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  1. gill_za

    Caught a worm in Cephalotus purched online, should I repot?

    Ordered a cephalotus online. It arrived "shaken, not stirred". On top of that I noticed upon closer examination of the plant an earth worm poking out to say hello. Worm was evicted with prejudice but where there is one, there could be more. The general rule of thumb is to leave a Ceph that...
  2. Swagalotus

    Fungus gnat larvae eating my live sphag

    Sorry for a second post on pests but I rather get rid of them then regret not doing anything. I have a small 2.5 gallon tank with my nepenthes ampullaria and my utricularia longifolia and apparently fungus gnat larvae are snacking on my live sphag. Usually I have no problem with fungus gnats...
  3. T

    airplant fertilizer

    Does anyone have an airplane fertilizer they use they can recommend me? I wonder what N-P-K rating most airplanes like and also what might the N-P-K rating of my worm bin juice be in case I could use an extremely watered down homegrown fertilizer. I saw one website recommended 10-15-20. I guess...
  4. Est

    Interest in determining soil nitrogen concentrations?

    I've always been interested in taking the superstition and mystery out of the cultivation of CPs. In the past I've had the opportunity to do so from a cultivation angle, now I have more-quantitative tools available. I'll often see discussions of old media coming up. Many repot religiously to...
  5. divaskid

    Nepenthes Pest ID needed

    My N. Whisper started to open up its new leaf and I found a pest that I've seen before in my collection. I know how to get rid of it (well I guess not completely since it has popped up once before) but I'm just curious to know what it is. It's always on the newest unopened nepenthes leaf. It...
  6. T

    Trade feeler.

    As some of you know I lost my whole collection due to a power outage. My new assignment has brought me to the state of Massachusetts. this is a weird offer. but i am dividing my worm composting bin, and was wondering when the weather gets a little warmer if any of you are interested in trading...
  7. divaskid

    Something ate my Pinguicula primuliflora

    Luckily I've already gotten some babies off this one and some cuttings so I'm not at a loss, but I'm just curious what did the damage? See through worm seemed to be the most likely culprit I found in the pot. They were everywhere under the dead leaves. I also had these maggots in the soil...
  8. An1matr0n1k

    Gahhhhh WTF!!!!!

    Just got rid of mealy bugs now I have some weird larva or worm that eats new growth and leaves this behind <a href="http://s1136.photobucket.com/albums/n482/brandon00warden/?action=view&current=8063BB2E-9D92-4D7A-A903-33EFE2508AA1-737-000000977F4332FB.jpg" target="_blank"><img...
  9. Brokken

    Found a worm in nepenthes pot

    Today, as I was looking over my neps, I saw a worm wriggling in the open media. I thought to myself... how can that be? I've always been careful to use all new medium and new pots when transplanting my neps and I always use RO water from the store... then it hit me: I've seen snails on my...
  10. C

    2 pests in my nep pots

    i was watering the plants when i seen a small brown worm make a run for it when the light hit it.......looked like 1-2mm long..kinda skinny......also there are small bugs in the soil.....they are very small and white or silver in color....look like they may have wings but do not fly. they dont...
  11. J

    CP Photography around Lake Waccamaw, NC area!

    Hello everyone, before proceeding to look at the pics, I would like to share my experience and what I saw.... for being first time I was really pleased with what I saw and learned a lot. I have yet to see more areas in the souther NC counties. My future plan is to go somewhere around the Lake...
  12. NewspaperFort

    ID needed on worm / duster

    so this little guy looks like a shuttlecock... and is perhaps my favorite tank inhabitant. So any help IDing would be of value. http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c106/mrchickenrox/?action=view&current=winterinstallment425.mp4 he doesnt have a tube like the dusters... he comes straight...
  13. P

    cultured live fish foods?

    i been looking into culturing various live foods. but i have questions about the pproduction of a given type of culture i have the following cultures at this point . Red Wigglers White worms (just now getting established) vinagar eels microworms Black worms (in middle of getting established)...
  14. MICKEY

    white worm starter culture or fruit fly culture

    i would like to trade a white worm starter culture or fruit fly culture for some small dew or other cps:-))
  15. J

    A few pics of my VFT's enjoying of their first meeting with the sun since a while!

    TF members, Some pics of my vft's doing great receiving direct sunlight for their first time, some of them are used to it, others get filtered sun while the last clouds of winter leaves, a few more weeks and they should be ready to go outside to enjoy the full perfect sun that makes our plants...
  16. swords

    It's raining worms in Edinburgh

    Never mind cats and dogs - school hit by worm rain...
  17. Raven01000

    Winter Nepenthes (with a Bonus of Cuteness)

    N. tentaculata N. x Exotic Lady N. singalana Belirang I got this plant by accident a few months ago labeled as N. glabrata. I was kind of disappointed, but as it turns out it's a really beautiful species. This is one of its fist pitchers (with teefs) N. boschiana x densiflora (probably BE...
  18. Zhilin

    Does this worm live in your pitchers?

    Recently I noticed some worms seem to live in some pitchers of my N. glabrata. The worm is about 1-2cm long, and very thin, like a thread. Here is the pic. Does any one have any idea about what is this? How to kill them? ??? Thanks
  19. Veronis

    Spring macros, last year's seeds/pullings

    Hey guys. Here's a few pics for Spring of some of my indoor plants - mostly the results of seeds and pullings. Hope you like em. :) A few of the Sarr seedlings...various hybrids - Thank you Travis/Pyro and Andy/adnedarn!!! Another sarr seedling This one's still holding his security...
  20. jimscott


    Where do they come from and how do you get rid of them? Every once in awhile, like when I repot a plant. I see a worm scurrying away to hide. They're indoor plants and I use mostly dried LFS, along with distilled or rain or snow water.