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  1. R

    Shops in singapore

    I have recently bought a vft and is very intrested to get more cps. I once had a pitcher plant but was destroyed when a bird tore out its pitcher to get the worm inside.:-( I hope to get more cps, do u guys know of any shop out there that sells cps? how do i get there and wats the price range. I...
  2. Clint

    Terracycle fertilizer- worm castings

    It's made from worm poop! What do you think about this as a foliar feed, or even a pitcher feed if you are into that (I do) ? They feed organic waste to worms then make a liquid spray-ready fertilizer out of the castings. They collect and recycle bottles (over 1.5 million so far) and donate...
  3. Ant

    I have a problem.

    I went to school today after I put my plants out for the sun. When I came home to my most expensive and voniarble plant I have was 1/4 of what it was! My small ceph. was eaten by an inch worm. I am not pissed offf at those things and are now just crushing them every time I see them! I am even...
  4. CP30

    Ping feeding

    I hijacked my post from Joseph's sticky: on 2/2/2007: Don't ever try this yourself, someone might get hurt.... All right, I tried a mix of ground blood worm, Root Shield, and ground Ironite (2:2:1). it BURNED the leaves within an hour!!!! I will try a different mix this weekend on different...
  5. Ozzy

    Venus flytrap-like creature found

  6. Outsiders71

    Worm castings

    I've heard of people experimenting with low levels of fertilizers (stuff in the sticky up top) especially when it comes to a lot of Neps and a huge greenhouse. I was wondering if any of you have tried using Worm Castings? I've been reading into organic fertilizing and they get a lot of good...
  7. goldtrap2690

    GAHHHHh !!!! WORMS

    I cleaned up and pruned my terrarium yesterday because the plants were looking not so good. I unpot some utrics and nepenthes and what do i see poking out of the soil...? A worm, and there were more in the soil too. I can't understand how they got in there, it's soo ridiculous. I repotted alot...
  8. J

    Can a venus flytrap eat a small SLUG?

    I have a venus flytrap I bought from a home improvement store recently and I'm proud to say it's doing fine, BUT can a venus flytrap eat a tiny slug? (Small enough to fit comfortably in the trap) Or a very small worm? (I know insects have to be 1/3 the size of the trap, roughly) I know venus...
  9. rattler

    A pic of my smallest ping

    here is my lil P. 'Yucca Do 1717', not growing very fast but it does look nice even if it is the littlest of my 5 Pings. im hoping the dried blood worm feedings will kick in a growth spurt
  10. K

    My new setup!

    hey guys, I had to redo my 55 gallong indoor setup because of mold and worm issues, here is the end result, i decided to go with a peat bog instead of a pond this time since the pond caused the mold last time: the whole thing (sorry its blurry my room is dark and the light over it is really...
  11. jimscott

    Need computer help

    My wife's laptop has a Sasser look alike worm and it shuts her computer down when she attempts to go online. How do you get rid of it?
  12. Wesley

    Awe man

    I was given some sarr seeds, and some of them had finally sprouted this spring after their required stratification. I lost many of them(all my alata and flava rugellis). My lueco's and some of my gulfensis's made it and had three or so leaves each. And then all of a sudden they started...
  13. Ozzy


    As some of you may know, I have been fighting a virus, worm, Trojan, spyware, bug or something for about 2 months now. I have finally gotten rid of it. To get rid of it I had to reinstall windows. I did that last night. This was a weird virus. It started really slow. Strange things started...
  14. S

    Worms! worms! worms!

    Ok, so one in every 3 topics has something about worms in it... little white worms, little red worms, earthworms, little wormy things in the water, little worms hanging from the traps, anything you could think of! This is the topic to answer ALL your questions about stinkin' WORMS! Keep...
  15. jimscott

    Risks of being on pft

    In a recent post FTG stated that this was her last post because of pc viruses. However, she also stated that she can be reached at the Sonesta Foal website, which obviously is obtained via the internet. That implies, whether rightly or wrongly that the website is safe and this one is unsafe. IS...
  16. K

    Tiny green worms!

    Hey everyone, Maybe you guys can help me out here.  I had noticed a few days ago my dente flytrap had stopped growing, but wasnt too concerned it was still green and doing ok.  Well today i noticed on the newest trap coming up tiny little green worm like things.  They only move if i try to...
  17. C

    Need help with spam!

    I hope that someone who's good with computers can help me... I've recently been receiving email from myself, of all people. The sender shows my email address but the topic line either is blank (with nothing in the body) or is spam advertisements. On two seperate occasions, my antivirus software...
  18. superimposedhope


    Hi folks, Just to let you know. Somehow a worm got through to my computer from Cacti_etc, a message forum type thing. It was the second to last one sent out. In case anyone else is subscribed to it. Take care Joe
  19. D


    I fed my n. emmarene a big worm in my terrarium I found. the pitcher is about 2-3 inches and the worm was skinny and abou 2 inches long. Will the pitcher be ok? Feeding plants is cool
  20. M

    I hate worms.....

    Yesterday my computer crashed. It had been giving us problems for a couple days already, but we didn't realize it was a virus until it was too late. Plus, it spread to my dad's laptop and crashed that too. We weren't able to salvage anything (including photos) because my dad was afraid that if...