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  1. pappydew

    Should I trim old leaves?

    Many of the dormant rhizomes I received a couple weeks ago still had old pitchers and/or phyllodia from last season. Most are waking up, slowly but surely, but I'm wondering if the plants may be putting too much energy into trying to maintain the older leaves (some are still rather green) rather...
  2. R

    Cuttings giveaway: Brugmansia "Suncrest vulsa". Restricted by climate/conditions

    Cuttings giveaway: Brugmansia "Suncrest vulsa". Restricted by climate/conditions I urgently need to cut back my Brugmansia, and I will not be able to use all the cuttings. So I'd like to offer some of the cuttings in a giveaway. There are several problems with this. One is that the plant is...
  3. Maiden

    My Heliamphoras (Pictures heavy)

    Maiden's Heliamphoras Some of my Heliamphoras. Some of them are from seeds i produce myself, the others are from Germany, France, CZE and Canadian private growers. A seed grown heli, in normal conditions, take from 3 to 5 years to make his first flower. From my experience, hybrids push flowers...
  4. C

    my Nepenthes "Miranda" x maxima doesn't look good

    Hi, I bought this Nepenthes plant last year and it was doing fine when all of the sudden all pitchers dried and despite new vines were showing no pitchers developed again. Today is worse, the leaves are very thin and soft like bat wings, I'm afraid it might die soon. I can't post a picture...
  5. theplantman

    D. filiformis "Florida All Red" Winter Hardiness

    I am wondering what the lowest "kill temperature" is for D. filiformis "Florida All Red." If I could keep these plants outside, I would be able to free up a significant amount of greenhouse space at home. I know they don't *need* a dormancy, but if the temps are low enough would they be forced...
  6. ps3isawesome

    I see some browning on my Nepenthes, is this normal?

    Soooo, the middle part of the Nepenthes recently started browning, is this a natural process of is something wrong with it? I moved it outside 2 weeks ago after the cold winter. Thanks!!
  7. D_muscipula

    D_muscipula's photo thread!

    I figured I'd start a photo thread. First up, Nepenthes tobaica x (sanguinea x khasiana) Nepenthes reinwardtiana green When I first got this plant it wasn't vining and was only a few inches tall. It has gone on to vine for me during this winter, and produce all of it's pitchers in highlands...
  8. NemJones

    Searching for Exotic/Colorful Garden Flowers

    Hey guys, This year im planning on really overdoing my backyard with plants. In particular, the most exotic and colorful flowers I can get my hands on. So in other words, What are the most beautiful and showy flowers you know? Looking for things that can either be brought inside over winter, or...
  9. Sashoke

    What are some particularlly cold hardy Sarracenia?

    I live in zone 6b and it gets -10 atleast once every winter, and is routinely below freezing. What are some particularlly cold hardy Sarracenia that I would be able to grow outdoors all year (if any?) Thanks :)
  10. H

    Best mini CP for orchidarium

    Hi all, I have recently set up a 40 gallon terrarium, mostly for growing mini orchids, but I would like to add a CP into the mix. Here are my specs: 77F(25C) daytime temp, 59F(15C) night. I am setting up a cooling system so the tank will not go above 77 even in summer, and will always have at...
  11. Jcal

    Cold temperate Pinguicula

    I am looking for cold temperate pinguicula. I'm not sure if shipping them while in winter buds would be best. If there is a better time of year please inform me. Also I am looking for groups of plants. Hopefully not just one or two. Have lots of plants to trade so if you have something avaiable...
  12. ps3isawesome

    Are things Pinguicula ready for leaf pullings?

    I want a pot full of Pinguicula, so I've decided to look into propagation with leaf pulling I understand that they need to be in those winter succulent form leafs. Are this Pinguicula ready?? Thanks!
  13. pappydew

    Worth trying to start with rhizomes?

    So I've never really delved into the Sarracenia world, but now that I have a south-facing patio I want to start over with outdoor growing. I'm in north central FL (9a) so "winter" is maybe a few nights here or there that get down in the high 20's/low 30's. I'm honestly not even sure what the...
  14. SubRosa

    Dactylopsis digitata

    The incident of having a couple of common Jade Plants survive outside last winter just outside Philadelphia got me interested in succulents, and a short while later I discovered this plant. It's very rare in the US, but fortunately my interest coincided with a seed order from South Africa where...
  15. R

    Greetings from Minnesota

    Hello to everyone here! So I'm from Minnesota and I starting collecting CPs a two years ago, I'm still new to all of this. Just to prove to you how new I am, I'll tell you a story. A year ago around winter dormancy I thought that Carnivorous plants didn't need water during their winter dormancy...
  16. anramitaco

    Lecanopteris from spores

    Lecanopteris sinuosa is one messy plant. Spores everywhere. Out of sheer curiosity, last winter I collected some and sowed them on moist peat moss in a clear deli container, then sealed it and waited. One year later: The longest leaf measures just under an inch. Maybe a few of these will...
  17. Jcal

    Help picking out a greenhouse

    My fellow growers, I am thinking of getting a small greenhouse to house a small part of my collection. This is not be a tropical greenhouse. It will house some of my prized sarrs, cephs, sundews and whatnot. Tropical plants will come back indoors for the winter. I am hoping to keep the climate...
  18. S

    Is it ever really winter indoors?

    I live in Arkansas in zone 7b, which means with the exception of a few sedums and Sempervivum spp., I have to grow the succulents I like indoors. All the plant care stuff I've read says to decrease watering in the winter. I usually water my succulents every two weeks, and the soil is...
  19. Jcal

    Your display setups

    I was hoping we could share some pics of your display setup of pots containing multiple plants. This is one of my setups. It has some Pygmy dews, hamiltonii, cephalotus and some random utrics that took over! It has seen better days, is in winter mode, and has lacked some attenction but I still...