@Acro You realize to sign up you just login with facebook, google, or only an email... No long registration at all... See below

@mikefallen13 When you click on new thread here, it will direct you to Panjo to fill in all the details of your listing. Then when you click post listing, it will post it here. See below

Here are some step by steps... I'll find somewhere to post these.

Create an account
1) Go to "Terraforums Classifieds" forum and click "New thread" just like you normally would to make a post.
2) A window will pop up OR click "sign in/sign up" in the upper right corner. You can use your facebook, google or email to register... In this example I use email: click sign in or sign up with email
3) Enter email click "email me a link to sign in"
Registration is complete....

Create a listing (To sell or want to buy)
1) Go to "Terraforums Classifieds" forum and click "New thread" Just like you normally would to make a post
2) Login to Pandjo if you're not already (enter email address, then go to email and click link, no password required)
3) Already logged in? Go to 4 If you just logged in repeat step 1.
4) Enter in the info: Category, Item Title, Photos, Description, etc etc.... NOTE: If you want to list a "want to buy" click that button at the top.
5) Click "post listing"
6) On the dropdown box in the next page, select the appropriate category for your item to list as at TerraForums click "post listing".
Listing complete!
Optional: Go back to your listing here on TF and click the share buttons below the first post to get more exposure, using the links on the panjo page will link to Panjo, using the share buttons here will bring people to your post here.