hybrid...
  18. E

    Weird sarracenia growth

    Two of my plants experiencing weird growth patterns -- the new leaves would curl at the growth point. This S. leucophylla X willisii has curved growth. This S. rubra ssp. rubra plant shows the most extreme curling pattern: I am guessing that this might be caused from rotating the pots...
  19. S

    Sarracenia flowers & Freezing

    Are Sarracenia flowers extra-sensitive to freezing? I live in mid-Missouri and for some strange reason, my S. oreophila x willisii is sending up a bud, although everything else is still pretty much dormant. I keep the plants outside unless temps are going to be lower than around 25. I was just...