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  1. A

    Aren't temperate Drosera frost resistant?

    Hi, I'm posting again about my Drosera rotundifolia plants. They recovered nicely after a heatwave, been growing until a few months ago, then somehow stopped probably due to winter temperatures. They formed what I thought could be winter rosettes, however after a few colder days (coldest night...
  2. Plant Heathen

    CP and other plants in a lowland setup?

    Hello everyone. I'm thinking about setting up a lowland Nep tank over the winter and I was wondering what othe CP and plants I can put in with them. Any tips would help. Thanks
  3. DJ57

    Winter pitchers

    Amazing how some sarracenia retain nice-colored pitchers into the winter months. Some of these carry nice pitchers even into spring. Pics taken December 14. [/url][(leucophylla x rubra) x minor Okee giant] x Judith Hindle-2 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]Hybrid by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG]...
  4. Adam

    Mosaic Virus?

    Hello TF, long time no see. Recently while moving my potted Sarracenia collection indoors for the winter, I noticed some speckled patterns on some of the leaves of my plants which have me concerned. I have never seen this before in my collection, and I was concerned that this might be some type...
  5. Plant Heathen

    Sarracenia bulb sprouting?

    I got a kit with a VFT and a Sarracenia bulb in it about a month back. The FVT I potted up and now is on my indoor porch for the winter. However I've been trying to grow the bulb indoors for the winter with very little luck. To day I checked on it and it seems to be sprouting or the moss got...
  6. P

    How to prolong the season for tuberous drosera?

    As in South Texas, the winter is relative short here in Houston. I keep my tuberous outdoor. Any idea on how to prolong the growing season for tuberous drosera? Obviously, moving them indoor and keeping them cool is an option. Unfortunately, it is not a feasible option for me. Apart from that...
  7. DJ57

    Winter Wonderland

    Woke up to this Monday morning.
  8. Plant Heathen


    I was just wondering what you guys think about collecting snow over the winter for watering plants? Any insight or opinions are greatly appreciated.
  9. Y

    How do I water my greenhouse plants during the winter?

    First winter with a greenhouse, and I was told to let the ponds dry out, so the plants aren't standing in water. That's fine, but what happens when/if the plants dry out? Given that they won't get any rain in there, if we have some warm days (which does sometimes happen!), they will dry out...
  10. S

    Refrigerator Dormancy Necessary for my Flytraps?

    This year I planted my first CP bog terrarium in many years, and I've been really pleased with the results. I wasn't terribly confident based on all the warnings you find online regarding the suitability of CPs for terrarium life, but after a little experimentation with lighting and the level of...
  11. fly-catchers

    How well does hairy hamata respond to rooting?

    I have a 9 year old hairy hamata which while growing fairly well has not pitchered for some time. As it had been in the compost for quite a while and I have been having issues with others plants where I think the compost has outstayed its welcome decided to repot. I carefully unpotted the plant...
  12. S

    ScatterPants Grow List

    Work in progress... Indoors Pinguicula Tropical/Mexican Pinguicula Species and Specific Localities P. agnata red leaf November 2016, Feb. 2017, March 2017 P. cyclosecta November 2016, March 2017 P. ehlersiae - Victoria November 2016, March 2017 P. 'El Mirador' November 2016, March 2017 P...
  13. raycer491

    D. collinsiae dormancy

    Hey all, Curious about what people know about this subtropical south african plant's dormancy requirements. It doesn't seem like a tough plant to maintain but a south african with a winter dormancy is kinda unusual and something I'm not prepared for. Ideas on initiating dormancy or...
  14. osito

    First time doing an indoor setup

    Hey all! As the title says I'm an outdoor grower but am trying something new. Mostly to start some sarr seeds over the winter but also trying my hand at Pygmy/subtropical sundews Mexican pings and potentially if successful a heliamphora. I grabbed one of these all in one lighting fixtures at the...
  15. ArcanaCapra

    About N. Mirabilis x Gracilis

    Does anyone have some experience with this hybrid? I may grab one soon, so I wanted some basic information about it. I've seen it's a hybrid of two lowlanders, so I'm concerned about my 3-5°C minimum temperature during winter (I plan to grow it outdoors). Is it tolerant of low temperatures...
  16. D

    Drosera flowering

    Is there something in particular that causes drosera capensis to flower? Certain number of hours of daylight or an over abundance of food? I brought my plants inside for the winter 2 weeks ago (zone 8) and put them in my grow tent only to have them explode into flower again, some plants with...
  17. B

    Newbie from Prince Edward Island

    Hi my name is Barb and I just bought my first VFT a couple of weeks ago. I am in love with Hoochie Goochie and she is one hungry little plant:-)) When she caught her first fruit fly I was all excited posting on Facebook but now she has caught a bunch of regular houseflies and she is almost full...
  18. I

    New in the carnivorous world

    Hi all, You know how when you visit Ikea you always return with things that weren't on your shopping list? Well a few months ago I went to Ikea and came home with a Venus fly trap. My ignorance nearly killed it, but with some research I've managed to keep it alive and I was even rewarded with...
  19. S

    What's your homemade strategy for germinating Drosera seeds in winter?

    I have some Drosera capensis seeds that I want to germinate. However, winter is soon upon us and indoor temps will be as low as 60 degrees f (~15c) in the growing room. I stuck an old adhesive reptile heating pad to the bottom of one of those disposal foil lasagna baking dishes, so now I have a...
  20. S

    How to gauge watering of a potted, rock mounted orchid with roots below substrate?

    A friend of mine gave me a Dendrobium kingianum and told me that it was quite hardy and forgiving. However, I haven't figure out yet how exactly to tell when it truly needs watering or if I am over-watering. The problem is that it is rock-mounted and potted in a clay pot. Also, there is mulch...